Disney Silencing Galaxy’s Edge Cast Members?

There is a rumor going around that Disney is threatening termination to anyone who sings like a bird.  Via piratesandprincesses.net:


Now why would Disney have to do that if everything at Galaxy’s Edge is all sweetness and light?

All birds are encouraged to sing to itchybacca@protonmail.com.

h/t to Clownfish TV who comments:


Disney defender Starkiller points out the following:

20 Must-Follow Rules If You’re a Disneyland Cast Member

11. They can’t Snapchat their day as Elsa. Or, for that matter, they can’t talk about their Princess gig anywhere outside of work — like on their YouTube channel or at an open mic night. Their job as a Disney character is not unlike being a spy. There is, indeed, a veil of secrecy.

11 thoughts on “Disney Silencing Galaxy’s Edge Cast Members?

  1. *If you’re an employee of “D” (and it’s subsidiaries) then you can sense how far the tentacles of silence can go.
    *An employee cannot even sell D merch from their private collection if they’re an employee. They get a cease and desist order or the door-their choice. and this incident was 10 years ago.
    *It’s as bad as the extended copyright laws then, again, who wants this “new” stuff anyway???
    *Didn’t stop D-LFL if plagiarism is true. Ah, double-standards…


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