36 thoughts on “Bob Iger: “George felt betrayed.”

  1. This would have seriously messed George up, he’s kind of autistic. Iger is probably understating it. Young George was supremely pissed when the studio made relatively minor cuts to his films in the early days, and even made sure to get his own cuts restored as the official versions after he got successful. So for these chumps to buy his stories and then scrap them… and not even warning him ahead of time, just reading him the script and letting him figure out on his own that they scrapped his trilogy. Wow, what a tactless, callous imbecile Bob Iger is.

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        • Well, for starters, Lucas, for all his claims about how the rich shouldn’t own government and claiming he supports the Occupy Wall Street socialist movement, pretty much betrayed that line of thought himself when he sold the whole thing to Disney to get out of the tax hikes Obama implemented at his request. And don’t bother denying it, I already gave two sources making clear he did do that. I don’t even know what’s more disgusting. That Lucas even was an adherent to socialism in the first place, or that Lucas was a massive hypocrite about it. Heck, he even implied Soviet filmmaking was better than Hollywood filmmaking due to it being composed of Artistic Freedom. Well, gee, Shteyman and his wife would probably beg to differ, since Stalin had them arrested via his shooting lists despite his actually LIKING Shteyman’s writings.


          • Yeah, Lucas was always hypocritical. The Secret History of Star Wars unapologetically lays that out, how he would later confirm the myth that Star Wars wasn’t made from sci-fi and adventure serial schlock, and instead was distilled from the essence of world myths. Also how he once stated in a speech at the Library of Congress that “only barbarians try to destroy history,” before trying to destroy the original cuts of Star Wars and replace them with his special editions.

            For many things, George has only himself to blame. But as for the fans and Star Wars, that doesn’t mean they deserve getting shit on by anyone else.

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            • Oh, I fully agree with you, the fans NEVER deserved the crap heaped upon them. Heck, I didn’t even mind Jake Lloyd’s depiction of Anakin Skywalker, and while I’ll admit Hayden Christensen’s depiction might have been dull, let’s be fair, Samuel Jackson and Natalie Portman’s acting didn’t do so hot in the prequels, and they’re generally considered very good actors. Same goes for Star Wars, ultimately (even if I am genuinely disgusted with Lucas trying to peddle the idea that the Americans were the true enemy in a subtle manner). I may not be able to stop being a Star Wars fan, but I can at least root for the bad guys in an exception to my rule of never doing so. As far as Lucas, creating Star Wars or not, as far as I’m concerned regarding his hypocrisy and his trying to push far-left socialist rhetoric, he can rot in a ditch for all I care.


                • First of all, I’m not an SJW (I’ve talked crap against KK and JJ Abrams, not to mention Rian Johnson, all of whom are confirmed SJWs, so that clearly makes me not an SJW, and besides, many of my criticisms dealt with the left-wing stuff in Star Wars. Last I checked, SJWs, or Social Justice Warriors, are left-wing, so why the heck would I be an SJW when I have contempt for them?). Actually, if anything, I utterly hate SJWs and am closer to far-right.

                  Second of all, being a fan of Star Wars =/= worshipping George Lucas like can do no wrong or, heck, even liking the guy. I know a guy on Tumblr, Coolman229, who is a MASSIVE fan of Metal Gear, yet he utterly hates its creator, Hideo Kojima, for very similar reasons why I’m not fond of George Lucas.


      • He isn’t to blame for Iger’s conduct. He is to blame for selling something that he apparently still wanted. He was paid very well for giving up control, and then apparently upset when he learned what “giving up control” really means. Ooops.


    • Worse. Not only is Iger not apologizing for the betrayal, but he argues that the issue is that he didn’t prepare George for the betrayal. Not only that, but he has the guts to blame George for not being understanding of the pressure he was under to provide “quintessential Star Wars”, when he had just discarded three film outlines of “quintessential Star Wars” that Lucas gave them and he had shown interest in. These people are completely disgusting with their lack of decency and morals.

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      • Oh I agree, Iger’s definitely a reprobate of a human being, especially with his ruining Disney and running it to the ground with his SJW elements that are basically ruining Disney’s income right now. And his treatment of Star Wars is certainly not dissuading any notion of him lacking decency and morals (if I must be honest, even Eisner was better than Iger. At least Eisner NEVER tried to boycott anything for possibly revoking Roe v. Wade back in 1992, unlike Iger who tried to boycott Georgia over the Heartbeat bill).

        Unfortunately, George Lucas himself lacked any morals as well, based on his bragging about the Vietcong being the Rebels’ basis repeatedly, even specifically citing the NVA fighting against the American Empire in his 1973 draft (and that was despite all the news coming out that his “heroes” forced people into boats to die, implemented reeducation camps, and even had a hand in the events of Cambodia), to his shilling for the likes of Barack Obama (whom he had the utter audacity to compare to a Jedi), selling his properties to legally cheat the tax hikes he requested Obama to implement, heck, his also backing and supporting that communist group Occupy Wall Street based on his statement to Mellody Hobson based on his proposal to her. So while I am genuinely disgusted with Bob Iger for his actions here, I also am not cutting Lucas ANY slack here.


        • I don’t know if I’d damn George too much for his view of the Vietcong, and how it inspired elements of the Star Wars films. At their heart, they’re still adventures without a blatant political message, which is what I believe George wanted in the first place. That aside, I don’t think the Vietnam War was popular at the time because it seemed unnecessary or illegitimate.


          • Actually, the third-largest parade in the 1960s was in fact a pro-Vietnam War rally, and Nixon actually got elected specifically to allow for the Vietnam War to end with us as the victors, or more specifically, to allow the South Vietnamese as the victors. As far as why it was necessary, look up the Domino Theory, and how shortly after we let South Vietnam be overrun despite it being against the agreement in the treaty we made the North Vietnamese sign, such as taking over Cambodia, Laos, and even parts of Burma, and you’ll see EXACTLY why we were needed there. Heck, just look at how the USSR managed to take over Eastern Europe and even China after World War II, and spread Communism and it’s horrific mass murder sprees, and you’ll understand full well why we were needed. The anti-war movement if anything was what was truly unpopular, only getting an illusion of popularity due to a biased left-wing press much like today.

            Besides, at its heart, Metal Gear was a stealth game, didn’t stop Kojima from getting all political over the storyline. Same goes for George Lucas.


    • Not really autistic. Speaking as someone formally diagnosed with high-functioning autism, I’m disgusted with both Bob Iger and George Lucas. And Lucas knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he made the films, including promoting a terrorist group as the heroes based on what he told James Cameron in that AMC thing.

      Besides, some of those “cuts” were made by Lucas anyways (Based on the shooting script for the movie, Han did in fact shoot first, not Greedo, despite what he told the Hollywood Reporter back in 2012. And I highly suspect especially given his “businesses should not own government” socialist rhetoric that Biggs’ nationalization comment to Luke Skywalker was in fact cut on George Lucas’s order rather than the Hollywood studios.).


      • Just to clarify, I was referring to films he made before Star Wars – THX 1138 and American Graffiti. The studio recut them and he was furious, then after Star Wars he went back and had those studios restore his cut as the official versions of those films. He had final cut on Star Wars.


  2. Perfect timing for all of this dirty laundry to be revealed in public. I dont feel sorry for any of them, Lucas knew what he was getting into. He sure didnt “donate” star wars.

    December will be the final battle to decide all of this. If the film under performs badly, disney star wars will fade away. We must ensure we do what we can to make this happen.


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  5. “George felt betrayed” – gee, Bob, maybe he felt betrayed, because you did betray him in the same way that Kathleen Kennedy did when she stone cold lied right on camera interview about how they planed to honor Lucas’ Star Wars legacy. These people are masters of rationalizing-away every slimy, deceitful, backstabbing act they commit.


  6. Dear Itchy. English is not my first language, so I use Google translator. I hope you understand correctly.

    In connection with the published book of Eager, I want to recall an article published in the Bloomberg on March 8, 2013. It tells you more about how the act of buying Star Wars and Lucasfilm was completed. It says perfectly that Iger enthusiastically spoke about the treatments of Lucas after reading them, which created the impression that Lucas would put them into production. Quote: When Iger finally got a look at the treatments, he was elated. “We thought from a storytelling perspective they had a lot of potential,” he says.

    Moreover, it shows that the act of the sale of Lucas companies could not have happened if Disney hadn’t bought the treatments of Lucas. In retrospect, this article perfectly complements the book of Iger and explains his motivation. Especially there is characterized by the final passage of Iger about the fact that he feels like Darth Vader.

    The Bloomberg article is read-only for subscribers.
     Fortunately, it can be read in full at this address:

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    • Hilariously, the Iger-Lucas deal is being taught on the Harvard Law School blog, it’s like an instruction manual on how to pull a scam on somebody:

      “The acquisition of Star Wars by Disney illustrates the importance of building trust when dealing with a powerful counterpart. To gain the trust of a wary partner, follow Iger’s formula. (For more information on building trust in integrative negotiations, see also: Integrative Negotiations, Value Creation, and Creativity at the Bargaining Table).

      Negotiation Tactic for Building Trust 1. Send in the big guns.

      Iger won over Lucas’ trust by showing that a Lucasfilm purchase was worthy of his personal attention.

      Negotiation Tactic for Building Trust 2. Be patient.

      Iger and Lucas conducted their deal over the course of a year and a half. Remember, it takes time to prove you’re trustworthy.

      Negotiation Tactic for Building Trust 3. Give them a role.

      By asking Lucas to include treatments for new Star Wars films in the deal, Disney showed him that it planned to build on his vision rather than replace it.”


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