JJ Abrams Caught In A Lie?


It wouldn’t be the first time.

Recently I wrote about an amusing anecdote that JJ Abrams was sharing on morning shows about the script for TROS being stolen, and listed on eBay.  Something about the story struck me as fishy, and probably made-up.  There are just too many questions about the story.  One wonders what happened to the script, and the actor, or the person who attempted to sell it on eBay?  Was the actor fired? Which actor was it?  Was the script sold?  Did eBay take the listing down?  Were charges pressed against the seller?

Now it appears that the lie may be exposed.

Here’s a statement from NME.com:

The Star Wars director explained on Good Morning America that the script for the upcoming film was posted on E-bay after it was discovered by a cleaner at one of the actor’s houses.

From The  Hollywood Reporter:

“One of our actors, I won’t say which one — I want to, but I won’t — left it under their bed and it was found by someone who was cleaning their place,”

One of the primary advantages of telling the truth is that you don’t have to remember what version of a lie you told each person.  When you lie, you have to make things up.  when you tell multiple people the same lie, the facts change as a result of having to make things up.  Especially the details.

From Entertainment Weekly:

“The director told Good Morning America on Monday that one of the actors on the show left their script under the bed in their hotel room.

So which was it JJ?  Was it their house, or was it their hotel room?

Thanks to not anonymous for the tip.

15 thoughts on “JJ Abrams Caught In A Lie?

  1. House, Hotel Room, Mansion….

    Who knows, who cares and it will falter to bring any interest to THE last SW Saga Film ever (C’mon there is no way after “Solo” that KK or Abrams/Iger/Terrio to get Boyega, Issac and Ridley to sign on for more future films, trying to turn the post Ep. 6 SW films into a series of multiple Bond films like what Broccoli/Saltzman/Danuq did with Connery and Moore.

    Even that one Bee Gees/Cream Manager Robert Stigwood who produced “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Hair” wouldn’t ignite hype for such a worthless film in a matter like that.

    You get what deserve Jar Jar Abrams!


  2. Abrams is a proven liar.

    My guess is that this story was designed to cast doubt on the (probably very accurate) leaks by having the “happy” ending of the script being retrieved before it was made public.

    They surely will want to front-load this turkey as much as possible, and discrediting the leaks with a fake story about a missing script being reined back in might muddy the waters enough to do that.

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    • My thoughts are, if this was contrived, they have selected a fan theory but are treating it as a leak in order to finish the film in a way that doesn’t make people laugh or walk out.

      We’re still waiting for the shoe to drop (one of several) on how Disney is going to explain the failure of this movie. A final print of the film hasn’t leaked yet, but apparently a “script has been out of custody for a little while”… (doubtful)

      Fuck! these people are weasels…


    • Well, either way, it still doesn’t change the fact that Abrams is a known liar (let’s not forget, he was the guy who claimed Harrison wasn’t Khan in Into Darkness). Though it does reinforce that the mass media is garbage, since they clearly can’t be bothered to check their facts.

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