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Thinking of a good story.

Recently I wrote about the amusing anecdote JJ Abrams was telling about the script for Episode IX being stolen and leaked on eBay.  I felt the story was potentially a lie because in one version JJ says it was taken from the actor’s home, but in another version JJ says it was taken from the actor’s hotel room.

However, Daisy Ridley went on GMA to plug TROS, and hinted that it was John Boyega who left the script under his bed, allowing it to be stolen.

But then Boyega went on GMA, and admitted it was him.

OMG! @johnboyega admits it was HIS @starwars #TheRiseOfSkywalker script that was put on eBay! But he swears it was an accident!

— Good Morning America (@GMA) November 27, 2019

Boyega also admitted it on Twitter.

But the questions remain; did this occur at Boyega’s house, or did this occur at Boyega’s hotel room?  What happened to the individual that stole it?  Did they pay the eBayer to get the script back?  How much?  Were charges pressed?

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  1. The thing I’ve observed with actor friends is this: You don’t lose your script. You just don’t. You have stuff marked in it, you have your own notes written in it, etc. You don’t lose that, ever.

    If he really lost it, he’s an unprofessional twat.

    If he “lost” it, as in left behind on purpose for someone to find because he has issues with what’s being done with Finn, etc, he’s an unprofessional twat.

    It doesn’t matter how bad the movie is or whatever else. You. Do. Not. Lose. Your. Fucking. Copy. Of. The. Script.

    Hollywood will take notice of this incident, no matter how or why it happened. Boyega should get used to doing a lot of B movies in the future, because you get blackballed for shit like this and, to be honest, rightfully so.

    This is bloody unprofessional either way.

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  2. *top secret iPhone left behind in a bar, anyone?
    *Stunt or not, it’s more of Josh’s “earned media”.
    *Props to Miss Daisy, this is her second “slip” this week.
    *Best of all, since the earlier GMA post, the sub count at 1.3M hasn’t moved despite the “earned media”…nor was i about to give GMA that view click.
    *Heard my first D+ ad amidst the early Christmas music…it resorts to using the OT “…you’re my only hope.” audio clip, how pathetic.
    *Stan Finn & Oliver Holdo.

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    • Well if Russel Crowe was to find that “lost iPhone” he would have picked it up and throw at somebody…


  3. I bet it was the VIET CONG who lost the script…(/S)

    Oh shit! We got VC in the bush! I need a Golf Tango Foxtrot Oscar Hotel ASAP!

    Whoa! Sorry I was just getting flashbacks of the TET Offensive…


    • Honestly, sarcasm or not, it does seem suspicious that they’d just “lose” the script like that. I suspect a CYA from Disney, paid Boyega to do it to cover up the leaks.

      At this rate, I’m not sure we even need to wait to see how well it “performs”, since it’s already looking to be a comedy of errors, Communist involvement or not.


  4. If it really happened, why don’t they use some kind of password-protected iPad thing for scripts? I know some NFL teams use them for their playbooks.


    • …and we have JJ, Daisy and John all freely talking about it. As I suggested elsewhere…I’ll bet this is BS just to give them a talking point on their promotion run. The only other thing to talk about is the reshoots and the laughable test screenings…(besides things like porgs) It’s innocuous publicity. (no harm, no foul, but memorable)

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    • Well they also dragged Lucas into this too. And he will be used as the main scapegoat for whatever any bad parts or called out.

      “Oh you didn’t like that specific scene? That was Lucas’ doing…”

      ^That is the kind of crap they will be pushing when it comes down to it.

      I think Lucas should have just wiped his hands clean of everything that happened after the sale to Di$ney? He should have told them to pound sand!

      But Lucas for the most part is a pretty nice guy. And he doesn’t mind lending a helping hand, even when the other hand belongs to people that thought they knew better and didn’t want anything to do with him.

      And this goes pretty far back to the 80’s when Lucas swooped in to save the production of Return to Oz. Because the producer for that film, was Gary Kurtz. The man who basically insulted Lucas years after he was fired from the production of TESB. But for ROZ, a Di$ney picture no less, was being directed by Walter Murch who is a good friend of Lucas. Lucas paid to get the movie back on schedule with his own money! And Di$ney was on the verge of canning Gary Kurtz for almost derailing the entire production. But thanks to Lucas, Kurtz remained on the production and the film ended up reaching theaters.

      And Lucas was also a huge help to Larry Kasdan and helped him get his movie Body Heat to the screen. Since that was Kasdans first major motion picture that he directed.

      But for the DT? Lucas should have told them to f**k off!


  5. If he left it at his own apartment or house which ever the case, and it was indeed stolen, then I doubt they could do much or even say much.

    With the amount of leaks this film had and even TFA, more likely somebody is indeed intentionally leaking material and sabotaging production.


  6. This episode nien script stolen and selling on eBay fiasco sounds like a bullshit lie and distraction plot covering up the leaks and the laughably horrible test screenings. Seriously I’m looking more forward to those actor NDA’s to expire then watching The Demise of Skywalker in theaters. I’m doing my part and not watching it theaters but watching it for free on my Amazon fire stick to watch how much of a dumpster fire this Star Wars “in name only” movie by KennedyFilm truly is! As they say, vote with your wallet and you have every right to voiced your opinion that leads to valid criticism for a bad product. Disney Soy Wars reaped what they sowed and the Grim Reaper is coming to collect! The first: will be Wrathleen No Remedy fired job and replaced. The second: Ruined Johnstained SW trilogy is axed. The third: Nablo Shillsdago is fired and replaced, The fourth: all of the sequel trilogy and DisCanon content except well received SW media like Rouge One and The Mandalorian will be erased from Star Wars canon which will lead to the revival and re-canonization of the Expanded Universe then so on and so forth.

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  8. Anyone that blames him is an imbecile. This guy loved SW and starred in it… if he can’t take the story seriously enough it’s a barometer to know you probably should care the same (?). I mean in TLJ (kill me now) his character was just jerked around and used for levity. Even PTSD coward wasn’t enough for a second time to “follow” some blowhard chick into W/E shit antagonized her.

    I want this Finn… Why JJ hired him for.

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