Lucasfilm Prohibits Kids From Designing Droid Contest


Except for kids under 16.

One of the primary mating calls of the virtue-signaling Star Wars SJW is, “it’s a kid’s movie about space wizards with laser swords!”  Putting aside the fact that the people who regurgitate this silly line are adults themselves, there seems to be this erroneous notion that Star Wars is exclusively for kids, despite George Lucas telling Charlie Rose otherwise.

But not for Star Wars officialdom.  Under the banner the overbearing #ForceForChange hastag,  Star Wars officialdom tweeted out the following:


That’s right.  No one under 16 is allowed.   So much for Star Wars being exclusively for kids.

6 thoughts on “Lucasfilm Prohibits Kids From Designing Droid Contest

  1. This is probably them spiting the kids who never bought their toys, candy, coffee mugs, shirts, etc. or lied about doing so to the 40yo SJW who converses with children about their spending habits.

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  2. *This is going to make Freddie look stupid…or is that the point?
    *Remember when working for LFL was a dream-job? Bet you there’s only one kind of workplace bathroom now.
    *”Is that Legal?”-Stunted Slime.


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