The “Lost Script” Narrative Falls Apart


JJ looks to devouring the DCEU after Star Wars is behind him.

Recently I wrote about the amusing anecdote JJ Abrams was telling about the script for Episode IX being stolen and leaked on eBay.  I felt the story was potentially a lie because in one version JJ says it was taken from the actor’s home, but in another version JJ says it was taken from the actor’s hotel room.

Then I wrote about how John Boyega admitted that it was him who lost the screenplay on Good Morning America.

To me, the story stinks of being made up, because of the questions it elicits.  Did this occur at Boyega’s house, or did this occur at Boyega’s hotel room, since JJ claimed both in different versions of the story?  What happened to the individual that stole it? Did they pay the eBayer to get the script back?  How much?  Were charges pressed?

It turns out, John Talks is also skeptical of this story.  He was able to find an article that talked about how JJ Abrams banned actors from even taking scripts home from the set of The Force Awakens.  From

Star Wars director JJ Abrams is so strict on security for the new movie The Force Awakens he banned actors from taking their scripts home, leaving them limited time to learn their lines.

Abrams has hired his best friend, actor Greg Grunberg for a role. And Greg said: “We got our script pages, only the scenes that we were in. Not even what was being shot that day.

“It was all on red paper so we couldn’t copy it or take a picture of it. And then we had to give the script pages back at the end of the day. And we didn’t get them the day before to take them home and learn them — Carrie Fisher and I were talking about it several times, like, ‘This is crazy. An actor does not get to prepare on this movie’.”

If he had that policy then, it’s unlikely that he wouldn’t have that same policy now.

I think John Talks is right in that this is an ill-conceived marketing stunt.  But I also think it was designed specifically to fabricate the notion that the public is still ravenous for any Star Wars production information, when in fact I believe that those days are over and behind us.


21 thoughts on “The “Lost Script” Narrative Falls Apart

    • “fabricate the notion that the public is still ravenous for any Star Wars production information”

      Then why let a truly horrendous ‘fabricated’ script go unchallenged… unless it’s true and they can’t deny it?

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      • Exactly. This little PR stunt seems designed to make people think the leaks aren’t true, and therefore that the movie might be good, thus front-loading the opening weekend with curious people.

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      • You really can feel the tide turning. In a way, the past two years feel sort of like the overall thrust of the original trilogy. SOLO was a major victory, CAPTAIN MARVEL was a crushing defeat (DISNEY STRIKES BACK), and now it’s RETURN OF THE FANDOM MENACE with PLAN IX, the decisive battle.

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        • We still have a very very long way to go.

          I don’t think Captain Manvers was actually a defeat. Superficially it was, but look at the aftermath of it. We haven’t heard a peep out of Brie for a while. The last 3 references i can remember were ‘possible oscar for endgame for her,’ ‘completely unaware of the hate she attracts’ and ‘possible role in SW in the future.’ These are all empty statements but did generate a stir. So, trolling basically, but nothing about actual work of hers coming up. (unlike Banks and invisible woman)

          I think if Manvers had been a highly successful movie, she would be signed into a few future projects, and apart from ‘Manvers 2: The Manversining’ her IMDB page has very little. VERY little. This lends me to believe, she is NOT a box-office draw and Disney propped up the numbers of CM because of ‘reasons.’ It made it to the $1bn mark and then just stopped. Disc media sales I’ve heard are weak too.

          The real problem we still face are not Sarkeesian herself, but the companies and revenue sources who enable people like her and the click baiters who follow in her wake. Once these companies start to realize a cost for all this, maybe they’ll fire their social media managers, close their Facebook and twitter accounts, and fear the normals.

          Next, we have to emasculate the MSM and humiliate them to the public who still assumes they can’t lie openly. (fingers crossed on the covington lawsuits…they are still alive…especially the 3 big ones)

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  1. Well much like the “lost script” story, it is also similar to JJ’s civilian conduct. Meaning they are full of shit!

    I can see this “lost script” crap being made into a made for TV movie. The movies title will be,

    “Raiders of the Lost Script..”

    Coming soon to a TV near you! This film is rated, BS. Viewer discretion is advised…


  2. Well, all I can say is that he probably shares the same philosophy of development that his BFF Hideo Kojima does, where they engineer false advertising campaigns to trick audiences.

    As far as the bit about him seeking to devour the DCEU next, eh, it’s already under bad straights anyways especially with it utilizing pointless woke messaging (only Shazam comes close to being good and wholesome). Besides, let’s not forget that they’re responsible for the awful Arrowverse shows, which many times forgets its telling adaptations of DC comics in favor of pushing woke agendas. Kind of hard for me to get concerned when they’re fighting to be even more woke than before even without Abrams’ help. At most, he’s just going to put a long-suffering brand out of its misery as a result of his notorious destructive actions.


    • Yeah, the ARROWverse shows became unwatchable at least a few seasons ago. Every show has its perfect pie-chart of diversity, at least one interracial relationship per show, one LGBT relationship per show, etc. SUPERGIRL and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW are the worst, although I hear BATWOMAN may have taken the crown.


      • And let’s not forget THE FLASH’s #feminism episode, ARROW’s super-cringe gun-control episode, and the constant Trump-bashing and interminable “Alex is a lesbian” soap-opera stuff on SUPERGIRL.


        • “and the constant Trump-bashing and interminable “Alex is a lesbian” soap-opera stuff on SUPERGIRL.”

          Yeah, that really was the worst aspect of Supergirl since its move to the CW, especially when Alex was never even IMPLIED in any way to be a lesbian in Season 1 back when it aired on CBS. She fell victim to Greg Berlanti’s OCD with making sure gays are in the series to represent him. The only reason I even saw it coming was because the YMMV page on TVTropes practically gave it away before the episode aired. Honestly, if they wanted Alex to be a lesbian, why couldn’t they have her behave towards men in Season 1 like how General Blue acted towards Bulma in Dragon Ball when the latter tried to flirt with him (which is how she and Krillin deduced he was gay, at least in the Japanese version. Personally, I think having Blue flat out flirt with Krillin or Goku would have been a far bigger hint than just rejecting Bulma, if you ask me, but nevertheless, that’s what they went with.):

          Or, heck, during the same season, maybe have her very obviously flirt with the same sex, like how Otokosuki acted towards Goten and Trunks in Dragon Ball Z:

          Or even how Rospark acted in especially Ashe’s scenario in Mega Man ZX Advent:

          And quite frankly, Alex wasn’t even the FIRST character I had to witness get utterly ruined by changing up her sexuality with no foreshadowing. Claire Bennet had something similar occur in Heroes. For the first three seasons, maybe four seasons (the Volume/Season bit was confusing since Volume 4 technically aired during Season 3), Claire Bennet was depicted as straight, heterosexual, actually attracted to the opposite sex. Then come the final season of the series, Redemption, after going to college, she enters an implied lesbian relationship with a girl named Gretchen, with no foreshadowing at all before then. So I get VERY angry when I see them turn characters who were depicted as straight and make them either gay or even bisexual. Don’t get me started on how her reason for even THINKING she might be a lesbian was completely stupid even ignoring that it contradicts her having no problems with the opposite sex at all (seriously, being BAD at dating the opposite sex makes one homosexual? I’m straight, only interested in the opposite sex, girls in this case, and I’m if anything downright TERRIFIED of screwing up in interactions with the opposite sex because I’ve seen people go completely ballistic over any possible slight. Even once ended up abruptly walking away from girls I met at a GRSP meet because I feared I screwed up in talking with them.).

          And the Donald Trump bashing was also very bad (actually, probably my most hated line of dialogue in Season 2 if not the entirety of Supergirl was Snapper Carr’s “fascist in the white house” lecture when firing Kara Danvers for starting a blog after her story was rejected. Aside from the fact that crossing t’s and dotting i’s didn’t stop the Nazis from taking power in Germany, or for that matter Mussolini’s Fascists from taking over Italy, and it certainly didn’t prevent an economic crash, it also just came across as insulting and crass regarding Trump comparisons, and apparently it got even worse in Season 3, where a few times the writers completely forget that Donald Trump is NOT the president in Supergirl, resulting in plotholes for why Marsden wants to build a wall to Mexico when she allowed literal aliens instant citizenship to Earth.), and a huge annoyance.


      • I have a feeling this is necessary. The bashing on Batwoman although fun and cathartic, was probably counter productive as well. I have no idea what there is on primetime tv these last few years but if the girly-girls don’t have some weekly shows to discuss at school or in the coffee rooms, they’re going to geekergate the good stuff. I’ve heard of Riverdale which fits this genre, I guess, but no idea how much other ‘Dawson’s Creek/Smallville/Melrose Place’ type stuff there is still. You know what I mean.

        Same deal with daytime shit.


        • The inherent problem is that it’s another case of taking the trappings of an established male character and grafting them onto a woman. And, yes, I know Batwoman is from the comics, too. There’s nothing wrong with girly-girl shows, but doing a dark and gritty version of Archie or an LGBT version of Batman just continues this nonsense trend of appropriating iconic male characters and kiddie franchises and twisting them into unrecognizability. MAKE SOMETHING ORIGINAL. But, no, they’ll just do a woke reboot of DAWSON’S CREEK. Didn’t they already reboot ROSWELL, too?


          • “Woke reboots of Dawson’s Creek do not concern me, Admiral Veers”

            Neither does the CW network or other fluffy channels. I barely watched Smallville (3 episodes maybe; something made me grind my teeth whenever that Chloe character was onscreen)

            I don’t mind BW making a go of it. It’s dripping with cheez and the fuss surrounding it is more schadenfreude for me, and the lesbian aspect of it doesn’t affect me directly. The 2 problems though are the ‘never enough’ slippery slope, and the indoctrination (read: Sex and the City) aspects.

            I’m probably dreamin’ but if the existence of Batwoman takes heat off of Mandalorian to be woke, then maybe that’s a good thing. At least we get to point our fingers over there and say, “you wanted this, and you got it.”


      • Yeah, no kidding. Can’t say I ever watched any of the other Arrowverse shows (the closest I got to watching them were the crossover episodes for Supergirl in both Season 1 and 2), but I definitely watched Season 1 of Supergirl, which at least had actual wholesome messages in there. I mean, yeah, sure, there’s the whole feminist angle, and they race-swapped Jimmy Olson for no real reason, but on the other hand, it did promote family values and even had a neat take that on left-wing demagoguery in the form of Project Meridia, and Cat Grant implicitly rejected abortion and felt guilty for choosing her career over her firstborn son, with Kara encouraging her to meet with her son in one episode (there’s definitely no way NOW would have remotely tolerated any of that), and heck, unlike later seasons, they actually had an implicit support of national borders and condemning illegal immigration in the form of the DEO, which in the show is basically ICE, and being treated largely as a force of good. Of course, when it got moved to the CW by Season 2, that’s where everything went down the crapper, where it’s all leftism all the time, trying to outwoke the others, including making pot-shots against Donald Trump (and ruining Cat Grant in the process in the finale for that season) and giving undue praise towards Hillary Clinton via Marsden (oh, and Marsden being a literal alien, meaning she’s holding the office illegally due to never even being BORN in the United States in the first place), a completely pointless feud between the Daxamites and Kryptonians that was NEVER alluded to in the comics even ONCE, and probably worst of all was their out of the blue making Alex Danvers into a lesbian, despite the fact that she was never implied in Season 1 to have any attraction to the same sex (I utterly hated that kind of alteration to a character since they did that to Claire Bennet in Heroes for what was ultimately it’s final season), oh, and giving a completely BS reason for her deciding she was a lesbian (let me get this straight: She thinks she’s a lesbian because she’s bad with men?! Ignoring for one minute that the first season showed her being good enough with men to pull off dating Maxwell Lord to spy on him and even before then had a genuine interest for him, and was also good at dating guys while in High School, and only failed to ask out a certain guy that time because Kara recklessly tried to be a hero, being bad at interacting with the opposite sex doesn’t make one gay. Being a young man who’s diagnosed with a high-functioning form of autism, possibly even aspergers, I’ve got extreme difficulty trying to interact with ANYONE, let alone the opposite sex, yet I’m very much aroused by women, even going to confession if I look at nude ladies, meaning I’m very much straight, and if anything I recoil in utter disgust if I even catch one glimpse of a nude guy. That’s a very BAD reason to make someone gay, period.).

        And quite frankly, their having one LGBT relationship per show bare minimum (I’ve heard that Legends of Tomorrow had loads of gay characters), no matter how forced or against canon their relationships are, is apparently the result of directives in place by the head of the studio that makes the Arrowverse shows and even other shows like God Friended Me or Riverdale, Greg Berlanti, due to really wanting to make the characters conform to his sexuality due to believing superheroes must be gay due to being “different.” They really should kick him out, as his tastes are ruining the shows. And yeah, Batwoman definitely takes the cake, rivaling even Supergirl now regarding far left messages. And knowing JJ Abrams and his… choice of work and hiring practices, he’d be right at home with Arrowverse as it currently is depicted as, and I don’t mean that as a compliment.


        • Sara Lance on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is the worst. A predatory lesbian going out of her way to seduce historical figures, and pretty much anyone she meets. She even had a one-night stand with Alex Danvers, which Supergirl was very encouraging of, even when Alex had morning-after regrets.

          And I’m still mad that Whedon randomly made Willon a lesbian on BUFFY. An arbitrary choice, rather than an organic story point rooted in character. Also, I want her back on our team. And I believe they even had Buffy herself go bi-curious in the “Season 8” comic series.


          • Well, haven’t watched any of Legends of Tomorrow barring the crossover involving those yellow lizard aliens that invaded Flash’s universe. But from what you say, Sara Lance is scum, basically Glenn Quagmire, and shame on Kara for actually THINKING that she’s good material for Alex even when it couldn’t have been MORE obvious that Sara was scum. Actually, come to think of it, I think it was Supergirl who excitedly nudged Alex into becoming a lesbian in the first place after she started questioning her sexuality. So in other words, Alex becoming a lesbian was Kara’s fault just as much as Maggie’s. And I just remembered one other thing I intensely disliked about that whole Alex becoming a lesbian arc: None of the characters seemed to have ANY problem at all that Alex would come out, and if anything were exaggeratedly supportive. Even Mon-El, the closest anyone got to having some pause over this reveal, was more baffled that Alex didn’t take it as far as engaging in polyamory like Daxamites did than having any actual qualms with it. You’d think her parents at least would express concern due to their biological daughter most likely not having any grandchildren as a result, not to mention have everyone be somewhat weirded out and take time to get used to it instead of openly accepting her choice as if she just got accepted into Harvard.

            As far as Buffy, eh, I already quit the show by the time Willow came out. Probably the last glimpse of an episode was some blonde woman with a red dress known as “the Beast” bursting into a monastery, maybe also said Beast getting herself flattened by rubble after she somehow broke her stiletto heel. So I really didn’t notice the bit about Willow being a lesbian when I was younger. Plus, the show really disturbed me anyways (my mom watched it, and like you, she was also massively angry over Willow being turned that.). Though make no mistake, if I had known back then, I’d definitely be confused and sickened at what they did to Willow. And yeah, heard that bit about Buffy as well, something about her being amnesiac and engaging in lesbianism simply so she’d “feel” something. That sounded stupid to me. They should have at least done it organically, if not make them that from the get go.


    • Abrams will give them exactly what they’ve been clamoring for: Generic, soulless big budget extravaganzas. His movies are like sugary breakfast cereals: totally empty calories.

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  3. Main reason why I do doubt it is made up is cause that could potentially damage his career in the business especially for big blockbuster films in say Marvel or DC or down the line for Disney or Lucasfilm.


  4. The story is true. BOY-EGG-a forgot the script under his bed and then it was sold on ebay UK for £65,-. The seller didn’t comprehend the value of the script apparently. A Star Wars fan-dude saw it, belived it was the real deal and then had alerted Lucasfilm. They secured the script and the fan-dude is invited for his “heroic” actions to the premiere of “Star Wars – The Rise of the Last Shit on the Fandom”.

    Full story here, about 6:19:


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