Darth Vader Disses JJ Abrams


Not a fan of mystery boxes.

Fans may know C. Andew Nelson as the actor who played Darth Vader in the Special Editions, and a several Lucasarts Star Wars video games.  But according to Wookieepedia, this Lucasfilm alumni has many other accomplishments to his credit:

He spent six years at LucasArts Entertainment Company where he was a VFX supervisor and senior artist. Nelson’s credits at LucasArts include Star Wars: Dark Forces, Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, Curse of Monkey Island, Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, and Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine.

Nelson left LucasArts in 1998 to join the effects team at ILM where he was a compositor, rotoscoper, matte painter, and texture artist. His work at ILM includes Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, Galaxy Quest, The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, The Perfect Storm, Jurassic Park III, The Time Machine, and Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.

Mr. Nelson has a thing or two to say about JJ Abram’s filmmaking over on his Facebook page.



15 thoughts on “Darth Vader Disses JJ Abrams

  1. The whole problem of JJ’s IOU one plot- approach is that yes, the mystery can drive the plot, but you either have to leave it a mystery, or provide answers. That’s why the mystery genre is built on actually giving the audience answers, not just building up more and more questions until the climax. And if you intend to give answers, the answers need to be satisfactory to the questions asked. That doesn’t mean the answers cannot provide new questions though. JJ doesn’t seem to think ahead what his answers are, and just writes checks that hopefully some other writer (like, say, Rian Johnsson), has to cover.

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  2. Abrams is even worse than that. He’s not even good at mystery. He doesn’t compose proper mysteries like Agatha Christie, he just uses the mystery box device to cover up his shoddy, half-unfinished writing. Plot holes and various things that makes no sense get this ‘mystery box’ treatment, it’s part of the reason for the TLJ backlash. There were some people who saw the glass as half-empty with TFA and left, other people who saw the glass as half-full and went for a sip of TLJ. Then they discovered it was in fact a glass completely full of piss.

    And the piss was completely approved for sipping by JJ, he openly admits that he saw Rian filling the glass with piss, and laughed about it. JJ thinks Star Wars fans are like alcoholic bums, hopeless addicts that he can fuck around with for laughs. And sadly, in some cases (Eric Butts) he is correct.

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    • “And the piss was completely approved for sipping by JJ, he openly admits that he saw Rian filling the glass with piss, and laughed about it.”

      That interview shows that JJ sees himself as nothing more than a hired hand.

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    • Yeah, no kidding… Sheesh, talk about massive amounts of disrespect by the guys currently helming Star Wars. And yeah, he’s not good at mystery, neither is his friend Hideo Kojima for that matter. The finale for Lost is more than a testament to his lack of mystery-writing skills. In fact, Arkham City actually had an instance where they referenced Lost’s notorious finale and how bad it was. Twice even.


  3. I’m curious, how did he play Darth Vader in the Special Editions when there were no new Darth Vader scenes? Or was he Darth Vader in marketing material for them?


  4. Can this really be a Lucasfilm employee- not only expressing strong distaste for the same things as us but also doing it in a measured, critical and civil way?

    I’m extremely impressed. Good on him!

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  6. Sooo many real filmmakers wasted. It was like every bluray on sale for black Friday that was
    sci-fi or action had better talent behind it. Nutzo

    These SW/LUCASLIM creatives (besides vetted OG) seem to be frauds. Gambling with the IP against “PC” content. Us educated and/or frustrated media viewers are losing are minds on franchises just pissing on our faces: If I see one more “I speak Spanish too” movie and contains breaking borders security… I wanna kill myself because a woman Is always in charge living on hard whim the entire plot. Its crazy when FORD/FERRARI is a masterpiece in comparison to even all the current SW movies combined.
    Or that the last PLANET APES trilogy is already better than all the Di$ney movies (minus few moments).

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    • “Or that the last PLANET APES trilogy is already better than all the Di$ney movies (minus few moments).”

      Eh, I’m not entirely sure I’d say the current Ape trilogy was better than Disney Wars. I did sit through the whole of TFA, albeit just barely, while with the first Ape movie, I walked out midway through after Caesar bit that guy’s finger off, with my dad ultimately agreeing it was a VERY bad movie due to their depicting the corporate sector in a very bad and inaccurate light (and Dad would know what it’s like since he did a few start ups and also worked before that as one of UPS’s deliverymen). But the Disney Wars movie was VERY bad, I’ll agree with you on that.


      • It both rebooted and expanded POTA. None of the di$ney movies have done both. All 3 of the last POTA are old lifted plots but they at least do it competently. Acting, editing, photography, effects, writing, heck even the “PC” elements are more tastefully done and not spit in your face insulting. Heck the finale of apes was a primate concentration camp run by an insane Woody Harrelson. Even the bad/corny is still in service to it’s franchise. SW cannot say that.

        But watch di$ney turn it all into a terrible fluff nightmare of #allAPESmatter

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        • Unfortunately, I think the reboots already did the #allAPESmatter thing, given that the humans are depicted as villains while the apes are generally depicted as, if not downright heroic, then at the very least sympathetic (not to mention in the first film, Caesar was explicitly compared positively to Che Guevara by the director, Rupert Wyatt. Yes, THAT Che Guevara. And besides, I fail to tell the difference between The Last Jedi’s Canto Bight scene and, say, the depiction of that medical lab that Caesar was born to regarding horrible depictions (for goodness sakes, the CEO was perfectly willing to sell a product that he knew full well was downright defective toward humans to the extent of being closer to a biohazardous virus.). As far as I can tell, both Disney Wars and the POTA reboot are the same (Hideo Kojima seemed to think so, based on his review for both POTA and TLJ voicing the same sentiments in Rolling Stone Magazine).


          • ❎George Lucas
            ✅Hideo Kojima
            ❎James Cameron
            ✅Che Guevara
            ✅Moral Relativism
            ❎Tax avoidance
            ❎Rebel Alliance bad
            ❎hyperlink to something without context
            ❎Asymmetric Warfare
            ❎Metal Gear Solid/Snake


  7. He not only worked on SW movies but Galaxy Quest as well? Good for him!

    You know when I now type out Galaxy Quest it makes me think of Galaxy’s Edge…(shiver)

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