Fallen Order Actor Jokes About “Ginger Hate”


A civil rights pioneer for hair of color.

Cameron Monaghan isn’t too fond of anti-gingites.


segmentnext.com reports that the actor attempted to play off this tweet as a joke after deleting it.

The Actor took the matter to Twitter with a statement that reads:

Gotta love that there are insecure dudes out there who can’t handle playing as a redhead. Seriously, ginger hate is still a thing? We’ve gotta be one of the only groups left where it’s not taboo to shit on us for being born of looking a certain way, right?

But that tweet appears to also be deleted now.

He then put out another tweet stating:

“Twitter can’t take a lighthearted joke”.

That tweet has also been deleted.

Cameron would be well advised that this sort of virtue signaling only works within the collective if you’re a designated grievance group.  Phosphorescent red-heads are not included in the Collective’s inclusivity policies.

Clownfish TV comments:

Thanks to Gug21 for the tip.

13 thoughts on “Fallen Order Actor Jokes About “Ginger Hate”

    • I was looking around a little bit regarding the lack of actual ‘created princesses’ out of Disney. Frozen doesn’t count as it is an appropriation from an old story as is little mermaid etc.

      I notice two recent ones are from Moana and The Princess and the Frog. I don’t know anything about Moana but TPAF appears to be an attempt at bait to attract black children. An attempt to tick another representation box (Tiana is her name?). The fact that it hasn’t resonated and so instead they’re doing a black insert into Little Mermaid i think say lots.

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  1. Gingerism is a real thing, but that is more common in the UK. I think this actor has something of a punchable face cause of the characters he played on Gotham and Shameless. If was more of an unknown or lesser known, I don’t think he would’ve matter as much…

    All jokes aside, he did a good job as the character and the game is fun.

    Jedi Fallen Order basically tells the same story as REBELS did – which both seemed to be in production at around the same time as that silly cartoon, and Rogue One & SOLO – but does it better than Rebels did with the near exact story during this period.

    The game itself is like a combination of TFU and Uncharted.


  2. Gingers are creepy. The goofier the scariest they can be. We are all ugly people but some are odd. BTW I didn’t even notice this videogame character was even a red-head till seeing this and I’ve handled the figure even today. Shows HOW MUCH that crap matters!


  3. What is it with these morons and their,

    Hurr Durr Insecure dudes! Derpity Derp!:

    BS? They really lack self awareness that is for sure. Because I believe all these morons that call people, “insecure” and “fragile” are really just projecting their OWN insecurities and fragility?

    Because it seems to be a pattern among regressive savage leftists? That along with their hatred of White Males too! Not that this particular person is engaging in it, with his Ginger story, but the word he chose to describe them is a pattern of these words being used.

    Nothing makes me LMFAO more then when I see some regressive savage puke bag call others insecure and fragile? This coming to you from those very same people that dwell in safe spaces and cry closets, use security blankies/stuffed animals, wear pu$$y hats, use “Jazz Hands” to clap because REAL clapping may, “upset or offend someone(ues this is actually a thing!), Or as one Commie scum bag said, that not using the “proper” pronouns caused them to have,


    ^Yes you can’t make thi9s stuff up! It is as real as the day is long. Twisted and evil! So the portion of society that wants to label everyone as “insecure” and “fragile” are ALL the things I just wrote right above this. So all I can ask them is,

    “Projection much?”


    • “What is it with these morons and their, Hurr Durr Insecure dudes! Derpity Derp!:”

      Be fair. You know the collection of causes really well by now. Pick ANY 2. And at the same time attempt to find *anything* which stops it.


      • Well I wish I could, “stop” it, but unfortunately I am not Professor Xavier who can control the minds of every individual on the planet! I lack a certain Chromosome for me to be able to do that,

        And I, meaning me alone, can’t stop decades of people being indoctrinated by their teachers and their “learning” institutions.

        That is IF I am reading you correctly?

        IF I am not reading you correctly, please tell me what it is I am getting wrong?

        Because if you are referring to the “causes” of the lefts idiocy, those things are unfortunately ingrained into their minds from a very young age. So there is no “stopping” it in any way. I just can’t stop and get up and de-program years and years of programming?

        But again, I am not sure IF I am reading your reply correctly? So my answer here is just going on that I understand your question?


          • OK cool. I wasn’t sure at first. But believe me I wish I could fix this particular problem. But it is just too far ingrained in the educational system.

            Now we have Democrats running for president and a lot of them want to ABOLISH the private school system?

            These low lives are on a mission to ABOLISH everything they don’t like. Being, ICE/CBP, the Electoral College system, the private school system, and thee are much more but I can’t think off the top of my head right as to what they are?

            But the abolishment of private schools is pretty much flashing the agenda right there! Because if there are no more private schools, then that means they will only have public indoctrination camps…

            Oh wait? Did I say public indoctrination camps? I meant public schools! How silly of me? I wonder what made me say that….(/S)


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