Galaxy’s Edge Flop Part Deux

History repeats itself at Galaxy’s Edge.

SJWs are incapable of learning from history because they’re utterly ineducable.  It’s why they keep beating their “collective” heads against a brick wall, trying to transform IPs that were enjoyed predominately by males and some females, into franchises that appeal more to a larger group of females.  They do this despite the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toyline teaching us the disaster that happens when companies attempt to do this, 30 years ago.  It simply doesn’t work no matter how much SJWs want it to, and no matter how much they think it should.  Like it or not, it’s just the way the world works.

This, of course, is evidenced in Star Wars with everything from diminishing toy and merchandise sales, the box office disaster of Solo, the Blu-Ray sales nosedive, the comic book sales drops, and on and on.  10-year-old Billy won’t think something is cool if his middle-aged mother is wearing a T-Shirt of it.  Again, it’s just how the world works.

Readers may recall, how Hollywood Reporter breathlessly reported on Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge being packed to capacity on opening day.


Good times!

Well, as readers of this blog now know, Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland turned into a ghost town and is now being labeled a flop.

But that wouldn’t stop the very same writer from the Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Parker, from writing the exact same breathless article about Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World.


The same good times!

And of course, many other legacy media outlets followed the same example.

Well guess what, buttercup.

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

About 6 a.m., the line to ride the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run stretched outside Galaxy’s Edge, all the way to the Chinese Theater, by the stairs leading to Toy Story Land, said Len Testa.

“Cast members were fantastic. Everyone was telling you were to line up. No one was grumpy,” said Testa, who runs Touring Plans, a guide for Disney vacations. “The guests weren’t grumpy because of that.”

It was a different world than Disneyland, which required advance reservations. Testa said he just walked straight in on its opening day.

In Orlando, some waited five hours to ride the Millennium Falcon, although the line wait time fell to 2 1/2 hours by lunch. It was only 75 minutes by early evening. Throughout the rest of the land, the main walkways were open, although lines formed to buy a $6 Coca-Cola shaped like a thermal detonator and at the more expensive shops.


“It’s like poetry, it rhymes!”

So much for the August predictions from that Disney Shareholder.

Thanks to Jeremy at Geeks + Gamers for the tip, who comments on this hilarity.

John Talks comments:


8 thoughts on “Galaxy’s Edge Flop Part Deux

  1. I went to Galaxy’s Edge opening day as well as yesterday, and it was amazing to see how much a day changed everything, and as a local who lives only 15 minutes away, do not let anyone tell you it is due to the hurricane. Obviously insane people are going to look for any excuse as to how low the crowds were, but the fact is that upon getting there at 4:30am, we quite literally walked right in. As some articles mention, it WAS extremely crowded, and the line for the Falcon was truly at five hours. However, as you mention, by noon that time had been more than cut in half, and by the time we left around 4:00pm or so, it was down to 75 minutes. They did implement the virtual queue (“boarding parties”) for a few hours during the day when it did reach capacity, but those quickly vanished.

    Day two, on the other hand, must have ensured emergency meetings were happening at Disney. We arrived that day around 7:30am, and NO ONE was there. I posted photos on my Instagram as proof so people that like to re-write history should be easily smacked down. The park was empty. On day one we rode the Falcon through the single rider line and managed to get on in about 30 minutes. Day two? We did wait in the full line, and from the moment we got in line to the moment we got DONE with the ride and back outside was a grand total of 65 minutes. Flight of Passage in Pandora was a longer wait for much of the day (and a better attraction). The PhotoPass lines were only a few people deep, and the insane queue for the cantina on day one had maybe only 10-20 people waiting in it at a time. When we left around 1:00pm, there were more people, and the posted wait time for the Falcon was 90 minutes, but I know they were hoping for virtual queues for days if not weeks to come. One brave cast member broke character to talk to us (and as always, I cannot prove this) and said by day two higher ups were calling it a “disaster.”

    I say all of this as a life long Star Wars fan since 1977, someone who actually loves Rogue One and Solo but beyond that, I cannot stomach what Disney has done to a franchise that at one time had limitless potential. Batuu itself is gorgeous and amazing, details from every single Star Wars film are around every last corner. The cast members were doing their best and were all pretty great, and the cantina is super cool. Most things are over priced, and they need to do some more in terms of characters walking around, etc., but for anyone reading this wall of text I just posted, Itchy is dead on, and at least as of day two, to paraphrase Darth Maul, it was “sparsely populated.” There is literally no way anyone can spin this as a success, and I feel bad for anyone who tries.

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