Rian Johnson Lectures About His Own Lack Of Self Awareness


Rian is bored.

Apparently, Rian thinks that there is something wrong with hating him.

comicbook.com reports:

Of course, with any discussion of Rian Johnson Star Wars discourse isn’t very far away. He recently said on the ReelBlend podcast that he was thankful for the vocal distaste for The Last Jedi. All that negative feedback gave him some things to think about in the long run.

“In terms of the bad stuff, I’ll tell you it’s interesting. That’s been one of the really healthy things for me about the past couple of years, is getting exposed to it,” Johnson began. “Before I made The Last Jedi, I had never had anyone hate me on the internet. If during the course of a year I got one negative tweet I would go into a panic. I’d be like ‘Oh my god, someone out there doesn’t like me. I need to fix this!’ The thing is though, I am really really thankful. Because what that meant is that my sense of self-worth was attached to the notion of everybody liking me online. And the fact that this process has made me, out of survival, disconnect from that.”

Johnson would also add that the experience fundamentally changed how he interacts with negativity on social media. In fact, it made those interactions better.

“And also it’s given me a more realistic view of the system that is social media. There’s a lot of great, genuine interaction that goes on,” Johnson continued. The bad stuff, the systematic trolling, the almost gamified abuse that some people devote their entire online presence to; honestly, once you’ve seen enough of it, you see the pattern of it. It just sort of gets boring after a while. It doesn’t even give me that little negative ping anymore. And I don’t think it’s even my skin growing tough. It’s just I’ve put in perspective. I realize this is kind of a byproduct of this social Twitter system. There’s going to be some degree of people where this is their hobby, basically. So overall I found it made me adjust to social media where I’m seeing it and using it in a healthier way.”

Rian, that bad systematic gamified pattern is called the Geeker Gate.  And it’s the SJWs who are the bad faith bad actors with bad takes who invented the Geeker Gate and give fandoms a bad look.  But yes Rian, Star War is a hobby for some people.  Has been for decades.

17 thoughts on “Rian Johnson Lectures About His Own Lack Of Self Awareness

  1. “Muhdeeeekkkk” and going out of his way to troll and call people manbabies and @$$holes is “survival” for him. Sounds like a narcissistic sociopath, to me.

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    • Rian Johnson Deletes 20,000 Tweets After James Gunn Firing
      VARIETY / JULY 26, 2018
      “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” director Rian Johnson erased approximately 20,000 of his tweets days after Disney fired “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn over offensive online remarks.

      Johnson explained on Twitter that he wasn’t deleting his tweets under any official directive, but was preemptively destroying ammunition in the event right-wing trolls try digging them up to ruin his career.

      “No official directive at all, and I don’t think I’ve ever tweeted anything that bad,” Johnson tweeted. “But it’s nine years of stuff written largely off the cuff as ephemera, if trolls scrutinizing it for ammunition is the new normal, this seems like a “why not?” move.”

      Of course there was nothing there, nothing ‘that bad’.

      It was just, you know, stuff that might be ‘dug up’ by ‘trolls’ to ‘ruin his career’…

      But nothing bad! Just … ammunition. For people who want to ruin him.

      But nothing bad! There was nothing bad there.

      Just some ammunition for his enemies to ruin him with.

      But nothing bad!


      • I thought it did already or were those just early screenings since I heard how much like charlie’s angels 2019 and dark fate knives out got really stupid with its one sided obvious message of orange man bad and bleh bleh bleh.


          • “Just wait until Palpatine returns with orange hair and a desire to make the Empire great again in PLAN IX.”

            Yep. The douche-tards over at LFL are the biggest regressive savages on the planet! And they are anything BUT subtle about their AGENDA! Oh wait excuse me, I meant, “progressive themes” not AGENDA…(/S)


          • Funny you should mention Palpatine having orange hair, because Palpatine was depicted as a redhead in the old EU as well (probably because Ian McDiarmid was a redhead himself and still had traces of his red hair when doing The Phantom Menace).

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  2. Yeah this “interview” I.E. a fluff piece, is very genuine….said nobody ever!

    This guy is one of the biggest A holes around! He also never met a media that he didn’t like. Because all the media outlets are just $hill propaganda mills that shove out fluff piece after fluff piece about him!

    Hey RJ? I only have 3 words for you,


    Now go run along and do another fluff piece!


  3. This is all we really need to see… (the clip is 40s but skip to the 17s mark)

    Please note the intensity in Carrie’s eyes for the 3 seconds after her reply.

    Juxtapose that with Hamill’s various undermining comments.

    That Carrie isn’t around to share with us her DSW experiences after the NDA expires is heartbreaking. I bet she’s be like a flamethrower.

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    • It’s almost like there is something called ‘Rian Johnson Derangement Syndrome’ but Carrie Fisher tells me ‘No. There isn’t’

      But I imagine this is what it is like to have TDS. (except the media isn’t bashing Rian 24/7…or at all)


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