Mandalorian Speculation

This post will be pure speculation.  We’ve speculated in the past, that the Mandalorian was a Wahmandalorian.  But the casting of Pedro Pascal seemed to put that speculation to rest.  However, the speculation that the Mandalorian is played by a woman getting a bit more buzz again anyway, due to the following image:


Many are suggesting that the posture of the Mandalorian in this posture indicates a woman’s stance.  That suggestion seems impossible since we know that The Mandalorian has cast Pedro Pascal as the lead.

But what if the Mandalorian was a man and a woman at the same time.  What if Pedro Pascal and Gina Carano both take turns wearing the Mandalorian armor, letting their adversaries believe that there is only one lone Mandalorian.  Consider the following image:


Note how Pedro and Gina are the same height.  Also note in the following picture, how they have nearly the same build.


What better way for the Wokesters of Lucasfilm to lecture the audience about how a woman can be just as much of a lone gunman as any man can be, by having a man and woman interchange under the same disguise?  Equal equality equitably equalized equally.

11 thoughts on “Mandalorian Speculation

  1. As far as I’m concerned

    Disney+ == Locked twitter account.

    They can make all the drama they want in front and behind the camera… The FM provides orders of magnitude greater entertainment and cultural relevance to me.

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  2. I predict a man starts off wearing it and he gets killed by the end of the episode and a woman takes over for the rest of the series. Subverting expectations by killing off the main character in the first episode!

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  3. I thought about this exact same scenario, some time back. The main character is killed early on as a fake-out, and then a woman takes the armor. We’ll see.

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  4. Well the $hills, in predictable fashion, will all scream,

    “It is a person in a costume! It could be anyone?”

    So by the end of its 1st season, and its final season, the moron will pull the mask off to reveal it as some dumb woke, dyke! It looks like a Man. It talks like a Man. It is a….Bull Dyke! Ta-Da!

    Maybe they will say that Wokealorian is “binary?” I mean this is Di$ney we are dealing with here after all? Would anyone really NOT expect this to happen? To Di$ney and its retarded flock of followers believe that, “gender is fluid” so why would this play out any different?


  5. *Good catch, Gender fluidity or Gender Equality?
    *fauxgender want to “be” the other gender. LGB want to be with the same gender. unfortunately, for those identifying to a reductionist classification, both still acknowledge gender, thusly, making those championed by “the Resistant” Dem Left of limited use because the goal is interchangeability = Gender equality. Hence the androgenous conformity of the Mando “uniform”. (Adherents are so easily triggered i hesitate to refer to it as Mando “armour”.)
    *The near future political messaging then is Gender Equality, and as we know “Without Gender Equality, Communism cannot exist.” (Alexandra Kolonti, 1923.) nor can a planned economy and big “D”‘s assured monopoly
    *For their grins, if Mando devolves into a Deathwatch saga, we’ll get their projections of hunting Jedi as stand-ins for what they’d like to do to the “toxic” fanbase.
    *As Itchy has alluded: our growing of their conversion rather than just staying stuck in our “resistance.” FMv.2, anyone?
    *This is all, of course, just speculation, …or is it?


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