John Boyega Disagrees With SJWs

We’ve all read SJWs cluelessly prattle on about how “Star Wars was always political.”  One only needs to search for the phrase on Twitter to see it parroted over and over again.







But John Boyega has an entirely different take on the matter.


This isn’t politics?  Who knew?  I thought Star Wars was always political, and that all art is political.

Though I am curious as to who exactly is prohibiting anyone from shipping anything they want.  Anyone have a clue?

15 thoughts on “John Boyega Disagrees With SJWs

  1. Disney’s marketing people have probably told Daisy and the other women to tow a feminist line when engaging the media, and John has probably been told to seem like he is apolitical (no one is). They’ve got to fool who they can into seeing IX, which I doubt will satisfy anyone fully ’cause JJ impossibly wants to please ’em all.

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    • I somehow think she’ll never show any attraction to anyone. Her brushes with Finn I interpret as friendship or gratitude only. As soon as she gives any indication of a preferred gender, it will alienate some part of the tenuous connection she has with the people who actually like the character. Then there is what she ‘needs’. She is demonstrated to already have everything she needs. Needing a relationship would be a weakness. So… what is the term now? Ace? asexual anyways.


  2. The account was ‘DiscoNCC1031’ and apparently they just reply to people with nonsense sentences that involve politics in general. These tweets are about the closest in context as to what the original was. twitter(.)com/cazamtothemax/status/1184538741659987968 // twitter(.)com/advmdrivers/status/1184487197204013062

    Apparently they thought it was “cruel” that Boyega participates in “Queer baiting” and that Finn is suppose to be with Rose Tico.

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  3. Yeah seeing the Washington Compost and VOX chime in, they know all about “politics” being in media.

    Then this beauty right here,

    Adam Lance Garcia,

    “Star Wars has always always been deeply political.

    The Last Jedi especially, saw a return to form for the franchise like A New Hope, the film itself…(links to Esquire???)”

    Ok, did I just read that correctly? What “form” was it returned to? All TLJ was, was nothing but a pure filler episode with no rhyme nor reason. It was also a half ass TESB rip off in reverse. TLJ starts and ends in virtually the same place. Minus soldiers, cruisers and an ACTUAL JEDI! MaRey Sue IS NOT a JEDI! If having a few small conversations with an actual JEDI is enough to be considered a JEDI, then in ANH, Han listening to and watching Ban train Luke on the Falcon, then that would make Han a JEDI too, according to TLJ “standards.”

    But MaRey Sue did steal the JEDI texts that Jake obviously didn’t read and Master Yoda said, “page turners they were not!” Hear that folks? The ancient JEDI texts are boring. And the texts most likely are full of misogynistic gobbledygook…The we can count on MaRey Sue being the one who will tough it out and read those, ‘non page turners” were Jake couldn’t even be bothered to read them. Even though Jake marooned himself on that island, because….?


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