Daisy Ridley: Princess Of Privilege


Poor underprivileged female toiling away as a scrapper.

SJWs like to prattle on endlessly about purported white privilege.  In our continuing series on Lucasfilm’s hatred of the white male, we’ve seen many such comments come directly from Lucasfilm representatives.


















So many Lucasfilm representatives take a dim view of privilege.  Especially white privilege.  This may explain the nature of the Rey character, who toils away on a desert planet as an underprivileged scrapper.  We’ve read many an essay that celebrated the “nobody” aspect of the Rey character.  Such as this excerpt from Kaytl Burt who writes for Den of Geek:

In the film, Kylo Ren (admittedly, a questionable source) tells Rey that her parents were “nobodies,” people who sold their child for drinking money. Despite the lack of privilege in her pedigree, Rey is positioned as the successor to Luke Skywalker and one of the heroes who, presumably, will save the day in Star Wars Episode IX. The Last Jedi ends with a “nobody” boy on a “nobody” planet demonstrating his power with the Force. The message is clear: You don’t have to be a Skywalker to be special. Anyone can use the Force. Anyone can save the galaxy. It was a refreshingly subversive message for a culture in which many popular stories center on characters of privilege or lineage.

Ahh yes.  Rey.  The champion of the disprivileged.

Which makes it all the more delicious, that the actress playing Rey, may have privilege up the ying-yang, and coming out of her ears.  If what Reddit user ThePeachesandCream posts is true:

As we all know, Disney staked the sequel trilogy’s marketing and brand around diversity. It seemed like a valiant cause when TFA was first announced, but their casting decisions over the last four years has made it very clear Disney’s commitment was not sincere. Daisy Ridley was the “thin edge of the wedge” as they say in Yes Minister, and Disney Star Wars’ biggest roles have largely been monopolized by an incredibly narrow cohort of people — white English women — that isn’t even representative of women never mind the English speaking world or global population.

So why has this been a step backwards in diversity for Star Wars? Well, take a look at Daisy Ridley’s upbringing:

  • Her grand uncle, Arnold Ridley, was an English actor and playwright so distinguished he received an OBE from the Queen for his career in the arts. He had a university education in an era where that was an incredibly rare luxury, even had his own film company for a time, and accrued 60 film/TV credits to his name well into the 1970s.

  • Her grandfather also had an OBE and had a management position in the BBC.

  • Her father is a banker in a nation owned by a city of bankers.

  • Her mother is a literal member of the landed gentry in a nation with one of the most entrenched formally recognized aristocracies in the Western world.

  • Born and raised in Westminister, London. Yes, as in the seat of Parliament and the host of Buckingham Palace. It goes without saying it’s one of the least affordable boroughs in the United Kingdom and has one of the highest pay gaps in the notion between the lower and upper classes.

Well, now.  If any of this is true, then it seems to me that Miss Daisy may have the kind of privilege that other Lucasfilm representatives look down upon.  In fact, I’d be curious to find out if Daisy did any research into the daily lives of the disprivileged, in order to more effectively portray her disprivileged character.  SJWs insist on repeatedly misusing the word “ironic.”  But is there anything more ironic, than a princess of privilege being chosen to play an underprivileged feminist icon?  I think not.

Let’s hope that all of the Lucasfilm representatives who are down on privilege chime in on this.

40 thoughts on “Daisy Ridley: Princess Of Privilege

  1. I wonder why her Daddy didn’t use his wealth and privilege toward anything other than drama lessons to make her the new Disney posterchild? Why didn’t he spend money toward medical treatment to fix her mouthbreathing, her horseteeth, or on some cosmetic surgery to give her a woman’s body instead of that of a prepubescent 13-year-old boy?

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      • You don’t have to be able to act when you come from her kind of background. All you have to be is passable onscreen (to a level that the vast majority of people could easily achieve with a few acting lessons). You can’t be like Tommy Wiseau in The Room, but you don’t have to be remotely good, just passable. It’s all about connections, not talent. Literally millions of girls could do what she does better than her, but she had the right family connections and they don’t.


  2. I think she does fine in what role they gave her. I won’t blame her for the writing unless she wrote it.

    As far as the “nobody” which I don’t think they’d leave it as, but it would not bother me if she was a “nobody”. Didn’t Odysseus refer to himself as “Nobody” to the Cyclops?!

    But I’d sooner believe Vader’s attempts to bring Padme back in neo-canon, perhaps reincarnated her as Rey than I would her being Palpatine’s granddaughter.

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  3. *All may be factual, but might her background and her role be guilt by association with the D-LFL agenda?
    *Admittedly, prior to TFA, I never heard of her. Unlike the Left’s broad use of it’s “Baskets of Deplorables” (There are two.), is there a citation of her hypocritical use of privilege or status against the FM, Western Civ., or active Leftist support?
    *Short of this Miss Daisy (sorry, i couldn’t resist) is a subject of D-LFL usary. While i won’t say “victim”, it surely is a wink-and-a-nod on D-LFL’s part, as some sort of trophy. to garner opportunistic Who’s-Who backing, if not also a running warped insider joke.
    *She was fairly young at 23 in TFA but at 27, the youthfulness excuse has run it’s course.
    *SJW hypocrisy on D-LFL’s part is infamous. On Ridley’s part it was not discovered.
    *Family connections may be protecting her, who’d be silly enough to mess with the daughter of someone so well positioned? -Oh, yeah, Hamil did.


  4. That one that played the SJW droid in Solo, Phoebe Waller-Bridge is also a privileged creature of the aristocratic elites, though significantly less easy on the eyes than Daisy. Good thing they made her a robot I suppose.

    From Wikipedia:
    “The Waller-Bridge family were landed gentry of Cuckfield, Sussex.”

    Cuckfield! Nice. Bet they had lots of peasants, who they probably referred to as Cucks.

    This Waller-Bridge feminazi (and she is a hardcore feminazi) is also the one writing Bond out of Bond soon, she’s won tons of awards although I think those are probably bullshit, and she’s crap, but she’s one of those ‘Rian Johnson style’ mysterious inexplicable rising talents. She’s also friends with Amy Schumer, who is also a privileged daughter of a connected politician I believe.

    Fun fact: Phoebe got the role of the droid in Solo without knowing what a droid was. She did the audition as a human. Possibly had ‘droid’ confused with ‘druid’. They had to explain to her it’s a robot, you have to pretend to be a robot. And they did a little robot mime, they ‘did the robot’ to help her understand. Then it sunk in and she was like ‘ohhhhh, a robot!’

    And quite amazingly, she still got the part! She even boasted about it, and about how she had never seen a Star Wars film, in an interview to promote herself being in Star Wars. That interview was also full of her talking about how she’s an angry feminist and it’s good to be an angry feminist.

    I’m sure it was 100% her amazing short-notice improvisational talent for surprise robot acting, that got her the role in Solo!

    And somehow I don’t think the miserable box office failure of Solo is going to have even the slightest dampening effect on her soaring, upward career trajectory.

    I mean, right now Kathleen is probably looking at her thinking ‘I will call her… mini-me.’

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    • I think you’ve inadvertently identified that these people are selected to push an agenda much like Tavistock/Laurel Canyon’s psychedelic 60’s. I watched a blurb of the Price is Right the other day. They now have male models showing off the prizes, not only that they are mimbo’s saying dumb stuff that the host Drew gets to mock them and hit the button putting them back into the revolving display.


    • “This Waller-Bridge feminazi (and she is a hardcore feminazi) is also the one writing Bond out of Bond soon, she’s won tons of awards although I think those are probably bullshit, and she’s crap, but she’s one of those ‘Rian Johnson style’ mysterious inexplicable rising talents”

      Ah yes… isn’t it strange how, for some odd reason, these suddenly “rising stars” that nobody ever heard of, that seem to come out of nowhere, all seem to share a background of extreme affluence, wealth, and prestige? Funny how that works. And funny how that was only rarely the case in the past, when movies were actually expected to turn a profit and the stars to be box office draws. For some strange reason, the more creative Hollywood accounting became, the more the economy became a kind of shell game, the more Uber privileged, sanctimonious, silver spoon nepotists like Waller Bridge came to the fore.


  5. I have no problem with Daisy – and feel like she follows in the older actors footsteps when it comes to treating fans decently. She also seems genuinely pleasant. As regards the article, sadly British drama is a pretty closed group and most come from rich drama schools and wealthy backgrounds – see Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland. I don’t judge people on their backgrounds – rich or poor – but what this exposes is the silliness of those in charge of Lucasfilm and their even sillier commenteriat. Depressing times.

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    • Christopher Eccleston is another, although he incorrectly blames the Conservative Party for it, though that was likely foregrounded by the leftist newspaper he was speaking to:

      Christopher Eccleston: ‘All areas of the arts are becoming ivory towers’

      Christopher Eccleston believes that he is part of a disappearing breed of working class actors.

      “People like myself, Sean Bean, Maxine Peake – there’s not going to be people like us coming through in 20 years,” he maintains.

      As Eccleston forges a new chapter of his career on the other side of the Atlantic, however, the actor fears that high profile working class actors back home will soon be a thing of the past.

      “The situation is not improving,” he maintains. “It’s getting worse and worse. All areas of the arts are becoming ivory towers.”

      The actor is scathing of the Conservative Party, who he holds responsible for the decline in working class talent.

      “Due to student debt, we are being excluded. It’s always been a policy of the Conservative government and party to destroy working class identity.”

      “If you prevent them from having a cultural voice which is what’s happening, they achieve that,” he continues. “They hate us, they want to destroy us, so we’re being ruled out of having a voice.

      “You can’t get into drama school if you’re from a council estate. You can’t afford it.

      “It was different for me in the eighties and look what I’ve achieved. Look what Sean Bean’s achieved. Look what Maxine Peake’s achieved.

      “But there’s not going to be the numbers in 20 years, and it’s the same for people of colour who come from that background. We’re moving towards a white culture, but we live in a multi-cultural society.”

      Eccleston is talking not long after Jeremy Corbyn’s vow to wipe out student debt if Labour are voted into power following the next General Election.

      Despite having differences in opinion with the Labour leader, Eccleston insists that higher education should be free.

      “I have my problems with Corbyn, but the idea that you have to pay for your education? It didn’t happen to me,” he says.

      “It’s a policy to exclude the working classes educating themselves, and realising the corruption that goes right up to the top of the Conservative Party.”

      So you can see he gets quite muddled at the end there, this is the quandary that the white working class is facing in the UK, they always hated the Conservatives and voted Labour, but now Labour hates them and wants them to die, but guys like Eccleston need to ‘keep the faith’ and maintain this fiction that it’s the Conservative Party that wants them to die.

      Basically the Conservatives in the UK are where the Republicans were before Trump – held back by a legacy of wealthy elitism. Trump won because he pulled in left-leaning white voters who had previously voted for Obama, which in turn transformed the Republican side into a kind of populist revolutionary movement against leftardation.

      There hasn’t been a Trump to emerge from the Conservatives (Boris is no Trump) so Farage has risen up instead. But the leftists have demonized Farage as much as they possibly can, to try and prevent the exodus of white working class voters from Labour to the Brexiit Party. Essentially using the ‘pretend he’s a demon and hope the masses blindly follow you’ tactic that they tried on Trump. Unsuccessfully. But leftists have never let unending failure stop them!

      So yeah, class is a huge thing in the UK, even that rift between Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker, that rift was fundamentally a class rift.


  6. I’m am so tired of both Bryan Young and his imagination bulls***. And Grey Griffin for being such a toxic human being, I wish someone else did the voice of Lana and Lola Loud instead of this toxic brat.

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  7. This is part of the Den of Geek article,

    “The message is clear: You don’t have to be a Skywalker to be special. Anyone can use the Force. Anyone can save the galaxy. It was a refreshingly subversive message for a culture in which many popular stories center on characters of privilege or lineage.”

    ^This narrative has gotten really f**king old! But though if the leaks about TROS are correct? The technically it WILL be a Skywalker that saves the day! Meaning that MaRey Sue will take the Skywalker name, either she has it at the beginning of the film or she gives that name to herself at the end of the film? No matter what though, the way I see it is since MaRey Sue is going to save the day, then that is basically a Skywalker. And if Crylo Emo ALSO saves the day? He is a half Skywalker

    I can’t wait to see all the $hills jump on the JJ train when he UNDOES everything that RJ did with TLJ. They will no doubt be crying that


    • Cont.

      The $hills will be whining about how great it is that she is a Skywalker! But what about her being a, “nobody” that made her so “special” in TLJ?

      Huh? I can'[t hear you $hills? So if MaRey Sue ends up being a Skywalker or even related to Palpatine, then the film will be a bust for you, isn’t that right Di$ney $hills? Because MaRey Sue worked so perfectly as a nobody?

      Well in a month and a half we will see if just how far these $hills are willing to go when RJ’s entire film is null and void? In the event that JJ decided to “fix” what RJ broke?

      But also on this “privilege” BS. Just because these morons want to claim they have some sort of imaginary “privilege” doesn’t mean they even have it? Any can claim anything these days. Whether it is true or not.

      Me: Oh so Johnathan, you recognize your self as a 10 year old girl?

      Johnathan: Yes I do!

      Me: But your a 50 year old Man?

      Johnathan: Not one today!

      Me: ??????????

      So I just picked a random name for the part of Johnathan. But this is the current twisted effed up world we live in. Anyone can be anything at any time!

      Claims to have privilege? Yeah why not?

      If you’re a Man who want to be recognized as a Woman? Why not? Even if they lack the correct genital biology?

      So when I see idiots claim they have, privilege”, it doesn’t hold any water to me considering all the other crap that their “kind” spews everyday!

      And I guess these clowns think that everything they got was due to this supposed “privilege” they posses? And that thi sis the way ALL White people get by in the world?

      Well if that was the case, then I didn’t get the memo. Because I worked my entire career from square one and obtained everything afterward based on MERIT! And I trained many people under me and they also were recipients of the MERITS they WORKED for! They were people of different races. Both MEN and WOMEN. And this was a career in the REAL WORLD! This is how the REAL WORLD operates! So all this “privilege” BS is just that!

      But it seems meritocracy is dying a slow and painful death…


      • Spot on. Those in Western Countries that attack “white privilege” from an economic standpoint forget (or deliberately ignore) it was the blood, sweat and tears of our immigrant forefathers who built these countries from the ground up. So using their own logic, they themselves are ‘priveleged’ from the get-go by dint of their ancestors unflagging work. They are attacking the fundamental cultural foundations of the place that nurtured them. Here in Australia they attack the Commonwealth. They take, take, take from the Commonwealth. They give nothing back. They are, in effect. traitors to their own family…

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        • Yes. My family, on both sides immigrated here in the early 20th century. And they all migrated to NYC. Where they built their own business. Small family owned business, but still they built on their own.

          And my family has prospered here by the work THEY did. Nothing was ever handed to them and we had a strong work ethic in my family and still do. My family ranges from business owners, military service, public service, sales, postal workers, etc.

          My family came here and have been working hard from the very beginning. I don’t need some reject to whine about how, “privileged” I am and that kind of attitude diminishes what I worked for and strived for. So it irritates me to know end when I have to hear a moron screech about “privilege” Now they might have some “privilege?” Or maybe they don’t? Either way, I worked for mine. And I damn proud of that fact!


  8. This is exactly why I can’t stand these people, they’re all utter hypocrites spouting off BS. They aren’t committed to actually doing anything to help anyone other than themselves. Things never change, the upper crust elites have a long history of trashing we lowly plebs and presenting themselves as morally superior even when they’re not.

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    • I agree with you here. And these douche nozzles at LFL and all their virtue signaling, grans standing, moral posturing, etc. is nothing but talk! Pointless talk at that.

      These are the types of clowns that go to some rally/protest and wear a pu$$y hat and scream moronic slogans all day. Then they immediately run to twitter/FB/Instagtram and then see how many “likes” they got and they all do a congratulatory circle jerk with each other for,


      These backwards, regressive, Proglodyte Savages are the biggest wastes to ever roam the Earth! They scream and cry and carry on and they don’t do nothing about anything?

      It seems that most of these idiots that are pontificating on LFL’s behalf are in comfy positions and their work environment is a pretty safe and secure one? And I can see why that would give them a sense of “superiority” and such. And how they would get delusions of things like, “White privilege?”

      The entire concept of “White Privilege” was some hair brain scheme that was concocted out of the mind of some low life radical in the college system back in the 80’s. Her name was Peggy McIntosh and it all started with,

      “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”

      That piece she wrote is what got us here to this point. But if anyone wants to check that out, and I would advise anyone to do so, you will see just how disgusting and moronic this crap actually is! And if you decide to check it out, it will give a great insight as to why these idiots in these tweets are saying the crap they are? The Peggy McIntosh piece is the foundation upon which all this, “White Privilege” crap is built on. And her piece is no doubt the WORST foundation that anything has ever been built on!

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      • Exactly. It’s a bunch of self-important, self-righteous poseurs pontificating for their own glory. Like others have said, they’re just using minority groups as a way to make themselves look like heroes, they’re not doing anything of any tangible benefit to help anyone in need. This isn’t like the civil rights movement
        from a couple generations past.

        The over-the-top white privilege scolding is absurd to me, because the majority of the people pontificating about this are white, and they talk about white people as if they are somehow not also members of this group. The very fact that these SJWs are white undercuts their whole argument. If white people are supposedly so corrupted by their white privilege, doesn’t that mean their minds are also corrupted? And what could be more privileged than anointing yourself the spokesperson for all non-white people? If they really believed anything they preach, they’d shut up and let non-white people speak for themselves. As you say, what you have is a bunch of white people in comfy, safe and secure environments pontificating for online pats on the back.

        And, furthermore, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, who the hell are these people to lecture all of us? What are their qualifications? Who elected them to be our moral scolds? These mostly white, privileged SJWs have no special qualifications or insights or moral authority to be telling us all how to live, think, and behave. All they have is loud voices amplified by media megaphones, and they think this gives them the right to have the last word on complex social issues. It’s so obnoxious.

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        • 👍
          I believe some of them choose to do this, but there are some that have to do this.

          What gives me hope in all this, are the conjugate people who are of minority groups telling SJWs to STFU, that their actions take away agency and credibility of minorities.

          “Being stupid is like being dead. You don’t know you’re dead and the pain is felt by others” -i don’t know who to credit this to.

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          • My hope is that the corporations and media will finally stop promoting SJWs, because they’re turning most people off. And then let them be as arrogant and self-righteous as they want in their own little corner off somewhere and good riddance!

            I’ve heard a similar version of that same quote before, but I like your version! Absolutely, the problem with stupid people is that they’re too stupid to realize they’re stupid!


        • Yep you said it all my friend! And the bottom line is, that NONE of these freaks were given any authority over anything!

          It is not “White privilege” that they have, it is a severe case of “self entitlement” they posses. Something people of all races, genders, etc. can posses. They just use “:White Privilege” as the proxy to cover up for their own self entitlements and a very, very, warped sense of self worth!

          Because when I see these dopes sit there and cry about how White people get everything due to some, “privilege”, that really pisses me off and diminishes what I have WORKED and STUDIED for? But it is easy for these Proglodyte Savage leftists to sit in their ivory towers(soap boxes) and pontificate to the masses about how us, the “lowly” of society and just virtue signal to others of how they obtained whatever they got through some imaginary “privilege!”

          Well I worked for everything I have and worked hard for it. So as far as I am concerned, they can take their fake imaginary, “privilege” and shove it up their ass! Oh wait! Their heads are already lodged in there!

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          • The sad and crazy and somewhat scary thing is that big businesses and institutions have decided to throw their weight behind what is essentially a giant hissy fit by a bunch of silly, overprivileged hypocrites. Without that backing, nothing they would say would matter. We’re living in a world gone mad!

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          • Most assholes in Hollywood or the MSM who bleat about white privilege or male privilege use it as a shield to avoid discussing class privilege, since most come from extremely affluent upper crust backgrounds and don’t want anyone to know that’s how they got where they are – from connections, not talent. They would rather lecture white people living in trailer parks about their so called privilege than acknowledge the reality of their own privilege, which is enormous.

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            • Yep. Because a lot of these clowns can’t go on about “class privilege” because in many cases it would show that they benefit from it! And they need to continue the façade that they are, ‘oppressed” and “down trodden…”

              All they need to do is keep the brainless drone lemmings whining about “White” and “Male” and play up the whining while their at it.

              If they were truly. “victims” as they claim, then they have a funny way of showing it? These “victims” are so “oppressed” that they can continually whine about said, “victimhood” on a daily basis…

              Maybe they should ask how the people in Cuba, the ones who aren’t lucky enough to escape on a raft, how they feel? Oh yeah, because they will be put down like dogs by their “government!”

              Or how did the East German feel BEFORE the Berlin wall came down? Oh yeah? That is right, the CCCP would have the KGB to come scoop you up and have a 50/50 chance of coming back to your family!

              Sorry but when people live in the greatest country on Earth need to “pretend” that they are oppressed, then they should really take life a little more for granted. If someone has to pretend they have problems, they really don’t have problems…


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  10. “Well, now. If any of this is true, then it seems to me that Miss Daisy may have the kind of privilege that other Lucasfilm representatives look down upon.”

    Actually, a large majority of people working in Hollywood and the media today come from similar backgrounds of extreme affluence and connections. Nepotism is the order of the day, whether we’re talking about “journalists,” screenwriters, producers, or (especially) actors.

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that Ridley comes from a background of immense privilege. Talent has very little to do with who makes it and who doesn’t nowadays. Upper class mediocrities make it in Hollywood all the time, over people with far more talent but without the right connections. You have to be Tommy Wiseau bad to fail in Hollywood when you have the right pedigree.

    The percentage of Hollywood players who are nepotists has increased enormously over the past couple decades. You look at the A-list stars in the 70s and most of them had middle class or working class backgrounds. You look at today’s A list (to which the public has increasingly little say) and it’s mostly well connected rich kids, either modern day aristocrats like Daisy Ridley (or Armie Hammer and Rooney Mara in the States) or second generation Hollywood kids like Denzel’s son John David Washington (Hollywood is currently grooming him for stardom while neglecting far better black actors his age).


    • I didn’t create these lists, and I don’t entirely agree with the compiler (not all nepotists are untalented, and I don’t share his disdain for all the names here) but they’re a good place to start if you want an idea of how widespread the nepotism problem is:




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  12. “If any of this is true, then it seems to me that Miss Daisy may have the kind of privilege that other Lucasfilm representatives look down upon. ”

    That’s not what that means


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