E.K. Johnston Loses Her Marbles Over “Dudes”


Johnston listens to an army recruiter about signing up for selective service in the name of equality.

Readers of this blog may recall Star Wars author E.K. Johnston who was harassed by Reylos for daring to reject the Kylo Ren character.  As a result, Ms. Johnston has some virtue signaling ground to make up with the Collective, and the Mandalorian presents the perfect opportunity.  Ms. Johnston screeched on Twitter:


Huh.  Who would have thought that a franchise with the word “wars” prominently displayed in its title would be filled with “dudes?”  Maybe because its “dudes” who predominately fight wars?

Thanks to True Tanker for the tip.



26 thoughts on “E.K. Johnston Loses Her Marbles Over “Dudes”

  1. I guess in that particular corner of the galaxy, all of the gundarks (bitchez) are sitting at home on their fat asses ‘porging’ (tweeting) while their dudes are out earning credits to buy them bonbons, baubles and patterned scarves. Apparently some women have good jobs there though. You know, the ones who don’t act/feel entitled and actually ‘git gud’

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    • …and not taking risks?

      Don’t worry, it’ll take a little bit of time but eventually we’ll see Cara announce she has to change her sanitary pad at some point during a long journey. A good plot twist would be that she needs more and sends Pascal’s character to the store for her. Emmy-worthy prose.


  2. Here is an excerpt of her highlighted tweet,

    “Favreau looked into the future and filled it with dudes!”

    Oh come on E.K., your regressive savagery is slipping? You know you forgot to add “WHITE” in front of dudes? Yeah like the thought of adding the word “WHITE” wasn’t swirling in her head when she wrote those tweets?

    Let me guess? She is single? If she is, I bet she deludes herself into believing that she is single because, “she chose to be!” No it’s because she, “can’t get one!”

    “Looks at picture of her) Last time a saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it!

    I also bet that her house is wall-to-wall, ugly green shag carpeting? And she rather is very fond of shag carpeting because that is about as close to a SHAG as she is going to get!

    And I am sure she has more litter boxes then brain cells too…

    On a last parting shot. So E.K., you don’t like dudes? Well what I am about to do should calm your nerves. Ready,



  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again. These people don’t care about Star Wars OR good storytelling. It was always about a checklist of things they want on a show or film. The more checklists of diversity the better for their virtue signaling souls. Good story telling be damned. And it will be if they have their way.


  4. I thought these modern day feminist women were supposed to be all tough and strong and independent? Don’t need no man etc.

    Look how threatened they are by one tiny little online show! Boo hoo hoo, The Mandalorian is the future of Star Wars, wahhhh, waahhhhh.

    LOL at modern day feminist women. They’re not strong! They’re as fragile as empty eggshells.

    They’re going to be bitter for decades about this humiliation of Rey by The Mandalorian. Ha ha ha!

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    • And these beta bitches and Progressive Land Manatees have the fucking nerve to call other people, “fragile?”

      They are the undisputed champs of being offended!

      And then they try to co-op words that were meant against them?

      Like, when a regressive savage says,

      Soy Boys
      Pajama Boys

      Etc. When I hear some whack job regressive leftist savage use those words I just laid out, It does a few things to me. They are,

      1. Just exhibiting serious projection

      2. Makes me disgusted when I hear them say it or see the type it! Because when they say those words, it breaks my heart to have to witness these regressive savage lightweight back benchers APPROPRIATE the insults that are meant just for them? Specifically?

      3 And it makes them look like severe retards! I am a bit harsh here, but what I say is OBJECTIVE FACT!


  5. She’s got a point: it is weird how there’s no females on the show whatsoever, other than the faceless armorer. Not my big complaint about the show though, more that it’s boring and under-written, as she noted though I’m guessing she means more casting risks than narrative.

    Addressing your larger point, movie-making has become a big business, and these SJWs simply want to leech off as much money as they can while injecting their lefty philosophy in the process. Like all lefties, they cannot really build anything, so this is just the latest market institution they’ve chosen to parasite off of.

    What’s interesting is that the big tentpole movie business is dying off, hacked in a thousand directions by all the low-cost distractions of the internet, and they’re merely taking it down faster by injecting their toxic nonsense into it. Can’t say I care as giant-budget movies like TROS or this show- Iger said $100 million to produce- are going to die off anyway, all they’re doing is helping us get rid of them faster. 🙂


        • The cast is playing characters. And according to these people, we shouldn’t assume anyone’s gender.

          It’s funny. They advocate the existence of infinite genders, but when things don’t go their way, there’s suddenly only two genders.


          • If you only read star wars then there is only two genders!. Larry Niven books had other genders; some were hosts; some did osmosis; other were plants; and so on. Just read his ringworld series. MR Niven wasn’t the only author who wrote of other genders. Also one’s sexuality isn’t a gender; it’s a way of behaving; yes it’s just as important if not more so; Your gender is what you are by your genitalia down south of the border; your sexuality is how you behave in conjunction with it!.
            Besides what really matters over someone’s gender or sexuality is there ethics, morality, and integrity of how they do their philosophy on life!


  6. IT’s basic mind game 101 creating a false binary. Here we will see the men cheering cowboy western mandalorian while sjw’s cheer waman in charge of the sequel trilogy/books/comics. Disney wins in this false binary. You can win by not partaking then SW will hopefully be retconned in 2-5 years.

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    • This gives me a new hope (badum-tish) because this is a slippery slope they are desperate to shut down/cover up and everyone with half a brain knows it at some level. Joker is a watershed moment. It is a massive record breaking fuck you to these people from Joker ticket buyers which could not be silenced by a hate mob or by an asshole in a social media company with a delete button.

      But now there is proof there is money lost and money found depending on how you do things and the people who are playing this game just watched Joker win a lottery. And now they have to decide if the communist route they have taken is worth the money they could get but aren’t. HEY DISNEY SHAREHOLDERS … CLEAN YOUR HOUSE! CALL THE EXTERMINATORS. Don’t let management decide who gets fired. Fire the management yourselves.

      More hope: Disney and the employers of people like Johnston have completely misjudged the amount of antagonism a normal person feels from these low talent asshats. And now a legit and increasingly popular form of entertainment for normals is Schadenfreude because of it. You guys are the equivalent of the ex who won’t go away and interferes with all of your new relationships. So hearing about your troubles, accidents, financial problems, regrets of us breaking up, stories of abuse from your frequent shallow tinder dates, social infections is food for our souls. So the hope part is more an more people are realizing the water level is rising and we have to do something about it. We want our nice things back.


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  7. Oh, how E.K. Johnston longs to know what it is like to be plowed by a physically capable man, if only she had three fewer chins.


  8. She forgot its the MANdalorian.

    Cara Dune and the Mando armorer/blacksmith/shaman I suppose she forgot exist on this show too.

    There is a reason why Ahsoka is physically fit, sexually attractive and sells while her work does not and a reason why she’s a dumb partisan scag.


    • o/t Ahsoka is my favourite character in star wars. One thing I regret is she is grown up. Now she is just another jedi. Her best moment (I think) is from TCW back when she’s still a padawaan and had been kidnapped for the purpose of being prey for a hunt. Couldn’t help but feel proud of her, even though she is a fictional character.

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  9. Chapter 2 was directed by an African American. Chapter 3 was directed by a non-white female. These progressives haven’t even mentioned that, and yet they go looking for faults in the show.

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    • Anita Sarkeesian is the worst of the ones who have weighed in on the matter. The only one I think is worse among that rabble is Zöe Quinn.


  10. Say, Itchy? Think you could do an article comparing the situation with Star Wars and Lucasfilm/Disney and the situation with Hideo Kojima and Death Stranding since both seem to be massively falling apart at rapid pace? It would be interesting regarding the overall analysis, and besides, if you can do a blog entry for Linda Woolverton’s comment on women, I’m pretty sure a blog entry for Kojima’s comedy of errors relating to Death Stranding is also in order (in fact, like Woolverton who wrote two episodes of the Ewoks series, Kojima ended up writing a “review” for The Last Jedi that basically praised it to the moon and implied he liked it for pushing several far-left interpretations of stuff.). Heck, Kojima even had his Abrams moment (fun fact, they’re friends in real life as well) where he essentially blamed American negative critical reception on Americans essentially being a bunch of stupidheads who only do FPS games with inferior artistic views compared to the French and Italians (with there being quite a few uproars against those comments by Kojima, especially when the 2019 top 20 games didn’t even feature FPS games at all), like how Abrams denounced critics of TLJ as being “threatened by women.” You can find articles on Death Stranding and Kojima on One Angry Gamer among other places.



    Oh, and a fair bit of warning, some of the commentary in the article and some of the comments can be a bit… off-color at times.

    And Kojima’s review for The Last Jedi can be found here: https://web.archive.org/web/20171228195211/https://www.rollingstone.com/glixel/features/kojima-star-wars-in-the-era-of-disney-w514793


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