Lucasfilm Author Has Lots Of Problems With White People

Rebecca Roanhorse is the author of Star Wars: Resistance Reborn.



Progressives enjoy racism immunity.

Rebecca seems to have quite a few problems with white people.










She apparently thinks that colonial imperialism and/or imperial colonialism was responsible for cooling the planet.  Perhaps as a precursor to excuse a future genocide for the benefit of the imaginary climate crisis.  Though Rebecca makes no mention of the indigenous people who tore hearts out of the torsos of living people in order to appease their gods.  Did they affect the climate in any way?  Only progressive brainiacs can tell us.


So was there a lot of colonial imperialism and/or imperial colonialism going on in the 1970s?

Now, some may argue that Rebecca was just talking about white racists and sexists.  But remember, Rebecca is an SJW.  That means her stories are very likely imaginary hate hoaxes, given the SJW proclivity to commit hate hoaxes all of the time.


Check out the story on the transracial cultural appropriator.

42 thoughts on “Lucasfilm Author Has Lots Of Problems With White People

  1. Just another reason to show Star Wars went down the tubes. Not to mention Disney, since they hired her to do the writing ultimately. Honestly, this just shows Zinn’s material needs to be brought to a bonfire, if you know what I mean by that.

    Then again, even George Lucas adheres to that crappy line of thinking based on his “White Slavers” comment (come on, Lucas, can’t you just leave it at “slavers”? It’s not like blacks or Asians or Hispanics or even Muslims never practiced slavery).

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    • Itchy, please ban this guy. He has no reason to be here. He hates ALL Star Wars (OT included) and likely is an SJW posting extreme far right garbage to make you look bad. Everything he says is a lunacy.


      • 1. I don’t hate Star Wars. Actually, the reason I root for the Empire instead of the Rebels despite not liking to root for the villains is because I still like Star Wars too much to let it go, even WITH Lucas’s disgusting revelations. If I truly hated Star Wars, I wouldn’t even be on here, nor would I edit Wookieepedia.

        2. I’m not an SJW at all (actually, like I said, I hate SJWs for desecrating several stuff I love, such as Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, and, yes, Star Wars as well.). Not to mention, do you REALLY think I’d cite right-wing sources like Newsbusters if I were an SJW? Of course not. And for the record, even if I were extreme far right, how would that harm Star Wars in any way? If anything, trying to advocate that Disney and Lucas didn’t make it far left enough would harm Itchy and his site far more than being far-right.

        3. If I really wanted to make Itchy look bad, I would have just flat out insulted him and derided him for going against Disney or even calling out Lucas on supporting the Vietcong. I didn’t do that. And just as an FYI, Itchy has pointed out some bad things about Lucas as well.


      • And just as an FYI, if you looked at, say, the Aphra article up here recently, or the SJW adult novel author article that’s making SJW remarks, or the thinly-veiled anti-fracking comic involving modified bombers article, or even the leaked Episode IX plotline, you’ll notice that I didn’t even MENTION Lucas at all, let alone any bad things he said or did, so no, I am fully capable of keeping things on topic and directing my fury at instances OTHER than George Lucas. So stop acting like I don’t do that.


      • The mood concerning this blog:
        1. Itchy is unwilling to delete even the tiniest post.
        2. Banning individuals is exactly what “Star Wars Explained” pulled just a few days ago concerning their Twitter account, losing quite a number of subscribers.
        3. Banning and Deleting posts would likely result in Itchy Bacca being defamed on social media: “OMGawsh: DSWID bans just like the SJWs!
        4. Fighting fire with fire means a LOT of fire, ashes and burned people (see the article “I was the Mob until the Mob came for Me”).

        Heck, to be fair: Itchy should also block me since I’m only a Star Wars customer and not really any kind of fan. I fell into this when EVS reviewed Neil Harrington (of Dork Side of the Force) as he tear a strips off one person who desired to boycott Solo:
        Not everything I bring to the table = Star Wars. 😀

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  2. Umm…. she looks kind of white to me? Is she Asian? Because Asians are next on the SJW chopping block after whites, so she’s going to be in real trouble once the commie nutjobs are done with us.

    Anyway, I think she must not be very smart if she loves current Paris (or maybe she’s just posturing, she wrote it in Twitter after all), however. I mean, I’ve been there recently, and current Paris is a hell hole full of homeless middle easterns and Africans, garbage everywhere, crime and literal shit on the streets.. similar to Berlin, London, Barcelona and Malmo, now that I think of it.

    Also, let’s not forget native French (and native Germans and native Swedes and native Brits…) are two decades away from being a minority in their own country. Which reminds me that France (and Sweden and Germany and the UK) is only a few years away from being a third world islamo-african shithole… what is so great about that?

    Oh well, can’t expect an insane SJW to actually have the capacity to think.

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    • Yeah, pretty much agreed there, on all accounts. Maybe if it were Paris pre-Revolution, heck, even Paris post-WWII and pre-1968, I’d sympathize, but right now, what’s lovely about Paris? It’s hell on Earth.

      Same goes for Germany and England, where their balls dropped off (and Angela Merkel certainly ain’t helping either on Germany’s front).

      Quite frankly, Macron needs to get the boot, and get SOMEONE to right France’s course. Marion may be our best bet, being very conservative in the American AND French sense.

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      • Paris (and Germany, and the UK and Sweden) are lovely enough if you’re a violent, criminal welfare predator who comes from a shithole, has no working skills, has below average IQ, no intention of working or integrating and wants to live on the taxes paid by the middle class. Those countries right now are the land of milk and honey for people like that.

        Of course, the point is that those parasites always vote left, which is why the ruling leftist parties in Western Europe love them so much and want to bring in more of them. Makes you think what will happen to the native French (and Germans, and Swedes and Brits) once the money to keep the welfare predators “peaceful” runs out.

        Oh well, there is no saving France anymore no matter who wins the elections. The demographics are irreversible; France (and most of Western Europe) as your parents knew it is dead. The US and Canada are going there, too, but at least latinos (here in the US, I mean) are not as bad as the migrants the Europeans and Canadias are importing, even if it isn’t saying much.

        A shame a country that is destined to be an islamo-african third world hell hole like France has nukes, though. That is actually kind of concerning.

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        • No, I’m pretty sure there’s a way to reverse the trend. Let’s not forget Charles Martel and Charlemagne had similar odds against them and ultimately prevailed. Sooner or later, we will make sure the left is gone. And I don’t just intend to get rid of current leftism. No, no, I also intend to eliminate the leftism that existed since the 18th century, the thing ultimately responsible for this crap.


          • And how do you intend to fix demographics and reverse the islamic invasion? The only way to fix that is with massive deportations and those people won’t go back to their own shit holes peacefully, not even when the money feeding the welfare train stops.

            Quite frankly, I don’t think there are enough Europeans who love their countries left to do anything.


            • Like I said, Charles Martel and Charlemagne faced similar stark odds during the Crusades. Heck, France faced similar odds regarding both World Wars, and even the French Revolution. If Christianity is able to survive, I’m pretty sure French culture will return.


              • The main problem France and Europe face now thanks to our lunatic leftist elites, is a whole new thing, and that’s demographic replacement, something that didn’t happen before or during the two world wars.
                I agree with Toki, there’s no going back now because the demos are already too messed up.


                • Not really. The French Revolution had a similar problem (heck, the lunatic leftist elites ORIGINATED from the French Revolution, maybe even the Enlightenment). As far as demographic replacement, eh, I’m pretty sure we can think of something, like outlawing abortion and making sure to institute a mandatory breeding program. Oh, and when outlawing abortion, make sure to cast Simone Veil out. Let’s not forget, America also has a demographic replacement problem thanks to Roe v. Wade.


  3. Huh. A friend of mine recommended one of her books to me (Storm of Locusts), so I knew her name sounded familiar. Why am I not surprised, though? She’s just another white-men-are-evil hire (“diversity hire” has lost its meaning; they hire people on the so-called virtue of their hatred towards white men, including white men who hate their own kind).

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  4. So many of my book purchasing decisions are made now by inspecting the Twitter account of the author. If there’s but a whiff of SJW in their tweets, it’s a hard pass from me.

    Does this lass not get just how racist she is???

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  5. I’m so proud of the population increase of this channel. I’m really relieved that so many people aren’t buying ‘the Agenda’ and it’s many different ways it’s been force fed into our mouths by every means. Comics, Sci Fi, PC Gaming, Dice and Paper, Heavy Metal Magazine all used to be our escapes and here we see (as you so thoroughly outline) they have pretty much hijacked every medium at this point.

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  6. There’s nothing more repugnant than a white person talking about white people like they aren’t one…they make me laugh and want to throw up in my own mouth in equal measure…and I don’t like that.

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