Billy Dee Williams Reveals Gender Fluidity


Star Gender Fluidity reports:

Billy Dee Williams, the 82 year old actor who first portrayed Lando Calrissian in 1980’s Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, recently acknowledged his gender fluidity in an interview with Esquire. “I say ‘himself’ and ‘herself,’ because I also see myself as feminine as well as masculine,” he said. “I’m a very soft person. I’m not afraid to show that side of myself.”

Williams, who will be reprising his role as Lando in The Rise of Skywalker, the last movie of the Skywalker saga, spoke with Matt Miller of Esquire. The actor mentioned that despite Lando’s charm and the many doors that it opened not just for him, but for other actors of color, the more memorable pe of his career was his role as Gale Sayers in Brian’s Song, a 1971 Emmy-nominated telefilm about two football players who were roommates and best friends. “It was a love story, really,” Williams said, clarifying the subtext. “Between two guys. Without sex. It ended up being a kind of breakthrough in terms of racial division.”

Now, I might argue that a love story between two guys could be a bromance, or a story of brotherly love.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be homosexual in nature.  Ultimately, who knows what Billy Dee really meant, as he’s always been a very eclectic fellow.

But it will be interesting to see if this “revelation” has any effect on Episode IX box office, in the same way that Glover’s declaration of Lando’s pansexuality may have had on Solo’s opening weekend.  But either way, you can be assured that the legacy media will be playing this up as much as possible before the release in December.

42 thoughts on “Billy Dee Williams Reveals Gender Fluidity

  1. Whoa. You just knocked me the fuck out with this one itchy! heh
    I never heard this before.

    Well, truth be told, whatever makes em happy. If it’s what is kinda being insinuated [not really, but just the way it sounds], people can’t help it. They’re born who they are, whatever that is. If it’s gay, bi, He-She, She-He, She-ra, etc. or whatever the hell they call themselves, it’s not their fault.

    We are who we are.

    It’s a shocking thing to ponder, but you have to have some sympathy for what those people probably have to go thru on a daily basis within themselves. I’m sure it’s terribly hard way to have to live, having to act like something your not, having to fear being who you are or other people finding out. It’s gotta be hard.

    I’m the straightest man on the face of the planet, but ya gotta let people be who they are. Everybody should try and be as happy as they can be, long as it’s not hurting anyone else.

    Whatever he/she/she-ra/he-she is, he’s still Lando Calrissian to Star Wars fans.

    Star Wars has given us fans so much joy and entertainment, it’s touched so many lives in so many ways, he/she/it/whatever’s a part of of that.

    He grew up with us, played with us, stared in our little private Star Wars tales we played it in backyards everywhere.

    I hope he’s happy, I hope he finds peace with it, and I hope he knows I don’t give a rats ass if he dresses up like a fairy, wears bras under his clothes, wears panties under his Underoos or whatever.

    He’s a part of Star Wars and that’s a beautiful thing. I’ll raise a Colt 45 to him, even if he’s 87.

    Star Wars is forever. Even if Disney ruined it.

    May the Force be with us all. [Preferably the Dark Side =] ]

    Thanks for the Intel Itchy.

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  2. I actually dont think that it will influence anyone to go or not go to see the movie as most have made their mind up and Billy Dee is a cool dude.
    What we didnt like was making the Ladiesman Lando a Pansexual dude who just like to run after every ass he can get.
    While Billy Dee´s feminine side made him be the Ladiesman and it made him smooth.
    Even if he would say that he is Gay that wouldnt have changed the way we knew Lando and we still would love Billy Dee no matter what.

    Let me put it that way:
    If someone would decide now that Superman should be played by a Black Fag (i am sorry if the term Fag is insulting i am german and looked it up on Googletranslate) and Superman would walk around with one hand on his hip and the other hand in the air looking like a Teecan and ppl doesnt wanna see it whoms fault might that be?

    But yes i was overdoing it a bit by making Superman Black and a Fag if a white Fag would have had the same result, but as everything in the USA is about diversity this days i thought “well why not”.

    You can blame the Audience as much as u want for shit that u created and have to deal with urself, but then blame them for urself and do go out and tell everyone that they are to blame if it just is ur own crated crap they do not like because it isnt written good, or there is no development in it or because it destroyes everything that came before it.

    There once was a German Game Reporter and he tested an online Game in his article he wrote that the Game lucks some stuff and that it seems as if the German players are somehow to be detected because he was called “Hun”. If u do not know what u are doing but still write an Article about it that makes u look stupid and ppl will ask themselfs if u really deserve to have this job.

    So too all out there who insults the Fandom Menace for things they didnt do, and i know u are reading this, Itchy actually is better then each and everyone of u and can put up some fine Articles.
    Much respect from Germany.


  3. “or a story of brotherly love. It doesn’t necessarily have to be homosexual in nature.”

    Quite right, it doesn’t have to be, but it will be in order to get PC points. It’s sad how stories of brotherhood and friendship are inevitably perverted and sexualized in today’s world. Two guys are close friends? Gay innuendo is shoved in to pander a certain crowd.

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    • And I remember seeing that film a long while back, but it was a film of genuine friendship. Like 99.9% of every sports teams act that way!

      But these regressive savages just can’t help their sick, twisted and perverted impulses and they don’t know how to restrain themselves!

      The leftist regressive savages have now found the Lucas sand box. And instead of playing in it, they rather take a shit in it and then try to cover it up! That wasn’t what Lucas created the sand box for? But a left-tard wouldn’t know the difference between a metaphorical sand box and an actual litter box? They seem to have them mixed up?


      • Yeah, and unfortunately, this sort of crap preceded the Disney sale (I definitely recall reading on Wookieepedia about how the Fate of the Jedi series had some gay jedi, and I think there was also a gay Mandalorian couple in one of the EU stuff. I’m actually a bit surprised Lucas actually cleared those for entry into the EU, considering he went completely ballistic when Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford I think gifted Lucas a doushinji yaoi manga of Luke and Han as a joke from what Chris Taylor recalled, back around the time ANH was released, meaning he definitely wouldn’t have been likely to include homosexual relationships in the EU).


    • Who are these 2 people?

      They look they spend most of their days panhandling for change at subway stations and freeway off ramps?

      And the Male looks like the Female and the Female looks like a Male! WTF is wrong with these pe…AH, fuck it!


        • Does he have painted fingernails? I didn’t even realize that? Not surprised though…

          But I just went off of the way they look at a glance? That is certainly one “Odd Couple” right there? The Male looks like a limp wristed sprite while the Female looks like a bull dyke!

          What a combination eh?


      • They’re both female. One is the mother of the other. I clicked on the link and read the information about them. The photo is captioned as “The Couto family, Brazil”. Further down on the page, the following is written about them:

        “For the family chosen from Brazil — a mother and daughter – the strong female leads of Star Wars represent a framework to explore and celebrate a positive image of womanhood.”


  4. That’s such a weird thing to say. I don’t believe he’s being genuine. I think he knows this is what he’s supposed to say to fit in the Hollywood crowd, or pander to who they tell him to.

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    • No kidding, especially when their treatment of James Woods and Roseanne Barr just for dissenting at all would mean it is extremely dangerous to speak up for the old ways. Heck, Jodi Benson is basically being a doormat for the rather horrible treatment that Ariel’s getting for reasons I suspect is because Bob Iger would fire her outright if she dares speak out against it otherwise, and then try to tarnish Ariel even WORSE afterward is another example (and her just folding for some really bad treatments of Ariel like, say, how she’s depicted in Wreck-it Ralph 2 for example, not to mention the stupid description of the DPs, is extremely uncharacteristic of her, since she’s pretty much the reason Ariel even has ANY of her original characterization at all in Ariel’s Beginning, as they originally opted to just make her more like Hannah Montana.).

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  5. Sounds like some typical Hollyweird attention-whore horseshit to me. Or daddy Lando is working his magic on some college-age, gender-studies-studyin’ poontang.

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    • It’s also just as likely that he has to say those things at proverbial gunpoint by the guys running Lucasfilm and Disney in order to keep his job, knowing how Leninist the guys running Disney are right now (not to mention Lucasfilm).


  6. Fluidity of too many Colt 45’s.. It worked every time .

    The Deadpool writers were into pansexuals too at around the same time when SOLO came out.


  7. Well now they gave ONE more reason to whine about people who criticize the movie now?

    If you don’t like MaRey Sue? You’re a “sexist” and “misogynist!”

    If you don’t like the new female character, Rose and Finn? You’re a “racist” and “sexist!”

    Now we can add to the list this one right here,

    If you don’t like Lando’s character in TROS? You are a “racist” and a “homophobe!”

    I can see they are trying to cover ALL the bases with this one! And as someone else noted on here, I agree with them and don’t think BDW was saying this out of authenticity? I believe it is the same powers that be who twisted Hamill’s arm to “praise” RJ and TLJ right here?

    How Hamill was very critical of what Di$ney, JJ and RJ were doing with his character.? How he swooped in at the 11th hour with his “praise” for what RJ was doing with his character in TLJ. Remember this is the same Mark Hamill that was calling his character “Jake Skywalker?” then at the last minute he is singing its praises?

    Yeah this is fishier then the Fulton Fish Market! And I believe BDW is saying this as a PR stunt as per Di$ney execs and PR dept.?

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    • Yeah I feel the same way myself. Another Di$ney War$ movie means another OG character assassination!

      Luke, Han, and soon to be Lando. And there is no question in my mind that whether Lando lives or dies in this film, his character will NO DOUBT be destroyed in one way or the other.

      Another OG character who is paying the piper…


  8. Kinda funny how the man is so “genderfluid” that he didn’t mind being portrayed as a suave, macho ladies man in order to sell cheap malt liquor to the Black community.

    He’s just looking for asspats from loony liberals, and Disney is pimping it hard.

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      • No not me. Lando, the REAL Lando will always be a beloved character to many, many fans.

        But the Di$ney Lando? Well they will have some scene in the film of him banging a toaster oven on the Falcon while L337 gets pissed and manually fly the Falcon into a satr or super nova…

        So in reality, only the Di$nefied Lando is creepy! The Lucas Era Lando is one of the greatest characters of the SW saga.


    • You know something funny? It is that when Jake went into Ben’s room and saw, “dark thoughts” in his mind, and for a split second he wanted to end his life?

      But now for the funny part. As soon as Ben wakes up to see Jake with his saber ignited, Ben uses the Force to topple the building onto him.

      So after Ben does that he slipped quickly into a SITH outfit and there are the Knights of Ren all ready to go and kill the JEDI students? Did Ben have that suit sitting in his closet just waiting for the right time when someone would push him into the dark side?

      It was pretty convenient to have his SITH ensemble ready to go at a seconds notice, eh?


    • I agree with you on this. Still this is just one more bucketful of filth into the overflowing Disney Star Wars cesspool. More reason to hope for complete failure of this film.

      I keep getting YouTube notifications for these stupid episode 9 short trailers. They are trying so hard to make these pathetic characters look cool and exciting and trying to create this feeling that we are all so emotional about their story. It’s so sad to see the failure on full display.

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      • Those trailers, TV spots, and toy commercials are EVERYWHERE on YouTube. Even playing before and during videos on Fandom Menace channels. The stink of desperation is all over the marketing. Now they’re using Duel of The Fates and The Imperial March to try and squeeze out every last drop of nostalgia. That well has run dry.

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    • Here is BDW own words,

      “I say ‘himself’ and ‘herself,’ because I also see myself as feminine as well as masculine,” he said. “I’m a very soft person. I’m not afraid to show that side of myself.”

      Now, there is nothing wrong with him understanding that he has a, “softer” side, but this is obviously 2 things.

      1. It has to be an epiphany! Because if it isn’t one? Then when exactly did he start using “gender pronouns” and when did he start feeling, “feminine?”

      Because ever since TESB came out in 1980, I NEVER heard BDW speak this type of gibberish?

      2. He is just being paid a very good amount of money to become a mouth piece for Di$ney and LFL to promote this shit show?

      I am going with option 2. Because as the sample of the interview I posted here, with his using the, “He/She/Zhe” BS, I know it ain’t exactly that but damn near close enough?

      BDW has ALWAYS been a ladies man. Suave and chill. He brought a unique take on the SW universe when he first appeared in TESB. But we can thank SOYLO for ruining his character and now TROS will drive the character into the ground!

      Because basically before the OT occurred, SOYLO took place. Then Larry Kaasdan’s moron son had to run out and brag about Lando being a, “pan sexual!” to probably gain brown nose points from the rabid, regressive savages!

      So then the OT happens and Lando is essential in 2 of the 3 movies. And in ROTJ he was one of the biggest heroes of that battle.

      Now all of the sudden his “pan sexual-ness” just kicked in again? So this character going by this interview alone PROVES that Lando is already destroyed! Because we all know how sick and perverted the freaks over at LFL are? And they will probably have Lando do something “nasty” with the Falcon?



  9. This gender fluid means he does not have a fixed gender. So when he’s saying he’s feminine side and all of that kinda thing up there it does not mean he has a softer side – it means he has a female side – which means he takes cock in his mouth and ass. He lacks a vagina unless he went for a sex change.


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