Star Wars Appeal Becoming More Selective

It’s time to revisit The Last Jedi’s Blu-Ray sales.

The last time I remember discussing The Last Jedi blu-ray sales, we only had one week of sales data from

And then there was the kerfuffle with Chuck Wendig and Bryan Young over the matter.

Additionally, the UK sales of the blu-ray weren’t looking so hot, and there was some additional anecdotal evidence to show that Last Jedi blu-ray sales just weren’t happening.  But now it’s time to take another look at the numbers.

Reddit user EternalPlaceholder recently wrote:

DVD/Blu Ray sales are an overlooked demonstration of how poorly received TLJ was.

I highly recommend visiting the website The Numbers, which compiles sales for both blu-ray and dvds for movies, as the results for recent Star Wars movies indicate a serious decline in the fanbase. If you encounter anyone who claims TLJ to have reinvigorated the franchise in some way, this would also be a good source to cite.

The Force Awakens had by far the largest number of sales when it was released on DVD/Blu-ray in 2016, just over 7.43 million units. It also sold an additional 587K units in 2017, bringing the total up to 8.03 million.

The Last Jedi sold 4.04 million units in 2018, losing to Black Panther, The Greatest Showman, and Infinity War by six-digit margins. It’s also not among the 100 top-selling titles in 2019, meaning it couldn’t have sold more than 194K additional units by now. Solo managed to sell 258K more units this year.

Now, wait just a minute here.  Blu-Ray authorities like That Junkman are telling us that this is because as time goes on, people are buying less physical media and streaming more movies.  Junkman himself has admitted to not having the physical capability to get up out of his chair and place a Blu-Ray in his Blu-Ray player.  So how could The Last Jedi which was released in 2017, sell fewer Blu-Rays than Solo which was released in 2018?  EternalPlaceholder explains more:

Some people might think this is the result of physical copies of movies being bought less due to streaming services, and that is a factor to consider, but it doesn’t account for a 50% drop in only two years or being beaten handily by The Greatest Showman. That drop also indicates at least half of the people who bought physical copies of TFA did not buy copies of TLJ. In 2017, Rogue One also sold 3.98 million units, <2% less than TLJ despite the latter film earning 25% more money, and RO’s ratio of box office intake to home video sales managed to be slightly better than TFA’s in the first year.

With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at those numbers again.  First, let’s compare DVD sales.









To recap:



Now, let’s compare Blu-Ray sales.









To Recap:




Let’s see those two recaps side by side.



Remember when SJWs screeched, “Rogue One was never expected to do as well as a movie from the Episodic run!”

Well, here we are, with the majority of the data in, and The Last  Jedi actually sold fewer DVDs than Rogue One, and only marginally more than Solo.   The Last Jedi only sold roughly 43% of The Force Awakens.  Not even half.

When it came to Blu-Rays, The Last Jedi only sold marginally more than Rogue One and Solo, and roughly 45% of The Force Awakens.  Again, that’s not even half.

As always, readers are encouraged to check my math.  I also encourage readers to go to the source websites and look at the information for themselves.

Now, SJWs can scream and yell about streaming video all they like.  But this is congruent with the recent data from that I posted about, in which The Last Jedi ranked 46th in an All-Time Top Ticket Selling Movies List, which was far, far blow The Phantom Menace.








If we go by the number of tickets sold, The Last Jedi sold only 63% of what The Force Awakens sold.

This is also congruent with the weekend box office numbers that I examined previously.  It’s congruent with other examinations of the box office numbers that I’ve done as well.  This also includes various Google interest graphs that we’ve looked at.  None of this should come as any surprise, given that The Last Jedi was reported to have the biggest sequel to sequel box office drop in cinematic history.

All the data sets we look at point to one fact: in their bid to gain twice as many fans by changing their product to appeal to wahmen, what Lucasfilm has succeeded in doing instead is cutting their fan base in half.  Just like Mattel’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toyline which taught us this basic lesson roughly 30 years ago.  And that makes this tweet even more hilarious:

wow jeez it’s almost like it’s a really good and popular movie that isn’t as divisive as some ass-hatted people want you to believe it is wow whoa huh

— Chuck Wendig (@ChuckWendig) September 5, 2018

Pretty soon, Lucasfilm will have to start using the “more selective” excuse.

10 thoughts on “Star Wars Appeal Becoming More Selective

    • It’s so annoying that now that I kinda know how the sausage is made, I look at those numbers above and wonder how much they have been sand-bagged. It’s not *IF* but *HOW MUCH*.

      So I watched this video here, and one thing which doesn’t sound quite right is the humiliation of KK by Iger. Iger is now still riding and pushing the feminist agenda, (Cpt Marvel, Endgame, little mermaid, marvel comics) even after the failure of Solo? It sounds more like KK’s being let go because of how she ran the productions (firing people; not figuring out sooner what was wrong) as opposed to what she put into the productions (feminist shit). They must still be blissfully ignorant of why the IP is lawn-darting. (or maybe I am)

      Well it is still costing them lots of money and lots of good-will and hopefully that smug shareholder who was bragging about making $17,000 from dividends will lose more than that.


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      • “Iger is now still riding and pushing the feminist agenda, (Cpt Marvel, Endgame, little mermaid, marvel comics) even after the failure of Solo?”

        Hold it. I know about Captain Marvel, Endgame, and the trash Marvel Comics situation, but how on earth is The Little Mermaid (I presume you’re referring to the remake) related to feminism in this case? The only thing I definitely know about the remake was that they gave Ariel a race lift for no real reason other than Lin Manuel Miranda deciding to just apply the same stuff he did with Hamilton.

        But yeah, agreed there. And let’s hope Disney learns what’s the problem and stop doing those things before it’s too late.


      • “how on earth is The Little Mermaid (I presume you’re referring to the remake) related to feminism in this case?”

        the remake, yes.
        for at least 2 reasons.
        – the race swap adds intersectional points to the character
        – it is purely virtue signalling because zero effort is going in to creating a disney princess black girls can cosplay as (while destroying that for redheads)

        remember, white feminists hate themselves.

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  1. I’ll say this from actual experience… TLJ is available “used” as BIG LOTS (discount chains) and gas stations etc. For under $10 in abundance (blu-ray). Along with PIRATES 5, THOR 3 (baffling to me), AVENGERS (ANY) they must shit this stuff in Mexican pressing farms and gamble on what a “hot seller” WILL be. Not even red box returns could account for the “jar jar landfills” level of crap for TLJ I still see everywhere (after 2-3rd clearance). RIP SW thanks 4 nothing GL!!!

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