Wahmandalorian Bait & Switch Coming?

On this blog I’ve speculated that the Mandalorian may be replaced with a Wamandalorian at some point before the end of the first season.  My initial suspicion was that both Gina and Pedro would take turns wearing the armor, and let their adversaries believe that it’s only one person.  This would give the production a hackneyed opportunity to lecture the audience about equality.

But if these 4 CHAN leaks from a purported keygrip on the show are true, then it’s worse than that.   Behold:



I have not been able to locate the original 4 CHAN posts however, so salt intake is advised.


A commenter on this blog just stated the following below:

Just watched ep 4 of the Mandalorian. There weren’t other Mandos at the village. Strike one. He doesn’t try to go into hiding and is then found. He just leaves at the end. Strike two.

Thanks to InsolentGaylord for the tip.


37 thoughts on “Wahmandalorian Bait & Switch Coming?

  1. Just watched ep 4 of the Mandalorian. There weren’t other Mandos at the village. Strike one. He doesn’t try to go into hiding and is then found. He just leaves at the end. Strike two.

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  2. Apparently, they are already lecturing “equality” of a different kind, by making anyone who follows their “way” a Mandalorian. With Lucas, Mandalorians were from Mandalore, and their ways were their native warrior culture. Now one doesn’t even need to be from Mandalore to be a Mandalorian…

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    • Hmmm, kind of like how when all these SJWs who had never in their entire lives shown even a remote interest in Star Wars, suddenly began demanding entry into the communities and spaces created by long time fans, and then had the gall to start lecturing US about what it means to be a ‘true fan’, and then took to calling us ‘toxic’ when we didn’t immediately agree with and support all their BS and politics they wanted to inject into the fan base, and by proxy the franchise itself.

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    • Incorrect. Canon prior to the Clone Wars cartoon was that Mandalorians spread their philosophy and allowed others to join their ranks. It was not confined to a single planetary culture.

      This is clearly established in the EU novels (Fett even becomes Mandalore). It is also established in games such a Knights of the Old Republic and The Old Republuc as well as the comics.

      The code allowed one to become a Mandalorian.

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        • In the movies, when does Lucas even mention Mandalore, let alone define their culture? Was Boba Fett a Mandalorian in the Christmas special or Empire?


          • Lucas introduced (on screen) the Mandalorians in The Clone Wars, even though their existence predated TESB, when he was developing the character of Boba Fett. The character was turned into a bounty hunter wearing customized Mandalorian armor, and the Mandalorians were supercommandos from the Mandalore system.

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  3. We’ll just have to wait until the next episode comes out to confirm obviously-BUT having said that, for everyone that has been holding out hope that this show will ‘save Star Wars’ I’ll say it again-

    It’s still Di$ney Star Wars.

    It’s still set in the new canon.

    It’s going to have political agenda creep in and lecture the audience at some point.

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  4. If this leak is true then all is truly lost. Why can’t we have one good thing in Star Wars without the garbage agenda crap constantly being thrown at us? This is out of hand.

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  5. Episode 5 is too soon. The Marvel boys (key point: Marvel boys Favreau and Feige) behind this show are not stupid enough to shit on the family table so quickly, they know you have to boil the frog slowly. Season one will be mostly poz free, it will all depend on the last two or three episodes of the season.

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    • There’s a lot of free Disney+ kicking around right now. They can’t go hardcore until they get paid subscribers. Unless they have used that opt-out strategy where it’s free for a year but you still have to give them a credit card to get it, and then when your free period ends, they just start charging your CC, and without notice.

      I guess the hope is parents get it for Mando, and then their kids get pissed when they eventually lose Dumbo etc.


  6. What is an ethnic Mandalorian, on TCW they were all “Nordic-Aryans” living in their glass houses in shangra-la under Lucas called “New Mandalorians”.

    The only hardliner Mandalorians that resembled the ones from the EU(Tom Veitch & Kevin J. Anderson) was Pre Vizsla and Death Watch who attempted to resurrect the way of the Old Mandalorians.

    And Death Watch was an extremist and terrorist organization on that show. Pre attempted to resurrect their old warrior tradition which was bent conquest and plunder but first he had to take over Mandalore and rally the people around which was something he could never do on his own.

    The New Mandalorians were pacifist and isolationists, they just had their small police force and a loose alliance with the Republic and the Jedi Order – the latter which were the ancient enemies of the Mandalorians. Satine and Kenobi had their drama backstory to establish that connection further which expanded into the Bo-Katan and the Mandalorian Resistance with Ahsoka.

    Maul militarized Mandalore plus its 2,000 other neutral systems were under his control that Mandalore influenced. Death Watch grew fast into an small elite personal army for Maul. But they appear to be prone to infighting like Bo-Katan who betrayed the honor code when she turned on Maul after he defeated Pre in single combat without even using the Force.

    Bo-Katan (and her allies) sided with the Republic primarily not just Maul killed her leader Pre Viszla(and possibly her lover) but also because she swore no outsider would ever rule Mandalore. According to her xenophobic and extremist view, Maul could not rule cause he was not one of them despite the fact that Pre himself apparently did not share that belief when he accepted the challenge and lost. To Pre, only the strongest earned the right to rule Mandalore and become Mand’alor during single combat tradition. And so she was indeed a traitor.

    Bo-Katan’s actions brought in the Republic which brought in the Empire which brought in the near extinction of Mandalorians and the destruction of their homeworld.

    This show seems to ignore much of Rebels, or reworks it.The show makes it out like the Mandalorians(which appear to be based on Maul’s Death Watch) were essentially wiped out during the great purge which seems to be a genocidal campaign initiated by the Empire that dwindled down their numbers to where they are all are forced to hide and only go to the surface one at a time to hide their numbers.

    On TCW Palpatine had his eyes on Mandalore for some time cause Mandalore controlled like 2,000 other neutral systems it was not just one war wreaked planet and apparently its natural resources like Beskar was one of the key interests for the Empire.

    So its reasonable that Death Watch Mandalorians could have been filling their forces with these foundlings(who seem to be refugees from ravaged CIS invaded planets) to rebuild their numbers over the years since Mando’s are not clones and they never had an infinite amount of manpower .

    Also keep in mind Death Watch has been fighting the CIS and Republic/Empire as part of the Shadow Collective. Ahsoka and her clones would bring about the destruction of the revived culture of old Mandalore that thrived while under Darth Maul’s reign, and drive its defending survivors( Death Watch) into scattering and hiding or have some switch sides and into servitude to the Empire like the Saxon brothers( ex Death Watch) and the Fenn Rau’s Mandalorian Protectors (ex. Satine royal guardsmen and Republic allies/auxiliaries) both on Rebels.

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    • I guess that’s what passes for a storyline in the disney canon. I mean, the whole setup is just really dumb with the pacifist mandolorians, Mandos agreeing to be ruled over by a quasi jedi analogue in Maul, True Mandos nowhere in sight, Maul surviving in general, etc. Realistically, by the later seasons of clone wars they knew that upper management were going to just ditch the entire lore after the disney sale (and upper management didn’t care about lore either), and so nobody really cared about consistency at that point. Thus they just did whatever they wanted to no matter how dumb or inconsistent it ended up being. TCW is kind of like the Star Trek Enterprise series that opened the door for Star Trek Discovery. Has enough good points to be somewhat likable, but the overall design philosophy and lore handling has some bad influences in the long run.

      Anyways, in the old lore, the Mandos were subjected to empire occupation which resulted in the death of several million mandos (which with a population of under 10 million had a big impact on them). That’s more likely where the storyline about the purges is coming from, just adapted into the disney canon. In the case of the Mandalorian, Filoni is really trying to separate his view of the Mandos from the bad design choice that Lucas arbitrarily forced on TCW. And he’s going back to the older tribal version of them that he could only include in the show in the form of the Deathwatch because again, bad top down design mandates. That’s really what is happening here. Put whatever lore filter and explanation you want on it.

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      • Well, I guess that’s one good thing about the sale to Disney. At least now, the Mandalorians aren’t made into hippie-types that George Lucas forced upon them (and despite what Alexrd claimed, if Lucas really envisioned them as being that, he would have put his foot down and said “no” back when he had the opportunity to do so regarding the Mandalorians’ initial depiction. It would be ONE thing if this happened during the development A New Hope, or even The Empire Strikes Back, since he didn’t have the amount of managerial power that he did later on, but by the time of Return of the Jedi, he was top dog and practically the Pope of Star Wars, where his word is the only thing that actually mattered). Honestly, at this rate, Lucas is about as bad with continuity as Hideo Kojima.


    • “What is an ethnic Mandalorian, on TCW they were all “Nordic-Aryans” living in their glass houses in shangra-la under Lucas called “New Mandalorians”.”

      1. Nobody said anything about ethnicity, but world of origin: Mandalore. Mandalorians are from Mandalore. Someone not from Mandalore is not a Mandalorian. That shouldn’t be hard to figure out. But speaking of ethnicity, George did make them with a nordic appearance. And that was a councious choice, he could have easily change the hair/eye color if he wanted something different, yet he didn’t. So there’s another aspect that is being ignored.

      2. Again, to George Lucas, the Mandalorians are first and foremost supercommandos. That there is a pacifist government in place is an issue that is central to that very plot and story arc. A pacifist government is presented from the very beginning as something not common in a militaristic society and culture like that of Mandalore. And yes, the Death Watch is trying to bring back the warrior ways of old, the ways that defined their race. That’s, again, established very openly in the series.

      But the Death Watch in TCW, which is the equivalent of regular Mandalorians, is not at all like the EU depicition of Mandalorians. In the EU, the Mandalorians were a Boba Fett fan club. They were literally a vagabond bunch of Boba Fetts with a different paint job. In TCW, they were a very uniform, regimented and capable group of people. That’s how George sees them. That’s how they were consistently portrayed in the series.

      3. Mandalore doesn’t control 2000 neutral systems. That’s false. The Council of Neutral Systems, which is a group within the Republic that wants to stay neutral in the war, is what’s composed of over 1500 neutral systems. And Mandalore is one of those.

      4: I don’t care about Rebels, but if I did, I would point out the same issues that I’m pointing out here, since as far as I can tell their depiction of Mandalorians is contrary to what Lucas established them to be. They look once again like they did in the EU: an in-universe Boba Fett fan club. And that seems to be repeated again in the Mandalorian.

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      • You need a bit of an education on the concept of what makes up a shared author universe. Its not the standard hollywood trend of film/tv is god and everything else bows before it.

        Mandalorians were already pre-established in the Star Wars media as being a certain way. If Lucas didn’t want that, he should have put his foot down and squashed those ideas when they were proposed like he had the managerial power to do so. Instead, he takes the hard and extensive work of a number of authors and arbitrarily rewrites it after the fact because he just wanted to one day. I wonder how you would feel if you put in the time to develop a culture and society for a series, only to have the creator of that series arbitrarily rewrite and retcon what you did for literally no good reason. Wouldn’t feel good, would it? Lucas has some good ideas at times, he has some terrible ideas at times. Especially now that he sold the series, you don’t need to hang on every word that He, Disney, or anyone else says.

        In terms of actual lore output. Lucas maybe has contributed 0.1% to all star wars media. That’s what I mean when I say shared author universe. And if you are in a shared author universe, it is on you to be consistent with the established lore. Even if you are making movies or TV shows, you need to treat societies and characters as they have been established. You don’t need an every word/storyline perfect adaptation, but you do need to respect what has come before in other media forms in spirit. If you don’t want to keep that cross-media/cross-author consistency, then you should not have books, lore based games, or other such things in your franchise. If you want an example of what happens when you don’t respect established lore, look at the DC cinematic universe. They make their heroes a bunch of dark edgy sociopaths who murder people, no matter how much that goes against everything that was formerly established about them. Star Wars has a number of examples of doing the exact same thing with characters like Luke Skywalker and Barris Offee, and it doesn’t reflect well on the lore to do that.

        So, if Lucas wanted this version of the sky people in TCW, here is how he should have done it. Make the sky people a historic tributary state of the Mandalorians who have gained their independence. While they were once used as soldiers by the Mandalorians, they became pacifistic after independence, and reverted to a previous form of culture that they possessed in defiance of the tribal militarism of the Mandalorians. In turn, this influenced some of the Mandalorians living among them to adapt to their culture. However, other Mandalorians in the state and some of their sympathizers have come under the influence of the Deathwatch remnants, joining their cause and beliefs. These remnants seek to change the culture of the sky people back to a militaristic form, perhaps under the rule of the Mandalorian elements of the population. And there it is. The same storyline, the same culture, the same setup, Mandalorians all around, with 0 in universe lore conflicts. btw, it took me all of 4 minutes to come up with that solution.


        • “You need a bit of an education on the concept of what makes up a shared author universe.”

          No, I don’t. There’s no shared author universe in George Lucas’ Star Wars. He’s the author. There were other authors that worked with the Star Wars license. But that’s different and has always been different.

          “Mandalorians were already pre-established in the Star Wars media as being a certain way. If Lucas didn’t want that, he should have put his foot down and squashed those ideas when they were proposed like he had the managerial power to do so.”

          No. He allowed others to play in his sandbox. But he was never bound to what those people built there. He knew that and the people playing there knew it as well. And he rightfully ignored or discarded what didn’t fit his vision when he got the chance to execute his vision. His Star Wars world and the licensing world were two different realities for him, and he pointed that out time and time again. Mandalorians were interpreted in a certain way in many licensed works (the EU). An interpretation that, like anything that came from the EU, George was never bound to. The Mandalorians and Mandalore are concepts that came from George, and George had the chance to portray them in the manner that he envisioned in TCW. If current creators wanted to stay true to Star Wars, they would have honored what he established, instead of ignoring it again and returning to the licensed fan fiction misinterpretations in order to profit from the mass appeal.

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          • “No, I don’t. There’s no shared author universe in George Lucas’ Star Wars. He’s the author. There were other authors that worked with the Star Wars license. But that’s different and has always been different.”

            If there was no shared universe, then Lucas would have been micromanaging literally everything and not allowing for even HALF of the EU stories to even exist, even fire anyone he disagreed with. Let’s also not forget that George Lucas’s whole holocron continuity pyramid mandated that literally anything Lucas says goes, explaining why a mere joke he told on the Jon Stewart show was treated as word of god despite the fact that being a joke would normally mean non-canon, ie, shouldn’t be taken seriously.

            So no, whether you like it or not, Star Wars was a shared author universe, with Lucas literally signing off on many of the EU stories (and believe me, if it weren’t a shared author universe, he would have nixed literally any ideas that came to him simply because he never came up with them at all).

            “No. He allowed others to play in his sandbox. But he was never bound to what those people built there. He knew that and the people playing there knew it as well. And he rightfully ignored or discarded what didn’t fit his vision when he got the chance to execute his vision.”

            What do you mean “got a chance to execute his vision”? He’s already had plenty of chances to execute his vision since Return of the Jedi when he started consolidating massive control over the property to the extent that even a joke told on a fake news site is treated as canon word of god. As the user above pointed out, if he really wanted the depiction of Mandalorians in TCW to be the true depiction of them, he would have stamped his foot and said “no” a LONG time ago, as in, around the time the Mandalorian bits were being focused on in the 1990s, not wait until the TCW to do that. By that point, it’s already too late to do anything. Besides, are you really going to defend Lucas if he decided, say, that he might as well turn Luke into a transvestite and claim “original vision” in a self-serving manner (even if it’s technically true due to his initially turning Luke into a woman during development of A New Hope)? Sometimes I can’t help but think you’re about as bad as the Kojima-stans, especially right now with Kojima’s Death Stranding thing going all Titanic (to say little about Kojima’s mishandling of MGSV and possibly Peace Walker, MGS4 and MGS2.).

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          • I’ve actually tried to write out a response here a few times, but it never came out quite right. This is basically the situation in my eyes of a king tearing down and replacing a statue because he doesn’t like how it looks. Sure he can do it, but it really sucks to be the person who put the time and effort in to create that statue. Such a person would not be inclined to create a statue like that again, and you may have also isolated those people who enjoyed that statue. Point being, be very careful about what revisions you make in your story.

            We could argue about this for a while, but ultimately it doesn’t matter anymore since they have been separated now in the Disney canon. The reason why fans don’t honor the revised version is because they have been shown to not resonate with anyone, and ultimately exist as a sidenote to what Mandalorians are in the consciousness of the fans, thus being the anti-Mandalorians. So ultimately then, the revision is a failure in terms of storytelling because the king has erected a statue that the population dislikes, while tearing down one that they liked. The better solution still was to erect both statues alongside one another and let them stand alone. Some people would liked the original statue might even have appreciated the King’s statue for what it was on its own.


          • Man, alexrd, you write as though George Lucas had far more figured out ahead of time than I have ever reckoned he did. In my opinion, he made up a ton of what he “envisioned” on the fly but has a good feel for what story beats won’t be easily discerned as such unless you’re reading BTS material.


        • You sir should definitely write a sci fi novel. Not worth investing in your in depth intellect on what is now a bland mickey mouse property. From your post I can tell you would embellish strange new worlds with interesting aliens and their customs.


          • Actually working on a video game right now which is getting to the finished stages (art is about 95% done, coding is basically done, mostly need to work on level design and audio). 🙂 Its a hero shooter game with a near futuristic sci-fi/occult setting, and a decent amount of philosophy, mythological archetypes, and black comedy (inspired by, though not identical to 1984 dystopian style) thrown into the mix. I’d love to be one of the people who breaks out of the bland corporate media trend that we’ve been stuck in for the past several years, so that’s my desire. 😀

            I also love the idea of writing books, its just that its really easy to get buried even if you have a really good concept. That can happen with video games as well, its just less likely if you can make it stand out.


      • @Alexrd

        Everything you said is TRUE! Lucas wasn’t BOUND to anything in the EU! If some EU writers wrote something, and then even years later Lucas decided to change what they wrote?

        Guess what? Those EU writers were working FOR Lucas not WITH Lucas! This is the main point right here.

        Under Lucas there was a Canon guide that set levels. Lucas didn’t set the Canon levels, he left that to Leland Chi. Leland set the Canon guide and what was this Canon, what was that Canon so on and so forth.

        And Lucas’ Canon was the TOP tier. Every other Canon subsection was not beholden to Lucas’ TOP tier Canon!

        And thank goodness for that. Because of the Karen Travis garbage that she was spewing out in her books!

        See that is what some people don’t really understand? Is that all these EU writers NEEDED PERMISSION from LFL to write for LFL! And their work could be over written by Lucas at ANYTIME!

        Now this isn’t to knock on the EU or anything, but it is a FACT! And as the saying goes,

        “Facts don’t care about your feelings!”

        And the writers KNEW this to be true! When they signed contracts to write for LFL. Just like all the directors who directed SW films under Lucas KNEW that Lucas had final cuts of his films. A FACT some people still can’t get through their thick skulls?

        So just as the directors under Lucas, the writers of the EU WERE NOT THE FINAL SAY OF ANYTHING SW related! That was Lucas’ choices to make! And only Lucas’ to make.

        Period. Case closed. End of discussion.

        It truly amazes me how some people think that Lucas, who was the HEAD of LFL had to adhere to people who work under him? LMFAO!

        Just the existence of Boba Fett dating back to 1979, makes him the official first Mando. Under George Lucas. A full backstory wasn’t in place just yet, but he eventually got around to it later on and that is when HIS vision was realized.

        Lucas was the boss, CEO, Big Man, Head Honcho, etc. There was NOBODY above his head! Everybody worked UNDER him. That is a FACT! And I don’t know of any bosses, CEO’s, Commanding Officers(which I dealt with for 24 years as a Correctional Officer, even when I was the rank of Captain, I still had command officers over me that I couldn’t just override their orders) that have staff that works FOR them telling them what is up and what us down?

        I can see myself walking into the Major’s office or even the Secretary of Correction of the state and telling them how they should run things? Well all I know is that it wouldn’t go down well for me…

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  7. I still think Disney should just put Lucasfilm up for sale. And both Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni can move to say Amblin Partners(the people that should have Lucasfilm since Steven Spielberg is friends with George Lucas). This is just my personal opinion.

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    • I agree with you! This absolutely doesn’t should happen and I support this 100%! Hopefully soon like after The Demise Of Skywalker Bombs in theaters and doesn’t even make Solo’s box office numbers. I agree 100% with Itchy’s prediction on the box office fate for Episode Nein. The marketing campaign and lack of movie merchandise doesn’t help either.

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  8. “Just watched ep 4 of the Mandalorian. There weren’t other Mandos at the village. Strike one. He doesn’t try to go into hiding and is then found. He just leaves at the end. Strike two.”

    Okay, just throwing this out there. Someone please correct me if I don’t have this straight.

    I recall there were production problems (panic?) with the Mandalorian. Required some ‘adjustments’. Itchy, you might be able to find this in your posts easier than i can, but there was some hint of this 1-2 months ago and you blogged it.

    So I’m thinking if they had to make changes, and this spoiler doesn’t line up with the episode as presented, it could explain it.

    I might have this confused with something else. There was something in your blog about the Cassian show having issues.


  9. Just watched it, leak is wrong. The acting and direction in this Seven Samurai remake is laughably bad, a Lifetime movie has better performances. Gina Carano must have great agents and a huge lesbian fanbase, because she can’t act her way out of a paper bag and keeps getting roles (she was alright in Deadpool, from what I remember of her cameo).

    Then the credits hit and you see Bryce Dallas Howard, the actress daughter of Ron Howard, directed the episode and it all makes sense. It is clear now that Disney just handed this show over to Favreau because he was making them so much money, and he just phoned it in while he focused on his movies.


  10. Well I haven’t seen this show yet, BUT….

    I did warn that this show could change within 4 episodes? Now I don’t know what the end outcome will be, but I have a funny feeling that what will happen will be what I said from the very beginning?

    The first season may go down in the books as a success? Or, it could go down to the last episode of season 1 and THAT is where the regressive savage AGENDA rears its ugly head and will mean that season 2 will be a shit show?

    Who knows really? Only time will tell. But I just can’t shake the feeling that Di$ney Corp. will fuck it up somehow? I mean one only has to look at TFA, TLJ, SOYLO, etc.

    I mean, they fucked up Luke and Han for crying out loud! Does anyone think The Mandalorian is safe from the long arm of the regressive savage Di$ney Corp.?


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