Guests Paid To Not Wait In 10-Hour Line At Galaxy’s Edge

Fans will get whiplash from all of the heavy spin in the coming months.

Bloomberg reports:

Walt Disney Co. is getting a do-over on its Star Wars theme-park attraction.

A second Star Wars-themed land is set to open Thursday at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park in Orlando, Florida. This time, the Galaxy’s Edge opening lacks many of the restrictions that hurt attendance when the first one opened in California in May.

Good.  Then there should be fewer excuses when it fails too.

Two weeks ago, Disney announced discounted ticket prices for guests who wait until noon to enter. The company often offers promotions throughout the year.

Orlando-area hotels are offering discounts timed to the Galaxy’s Edge opening. The Four Seasons, for example, is giving a $500 Disney gift card to guests staying more than two days in a suite. Orlando is a much larger market than Anaheim, with Disney alone operating four theme parks and 18 hotels.

But wait just a minute here.  Why would they want to pay tourists to come to Galaxy’s Edge, if a 10-hour waiting line isn’t the sign of success?

CNBC Reports:

’10-hour lines are not a sign of success:′ How Galaxy’s Edge is preserving the Disney guest experience

Disney’s customer satisfaction scores have indicated that Galaxy’s Edge is the most popular area in the Disneyland park.

“One of the wins that we had with the opening of the original Galaxy’s Edge is that we didn’t have the waits,” Bob Chapek, chairman of parks, experiences and products, said. “The deep secret is that we don’t intend to have lines … If you build in enough capacity, the rides don’t go down and it operates at 99% efficiency, you shouldn’t have 10-hour lines.”

“So, 10-hour lines are not a sign of success,” he said. “It should be seen as a sign of, frankly, failure.”

We’re quickly approaching the “more selective” excuse.

10-hour lines not being a sign of success must explain why Hollywood Reporter breathlessly tweeted this out:


History tends to repeat itself.

Remember when the media was boasting about the opening attendance at the other park?


Good times!

Maybe this is why Disney decided to resurrect the past after they killed it.


It’s not 10 hours, but it’ll do.

Too bad Andrew Dobson doesn’t remember the killed past.


Thanks to Drunk 3PO for the tip, who comments on this mess.

Clownfish comments:

John Talks comments:

11 thoughts on “Guests Paid To Not Wait In 10-Hour Line At Galaxy’s Edge

  1. Here’s how they are cutting down on lines. The host of the official Disney video of the
    opening ceremony said you become one with the Force when you go to the lightsaber building
    workshop (about 17 minutes into the video)


  2. “Good. Then there should be fewer excuses when it fails too.”

    HAHA! ^^This is exactly why I come here! Because as soon as the article starts, Itchy jumps in and is already off to a great start. Because I am sure when Galaxy’s Flop, flops in WDW, we can look back to this very sentence and know we were right!

    If Galaxy’s Flop was the ONLY thing of Di$ney SW that was failing? Then Di$ney and LFL might have a leg to stand on. As it stands now, EVERY element of Di$ney War$ is failing! The films, merch, park rides, etc. So the Galaxy’s Flop in WDL failing wasn’t a fluke or outlier. It is part of a much bigger pattern and not a good pattern either…

    So KK and JJ can run around kissing all the azz they want, but too many fans were burned and put down over the course of 2015 till now. They went too far over the edge and now they are paying for it. And even if this is the last SW film that KK, JJ and RJ for future films, if it remains under Di$ney, then it is still destined to fail! Because Iger is just as much a leftist proglodyte savage as KK, JJ and RJ are. If not even more so? And if KK is fired, rest assured that Iger will replace her with a leftist studio puppet. The way JJ and RJ are KK’s puppets and social media mouth pieces.

    So SW under Di$ney is just doomed to fail at this point. SW and Di$ney, under the current regime are incompatible. But what other film studios are able to handle this franchise? One that isn’t owned or associated with Di$ney?

    Liked by 2 people

    • If you wait for free, you won’t have to find a way to spend a $500 Gift Card. Think of bringing home $30.00 worth of merch they’ve tagged at $500. Oh and handle that lazer sword you built very VERY carefully. Patrons from the West coast admitted it breaking down before they even left the park.

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  3. So that Tom Preston/Andrew Dobson guy drew that malignant piece of comic-strip slander against Star Wars fans, thanks for linking that Itchy. He’s as dirty and low a shill as I’ve ever come across. Operates by deceit and manipulation. It’s actually encouraging to read his statement because I know they are lies and the exact opposite of the truth. You can go through line by line and just reverse the statements to get the truth:

    ‘those of us who live in the REAL world’ – dude lives in a fake world, mostly like a Twitter echo chamber

    ‘the average person LOVES the new series’ – average people hate the new series.

    ‘Star Wars is more popular now than ever before’ – Star Wars is on a marketing-media life support machine after SJW shills slimed it and poisoned the brand.

    So keep on screaming into the bubble Dobson, you pathetic SHILL – it’s an amusing sight.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hilariously, thanks to a commenter on Itchy’s abovelinked article I just found a whole blog dedicated to the hypocrisy of this douche. It’s full of amusing observations such as:

      ‘Dobson’s definition of “Nazi” is essentially “anyone who disagrees with me politically in any shape or form”. He literally called a teenage trans girl a Nazi for disagreeing with him that debating is bad.’

      ‘Dobson: “MY side wants PEACE! and EQUALITY! That OTHER side wants GENOCIDE!” That’s his basic, biased point in yet ANOTHER reply to his political cartoon about debates. This is one of the most sickeningly simplistic explanations on what’s going on at the border I’ve ever heard. And Dobson, stop claiming only ONE political side wants genocide. Explain Soviet Russia, Serbia, Albania. These were not committed by ‘far-right Nazis’. As YOU would say, ‘deal with it’.’

      And here’s a quick nutshell character profile of him:
      ‘For the few of you out there that still remember the webcomic artist known as Andrew Dobson, aka Tom Preston/CattyN, you might be wondering what’s the point of this tumblr. Dobson himself is practically irrelevant these days, no where near as well known as he was years ago. Well, recently during a Twitter suspension due to multiple death threats against the President(which, regardless of your opinion on him, is a pretty dumb thing to do repeatedly), Dobson posted a “comic” on his Facebook about how all white nerds hate the Black Panther because they can’t identify with him based on his race. Ignoring how stupid this is, the comic actually went somewhat viral, give Dobson a level of attention he hasn’t seen since his DA glory days. As such, this served to fuel his ego to extreme levels, and he has since started reposting multiple old comics with the intent to keep focus on him. These comics can basically be summed up as “all men are horrible evil sexist racists” ect ect. When people try and point out the flaws in his logic/made up facts/general criticism, he responds in the way he always has: accusing them of being terrible people, blocking them, and then openly mocking them on his social media.’


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