The Truth Always Comes Out Eventually


Kiri stares at a pencil that Pablo stuck in the ceiling.

Readers of this blog may be familiar with the mysterious nature of Kiri Hart’s departure from Lucasfilm, which received no self-aggrandizing fanfare in the same manner that her hiring did.  Well, it looks like some new information on The Kiri Hart Cover Up has surfaced.  Enjoy, and make of it what you will.


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They may be referring to Carrie Beck, who was one of Kiri Hart’s hires.


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Thanks to Sheev and Obi-Wan Kenobi for the tip.

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25 thoughts on “The Truth Always Comes Out Eventually

  1. A leaker at said that JJ and the Story Group hate each other. I wonder if it is because of how they departed from JJ’s outline. Star Wars trilogies are essentially supposed to be one cohesive story. TLJ really gummed up the works with regard to this trilogy’s narrative trajectory.


      • Sure, Itchy. The leaker’s username is ki adi moonshine. It’s in one of his posts in this long thread.

        He also said that George R.R. Martin is angry at Benioff and Weiss for finishing Game of Thrones S8 scripts while they were filming, essentially phoning in and ruining the series.

        The site’s users are sometimes hostile to anyone not in the “in-group.” They are known to hack…a few users have connections to an old comic and game shop that was in my hometown. In other words, if you post there, watch your step ..that place can be a little rough.

        However, they are legit and have a good track record on spoilers and other inside info.

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          • I’d emphatically suggest doing so. I used to lurk there back in the Prequel days and I vaguely remember some nice little juicy rumors that came out of that place from incredibly reliable sources. Like the reason why Liam Neeson didn’t return to voice Qui-Gon for his cameo in Revenge of the Sith (and the fact that they tried out multiple substitutes, including the guy that voiced Qui-Gon’s cameo in Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars, before deciding to flat-out remove that appearance) and other things. I also recall how hearing about how disliked George Lucas was by a lot of the actors.

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              • hj2814 is right, Itchy. But don’t worry too much: they’re all a bunch of tiny-dicked attention seekers, much like all sycophants. The guy who co-owned that comic shop was pretty skeezy. He apparently has a history of messing with underage girls well into his late 20s.

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                  • Man, I remember when TFN hated back in the day and vise versa, really hated TFN as well. Same goes with StarDestroyer.Net but it looks like both forums these days turned total hug box. Here’s one thing I’ll sorta complimentary say about they had some of the best sources for leakers and insiders spreading gossip.

                    Random thoughts about TFN for a moment: Does anyone remember when their secret mod forum got leaked out? I wanna say that someone was able to somehow download an archive of it back then and uploaded it elsewhere but I don’t recall if I’m remembering things correctly. Even if I am, I’m betting the archive isn’t around anymore. And since I’m randomly remember old fandom dirt: Phillip Wise, that’s a guy that someone with a lot more time of their hands need to do a deep dive into. Owner of and co-owner of TFN. He was not only an example of the incestuous relationship between Lucasfilm and the Fandom but also he’s a bit of an POS. Not to mention (if I’m not mistaken) I recall him ‘firing’ one of his more prominent employees (Dan Curto) over at due to the fact that the man decided to exercise his free will to contribute to Steve Sansweet’s last Star Wars Action Figure Collectors book


  2. So…
    Step 1:
    Give the biggest movie franchise in the history of the world to an incompetent pencil pusher, glorified secretary who is a rabid third wave feminist and who only got where she was by riding the works of capable men.
    Step 2:
    Once in control, incompetent third wave feminist gets a somewhat lucky break that damages the franchise but makes a lot of money due to inherent interest on franchise by enthusiastic long time fans.
    Step 3:
    Belive all is well and do nothing as third wave feminist hires a bunch of angry, rabid man hater fourth wave feminists and LGBTQ1234Freaks who proceed to nuke the lore and insult everyone who tries to state how this is destroying the brand.
    The result to this is simple:

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  4. Well, in the NCAA when schools go down for what their coaching staffs were doing in violation of the rules, and the schools leadership was unaware of the illegal stuff going on, the NCAA hammers the school for “a loss of institutional control”. The schools often get placed on probation, loss of scholarships, and being banned from post season play in big pay-off bowl games or championships for multiple years. When I was in the Marines, you would see commanding officers get fired by Commanding Generals for “a loss of trust and confidence” in their ability to lead their commands. In both cases it is a failure of leadership from the top and the inability of those in charge to hold their subordinates accountable for their failures (expensive ones at that). What has happened to our beloved Star Wars lays at the feet of the Walt Disney Company’s leadership and it’s applicable studio heads. But, unfortunately, there is such a lack of moral courage to do what is right and hold those accountable, it will take share-holders throwing up the BS flag and demand that heads roll.


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  6. No wonder Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge turn out to be a disappointment. The Story Group handcuffed the theme park experts to push Sequel Trilogy only sets.


  7. Well, it certainly explains the mess Star Wars is in.

    Of course, there are some parts of the explanations that I simply don’t buy. Namely, KK apparently being unaware of what fourth wave radical feminism entails, or Bob Iger not even being aware of Star Wars politicalization behind the scenes.

    For KK, ignoring that she herself was a very radical feminist as many have stated, I might as well point out that another high-up feminist in Disney, Linda Woolverton (who coincidentally wrote some episodes of Star Wars Ewoks before joining Disney), was a massive feminist as well (heck, Beauty and the Beast was rewritten to be a massive feminist tract thanks to her and Katzenberg), and not only was she responsible for such feminist propaganda films such as the live action Alice in Wonderland movies and the Maleficent movies, but the latter, or at the very least the first movie, had her outright bragging about trying to push the exact same themes in Beauty and the Beast. For a good idea of what the Maleficent movie was like, read this review from The Federalist:

    And as far as Bob Iger, ignoring his role in having Bill Condon, a guy who won’t shut up about his homosexuality even when it costs dollars to direct Beauty and the Beast and caused a massive scandal when Condon leaked that LeFou was to be turned gay, or how he doubled down on Gay Days despite it draining Disney’s dollar intake for nothing, or even the fact that he interfered on Jemele Hill’s behalf by preventing her being fired or even reprimanded despite costing ESPN lots of viewers for her uncontrolled visceral anti-trump black nationalist remarks, not to mention trying to pull a Hamilton and try to sway Trump’s policies to the left, let’s not forget that Iger had himself played a very big role in causing that manufactured controversy against Path to 9/11 that not only forced the special to cut out some minutes that made clear that Clinton was partly responsible for 9/11, but also ended up sabotaging any chance at it getting a DVD release by neither releasing it nor even selling it to Lionsgate and claiming there were no interested buyers. It’s like saying that Hitler was unaware of the Holocaust or that Stalin was unaware of Holodomor.

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