13 thoughts on “Did Lego Just Spoil The Destruction Of The Falcon?

  1. Really every thing is just one big giant “fuck you” to the original (read: true) fans, everyone that was there from the very beginning were either killed or left to a fate worse than death IE the worst kind of cliche and nostalgia wank (contains: no real nostalgia). Everything is done out of spite, and now LEGO is here to take the edge off an already slow and painful death.

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  2. Standard course for the social(ist) justice warpers = cultural genocide. Either they stay in power and run SW into the ground (win), we bow and “drink the kruel-aid (win), or they are brought down from power to rescue SW (lose). Luv your work Drunk3PO but you might be waiting for a train that will never come. What does KK have to lose pursuing a scorched franchise policy for the socialist dream? Just as drunk sees the Falcon @ G.E. (not a dream come true after all) as a marker preserving this American cultural icon, until i see Free-Form return to being Family theater, as an influential correction only then will i wait on the platform, too. Then , again, don’t get hit in the face when Di$ney throws in the towel.


  3. Again, wrong franchise, but we loyal fans are like Kirk blowing up his beloved Enterprise to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. Destroying the Falcon doesn’t matter. The movies and characters we love have already been vandalized, and their legacy destroyed. We have nothing left to lose, and don’t care WHAT they do. All that matters is that they fail and that they pay for what they’ve done. History is written by the winners, and we will not lose.

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