Adam Driver Calls Out Stalker And Calls Han & Leia “Religious Zealots”

Adam had to keep his son hidden from the press for two years because of the madness.  And it didn’t come from The Fandom Menace.


He’s off the team.

Some time back I wrote a blog post about Reylos staking and harassing Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley.  Adam Driver himself now confirms this kind of behavior, in an interview with The New Yorker:

But “Star Wars” has made him uncomfortably famous. “This one woman who has been harassing my wife came to the show and gave me a creepy wood carving that she made of my dog,” he said. He and Tucker have a young son, whose birth they kept hidden from the press for two years, in what Driver called “a military operation.” Last fall, after Tucker’s sister, who was launching a peacoat business, accidentally made her Instagram account public and someone noticed the back of his son’s head in one picture, the news wound up on Page Six. Driver stretched his foot on a foam roller and lamented his loss of privacy. “My job is to be a spy—to be in public and live life and have experience. But, when you feel like you’re the focus, it’s really hard to do that.”

Regarding another matter, it doesn’t seem that Adam has a positive opinion of Kylo’s parents.

He described Kylo Ren, in “Star Wars,” as “the son of these two religious zealots”—meaning Han Solo and Leia—who “can be conceived as being committed to this religion above all else, above family.” Part of him still feels blindsided, as if he’d missed a class and hadn’t yet caught up on the wider world. While discussing “Fight Club,” he asked what I thought of the movie. I said that I hadn’t seen it in years but wondered how it would play in an era when people are hyperaware of toxic masculinity.

Has Han and Leia ever been described as religious zealots by anyone, anywhere?

“What do you mean, ‘toxic masculinity’?” he asked.

I suggested that male aggression is seen as less purifying now than it may have been portrayed as being in “Fight Club.” “I’d have to think about it,” Driver said. “I mean, I haven’t heard much about toxic masculinity.” He chuckled. “Maybe because I’m part of the problem!”

Hours later, in his dressing room, he was talking about how his suspicion of dogma shaped him as an actor. “For a lot of times in my life, I was told there was a right answer,” he said. “And then, when I got older, I was, like, ‘That’s fucking total bullshit.’ I feel that very much with acting, too. If you knew how to do it, you would do it perfectly every time.” He added, “So anytime anyone tells me, ‘This is the right answer,’ or ‘There’s something called toxic masculinity,’ I’m, like, What? What are you talking about? I’m skeptical of it, because I feel like I was duped for seventeen years of my life.”

Apparently, Adam is not hyperaware.


29 thoughts on “Adam Driver Calls Out Stalker And Calls Han & Leia “Religious Zealots”

  1. Sounds like Adams personal religious life experience is informing how he approaches this story arc of Ben Solo & Kylo Ren to a degree. He legit in real life hates Han and Leias devotion to the Jedi and the Force, thats very meta and interesting. But it seems inevitable hes character before he dies will come back to the light side of the force. In Star Wars the Jedi & the Force though are absolutely not Bullshit though or Star Wars wouldn’t even exist. I wonder how he fells about his character in the end regretting separating himself from his “Zelot” parents path?


  2. Not sure. Han was an atheist in SOLO to the OT , but he was a believer by TFA. Leia and the Rebellion seemed to be believers in the Force and were all hardliners for the Republic(which seemed little more than the modern Liberals in the USA and UK and more akin to the UN). Max Von Sydow was some kinda wondering monk and almost John the Baptist-like figure in the Church of the Force religion and tutor of sorts to young Ben. His role was greatly reduced in the actual movie.

    I think both Han and Leia are political party zealots, committed to the Alliance on a fanatic level, as they both are still fighting the Imperial remnant forces, reorganized into the First Order by ST. You can see how quickly Han jumps back in to fight the FO and it took Leia to really sway Han away from discarding their son like he originally believed he was gone Vader for good.

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    • Well, technically, it was never actually stated whether or not the Rebels believed in the Force until Return of the Jedi (note that I’m strictly going by the Lucas-era movies, not Disney additions like Rogue One). Even when Leia requested Obi-Wan Kenobi’s help, she was more requesting his aid due to Kenobi’s previous service in the Clone Wars, with it never being indicated whether his being of a Jedi background played any role in her consideration of him.

      Besides, technically, the Empire was also a believer in the Force as well, albeit in the Dark Side, not the Light Side.


    • LoL, I am picking up some sarcasm here. Do you, too, think that Luke and his wife could be Ben’s real parents, and Han and Leia the adoptive ones? Adam mighta slipped up.


  3. Overall I lean that way as well. He’s method actor and likely jerking around to interviewer. He probably does not want to be there getting interviewed but has to cause its part of the job. Then again, he’s still part of Hollywood, so who knows.

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  4. He sounds totally clueless. Han was a cynic who softened a little in Jedi, Leia never voiced anything but a vague openness to Force spirituality in Jedi. Han and Leia were committed freedom fighters, they were never portrayed as religious zealots.

    Fight Club (originally book before it was turned into a movie) was written as satire. It’s a dark comedy about a guy who accidentally creates a fascist collective that gets beyond his control. The author has tried to point this out in interviews where he has voiced frustration about people not getting that.

    This is a perfect example of why most actors should stick to their profession of acting instead of trying to think and opine.

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    • There was a blip a few years ago where an actor got written into his contract that he was exempt from ANY marketing for the movie. I may be wrong but I’m thinking Eddie Murphy, Sammy J, Vin Diesel, Wesley Snipes, Will Smith or ?`. I can’t remember, but it also had to with the flick being a bit low brow. Someone with clout and attitude.

      That whole part of the industry should be completely unnecessary as it is essentially a ‘we’ll do all the thinking for you’ … but, you know…

      I do feel some empathy for the actors, they make buckets of money (usually) but I don’t think it is fair to expect them to be PR experts. Especially when some of them are just outstanding actors but suffer crippling social disorders. (not calling them outstanding actors, but siting Mike Myers and Howie Mandell as 2 with such problems) And then there are the times people actually get cancelled as something off the cuff either gets presented out of context (white slavers) or just blown out of proportion (i should be able to play any tree i want)

      Let that maggot filled industry die, kill it if you have to. (“celeb journalism”)

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    • Oh, no, let them opine

      I want something to point and laugh at when they get boned by karma when they decide to engage with the crowd of mob justice aficionados aka SJW Marxists.


    • To be fair, he compared the Rebels to al Qaeda in an unflattering manner (and based that on his experiences with 9/11 and how that drove him to become a Marine), and he’s actually pretty accurate in that regard (only thing he’s wrong about is which terror group the Rebels were based on, not to mention which war). He at least got one thing right.


      • I do respect the fact that he seems devoted to his craft, and that he works to keep his personal life under wraps. Unlike so many egomaniac celebrities who broadcast every last private detail on social media for attention. At the end of the day, the trainwreck of DisneyWARS isn’t really the actors’ fault, and I don’t particularly have an axe to grind with them.

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      • I imagine he has to tow a certain line in order to keep his career. The only guys immune to this are those who were already established, like Clint Eastwood and Jon Voight.

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        • I actually do like Driver as an actor quite a bit. He’s made the most of what he’s been given to work with, and I find the “Darth Emo” backlash and whatnot more the fault of the writing than his performance. He’s brought some interesting shadings and line readings to the character, and the movies have failed him much more than the reverse. A waste of good talent, and a missed opportunity to craft a truly new and interesting character.

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        • (4m)
          this killed me when i watched it. Apologies to anyone who is bothered by Leslie Jones, she kinda ruins it.

          Anyways, I like Adam. He did pretty well on this show. Lady Gaga is another surprisingly good host.

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        • Pretty much agreed. Heck, even the likes of Jodi Benson is most likely forced to toe that line as well based on her uncharacteristic allowance of Ariel being desecrated right now (let me tell you, Jodi Benson is pretty defensive of Ariel. Apparently she’s the reason why Ariel even retained her more rebellious nature in Ariel’s Beginning, and thus why she had any aspect of her original characterization in the first movie at all, as they originally intended to make her more like Hannah Montana or something like that), and from what I gather, she’s pretty conservative and evangelical.

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      • Eh, to be fair, even the likes of Clint Eastwood has a tinge of SJW in him (let’s not forget he directed Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which most certainly was liberal).

        Besides, at least he recognized the Rebels had bad origins in development and called out Lucas on that (probably the only thing he was wrong about was which specific terror group the Rebels were based on. He thought they were derived from al Qaeda. It’s actually more of the Vietcong).


  5. Adam Driver looks like the love child of Dumbo and Nicholas Cage!

    And the fact that, “toxic Masculinity” came flying out of his mouth, even though he states that he wasn’t, “aware” of it(/S) makes me suspicious?

    All the tell tale signs are there.

    He under contract with Di$ney and LFL.
    He seems like an even bigger beta than his fictional counter part, Crylo Ren.
    And while he was working on these films, he was under the direction of, KK, JJ and RJ. JJ and RJ being 2 limp wristed beta clowns themselves. I truly believe that the character of Crylo is based more on JJ and RJ and NOT “upset” fans like they want to portray it as…

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    • Eh, I don’t know about a bigger beta. At least Driver’s a Marine (won’t call him a “former Marine” because there’s no “former”) who saw action in Afghanistan, which by definition won’t make him much of a beta.

      But yeah, he’s definitely not doing too well right now (then again, with all those non-disclosure agreements, I’m pretty sure even James Earl Jones or Ian McDiarmid would not be able to speak out against it, and they’re certainly not betas).

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      • I chose not use Ex Marine, it is duly noted there is no former Marine. They are after all still human and are subject to bad judgement like the anyone else. He is now in the hollyweird machine.


  6. I want to toss this into the conversation because I haven’t seen a comment on it yet, but I think should be the most important part of the post.

    Adam has a kid. The safety of that kid has been altered radically by the new public knowledge that he exists. His idiot sister-in-law let the cat out of the bag without them having any say in the matter. Adam’s family safety is on his mind a lot. Disney is doing nothing to discourage the sect of the fan-base who is focussed on him.

    And Disney wonders why they are failing. The good-will of good people is gone.

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  7. *”…The good-will of good people is gone.” -Naw, it just doesn’t get press. Then again, look where they are working and the Freeform”, & SW audiences D-corp. wants to engineer.
    * So, @ 17, he got it all figured out. A case of trading self-reflection for self-absorption we’ve lost several decent politicians to attend to family first…but Driver took the money, Hamil took the money, Lucas took the money, and D-LFL continues to take it’s way.
    *Though Lucas intended to base the Rebel Alliance on the VC, in ’77, the spirit of 1776 was still strong and actually became the sentiment attached to the Continental Army instead. This combined with the success of “American Graffiti” only strengthened that association. If Lucas was making an anti-war statement-fair enough, what main-scream filmmaker wasn’t? However, if Lucas intended to inject a collectivist acceptance, i’d say he’s getting to watch that unfold now with D-SW/DLFL at the helm. In an interview, Lucas stated that he wanted SW protected and great films generated from. itt.(Then, again, Voldemort did “great things, terrible, but great.” (PS ch.4.)

    *I don’t make the HP reference lightly because the current reality is terrible, indeed. I’ve had a feeling that “D” wish it had as pliable a fanbase as WB:
    Posted October 21, 2019 by Steve VanderArk
    “Pottermore is no more. I guess having the name “Potter” in the title was too limiting, since now the website is called “Wizarding World”…”

    Then what was the Point of Hagrid’s Ride? This propels their fan base into the WBWW how…? Sounds like the ride was the spoonful of sugar as a sucker’s bet with smiles all ’round while the over-run body was removed from under a purply-colored bus. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds as FB has been getting the same bad treatment without generating much of a FM counterpart.


  8. “*Though Lucas intended to base the Rebel Alliance on the VC, in ’77, the spirit of 1776 was still strong and actually became the sentiment attached to the Continental Army instead. This combined with the success of “American Graffiti” only strengthened that association. If Lucas was making an anti-war statement-fair enough, what main-scream filmmaker wasn’t? However, if Lucas intended to inject a collectivist acceptance, i’d say he’s getting to watch that unfold now with D-SW/DLFL at the helm. In an interview, Lucas stated that he wanted SW protected and great films generated from. itt.(Then, again, Voldemort did “great things, terrible, but great.” (PS ch.4.) ”

    Speaking as someone who had to witness in school people literally projecting the spirit of 1776 onto the horrific French Revolution and even al Qaeda with that stupid “Your terrorists are our freedom fighters”, even tried to claim the Continental Army were terrorists while clearly painting that in a good light, and claiming the French and American revolutions are one and the same, the Rebels having the Spirit of 1776 being mixed with the Vietcong is PRECISELY what I’m afraid of, just cause people to stupidly think that the Vietcong and the Continential Army are one and the same when they were not.

    Well, doesn’t matter now, Lucas got his four million in blood money, not to mention pretty much got himself off the tax hikes he begged Obama to implement on all the rich in his socialist mantra, making clear that socialism can only be hypocritical, and he just let Star Wars get ruined even more than under the Prequels (probably even ensured Kathleen Kennedy succeeded him specifically to trash the set).

    As far as Harry Potter, that wasn’t much better, unfortunately, especially when JK Rowling was a big SJW who had the audacity to imply Donald Trump was even worse than Voldemort. Still… at least she based Voldemort on Hitler and Stalin in part, unlike Lucas, who if anything based Palpatine on Richard Nixon, and to a lesser extent George Bush.


  9. “Has Han and Leia ever been described as religious zealots by anyone, anywhere?”
    Probably by Lucasfilm when they were describing the role to Adam.


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