LGBTQ Representation In Rise Of Skywalker


Lucasfilm won’t find a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

Billy Dee is gender fluid, and now this.   Variety is reporting that there will be LGBTQ representation in Episode IX.  If this is the last episode in the Skywalker Saga, then they really aren’t risking anything by throwing it in.  Because if you don’t like it, what are you going to do?  Not come back for another one?  There won’t be any more anyways apparently.

Anyhoo, JJ is putting the brakes on StormPilot.  Variety reports:

Striking a lightsaber into the hearts of “Star Wars” fans, it appears that a romance between Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) and Finn (John Boyega) will not materialize in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.”


“And in the case of the LGBTQ community, it was important to me that people who go to see this movie feel that they’re being represented in the film,” Abrams said.

So without spoiling the film, Variety asked, does that mean there will be a queer character in “The Rise of Skywalker”?

“I will say I’m giving away nothing about what happens in the movie,” Abrams replied with a smile. “But I did just say what I just said.”

So not to worry, SJWs.  For those of you demanding to #MakeSolo2Happen, it looks like you might get your wish!


Inclusive vacancy.

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33 thoughts on “LGBTQ Representation In Rise Of Skywalker

  1. “And in the case of the LGBTQ community, it was important to me that the only people who go to see this movie feel that they’re being represented in the film,” Abrams said.

    fixed it.

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  2. And he clearly thinks that this is a selling point, INSTEAD OF THE STORY AND THE CHARACTERS.

    I’ve said it before: They’ve learned absolutely nothing. They WILL double down. After (at least) two years of unremitting culture war between Lucasfilm and the fandom, they’ve learned nothing. They chose their hill to die in a long time ago. THE MANDALORIAN and all of the nostalgia marketing and whatnot are just (to borrow a phrase from WCBS’ Dion Green) them honeydicking disenfranchised fans.

    Don’t pay to see this movie, and don’t buy the merchandise. Vote with your wallets, and abandon all hope. It’s over. They killed it. STAR WARS is dead, and this movie will be a puppeteered corpse rigged with explosives that’s masquerading as an olive branch. All that’s left is to make sure that they don’t get away with it, and that this never happens again. To stand up for good art and quality storytelling that’s free of obnoxious, partisan politics.

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    • Fully agreed with you. That being said, though… I’m not sure Star Wars was ever free of obnoxious, partisan politics before the Disney purchase. Let’s not forget that George Lucas DID repeatedly brag as early as ROTJ (based on Richard Nixon stating in his book No More Vietnams Lucas basing the Ewoks on the Vietcong) that the films had their basis on the Vietnam War, specifically the anti-war elements during that war, and aside from that, ROTS’s criticisms dealt with the film being polemic against the War on Terror (with Lucas’s comments at Cannes 2005 not helping matters either). It’s certainly worse under Disney, though.

      Probably the only “merchandise” I’m buying of Star Wars is anything made prior to the Disney sale (which may include the original and prequel film sets that are distributed under Disney). That’s it. And boycotting Star Wars is easy, since I’m boycotting Disney right now (and will continue to do so until Iger gets fired and, more importantly, he actually gets replaced by someone who will make Disney great and conservative again. Not allow for a repeat of how Eisner got replaced by Iger).


      • When ROTJ was released, the Hollywood left still didn’t want to talk about Vietnam and their not inconsiderable part in the communist’s victory. The consequences of which included massive reprisals against the South, the Cambodian genocide and a huge influx of right wing voting refugees into the US.

        Lucas spun the forest battle as a Viet Cong redux years after the movie came out during the first onset of Hollywood’s woke-a-philia. I’m sure he found it convenient to join the entertainment industry’s new pod people in left wing dick measuring. Particularly given that “correct” politics had become a necessary requirement for awards and praise in the movie industry at that time – and forever after.


        • Actually, based on the first chapter of No More Vietnams by Richard Nixon (which was published in 1985, with the writing process probably occurring by 1983 at the earliest), George Lucas explicitly mentioned the Ewoks being based on the Vietcong as early as when ROTJ was first released. It should be in the first chapter of the book, which you can read here: I believe Nixon’s exact words in Chapter 1 were “The assertion that our very bigness is badness has infested our culture to a surprising degree. The creator of the phenomenally successful Star Wars series recently explained that the climactic scene in one of his moves – in which the evil “Empire’s” giant war machines are destroyed by fuzzy little good guys with wooden bows and arrows – was inspired by the Vietnam experience. No matter that in Vietnam the Communist “good guys” packed Soviet automatic rifles and, in 1975, rode state-of-the-art Russian tanks across the South Vietnamese border. The propaganda of disproportionate forces in Vietnam, the myth of small/good versus big/bad, did enough damage to help lose the war for the United States and the people of South Vietnam. Today it is one symptom of the Vietnam syndrome to the extent that it makes Americans ashamed of their power, guilty about being strong, and forgetful about the need to be willing to use their power to protect their freedom and the freedom of others.”

          Not to mention George Lucas explicitly compared the Rebels with the Vietcong and NVA as early as 1973 based on the 1973 story treatment contained in The Making of Star Wars by J.W. Rinzler, and I even made sure to recently ask Rinzler whether Lucas made any after-the-fact edits to his notes besides the addition of midichlorians to the notes in the hardcover edition, and he said nothing else was added in. Here’s photos of the pages in question from that book confirming it, in case you don’t believe me:


  3. They’ve remembered to represent everyone and everything – but Star Wars itself. Those TV spots do not look good at all. I watch them and i feel dead inside.

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    • Because this hollow crap is not Star Wars. Star Wars didn’t catter to superficial narcissists, people who want what was meant to be for everybody be turned into a empty mirror of their physical attributes. Star Wars cattered to those who value content of character, morality and myth. Not to those so devious who want to tear those cornerstones down.

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  4. Wow, in what business school did they learn that you must pander to 2% of a POSSIBLE customer base at the expense of losing the other 98% of your base that are REALLY INTERESTED in buying your product and have done so loyally for over 40 years?

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    • Probably the same business school that Bob Iger, Greg Berlanti, and Michael Eisner went to (though at least Eisner had the excuse of Howard Ashman dying when he created Gay Days, as bad as that event was). Especially Greg Berlanti who feels as if he must absolutely push gay stuff in Arrowverse (to say little about some of his other shows), not to mention far left stuff (even Supergirl fell victim to this upon its move to the CW, and with Batwoman, they’re not even TRYING to implement any conservative elements to the show, certainly not in a positive manner, which even Supergirl at least did during Season 1.).

      Well, I suppose I should be glad that JJ Abrams at least didn’t make Poe and Finn gay. Would really hate to have them randomly changed gay at a whim like Alex Danvers and Claire Bennet from Supergirl and Heroes did. Not to mention Dorothy and Aurora in Once Upon a Time. Not to mention LeFou in the BATB remake (in the original, while he was a massive toady and fanboy of Gaston in a manner similar to Jimmy Olsen regarding Superman, he was nevertheless very much straight, actually lusting after the triplets at one point in the opening song), heck, what they did to Lando Calrissian with Solo by making him pansexual.

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      • To be fair – would it matter if they did make Poe and Finn gay and then a couple? Who cares?

        NOT, I might add, because I’m some champion for LBTQXYZ++ rights… but because I won’t be watching this piece of garbage and I won’t be financially supporting anything to do with DisneyFilm’s Star Wars. They can do what they like, mess everything up even more if possibly, I couldn’t care less and many audience members couldn’t either!

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        • I was just saying that they could have done that, make Poe and Finn a gay couple (and personally, I’d be even more sickened if they did that regardless of whether I watch it or not). And I’m certainly not planning on supporting Disney Wars (any Star Wars stuff I do buy will be stuff that’s been made before the Disney sale, and probably the closest I’m going for support is bluerays that were released by Disney, and even THOSE are strictly limited to the original and prequel trilogies). Heck, even without this kind of crap going on in Star Wars, I’ve been going against Disney anyways after they made LeFou gay in the 2017 remake of Beauty and the Beast, plus the Jemele Hill incident at ESPN, and similar gaying of Star vs. the Forces of Evil (maybe also that special gay episode on Disney Channel). And I refuse to even go to their parks since the whole H1B thing (too bad that means missing out on interacting with the triplets from Beauty and the Beast since they became meet and greets, but oh well…). Only way I’ll stop is when they not only fire Iger (or at least he leaves), but also replace him with someone who actually does try to restore Disney’s greatness to Walt’s level, and not try to use it as a bully pulpit for far-left politics.


          • If I gave a damn about this pathetic excuse for a continuation, I’d be angry too, after the teasing between Finn and Rey in TFA.

            However, as none of Disney’s rubbish exists in the same continuity to me, I simply don’t care. Let em fail, and I’ll be there for the fandom menace afterparty.

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      • It would be a disservice to Finn as well. He’d be the character that has multiple love triangles, and that trope has been done to death in nearly every teen drama in existence. Finn is essentially Bella Swan at this point.

        Didn’t the books put Admiral Ho in a lesbian relationship with Leia?


        • Ack! I hit the reply button before I could edit my comment!! What I meant to say was, didn’t the books imply she was a lesbian or something? Also, I’ve heard through the grapevine that Ashoka might get put into an openly lesbian relationship with a character that was originally going to be a guy.

          The Alphabet People try too hard to compensate sometimes, doncha know? 🙃


        • I’m not sure about a lesbian relationship with Leia (and I sure hope they didn’t have her and Leia entering a relationship. I hated it when they turned Claire Bennett and Alex Danvers gay despite their appearances strongly implying they were straight, not to mention doing the same with Penguin and Riddler in Gotham among others. I’d be sickened if they turned Leia gay as well [well, technically bi, but still…], and basically repeating the mistake they made with Tarkin.), but I DO know that Holdo was depicted as bisexual in one of the books.

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          • Could have been wishful thinking by the proglodytes on Tumblr then.

            Tarkin was already a sexual degenerate in the EU. He was a sugar daddy to a teenager who became his mistress. But making him gay…..that’s not a very positive representation for the Alphabet Community. It stinks of self-indulgent Yaoi fanfiction. (In fact, that whole book was self-indulgent wank-fanfiction that I’d rather forget.)


            • While “it’s a movie about space wizards made for kids” is a bit too simplistic, I do agree with the idea that the material shouldn’t get too adult. Bringing LGBT issues and pedophlia and whatnot into what is supposed to be a modern fairy tale is just flat-out inappropriate and skeezy. STAR WARS was an all-ages friendly series which dealt with basic concepts of morality and war and friendship. The most graphic bit of violence in Lucas’ films—Anakin being immolated—was there specifically to show the cost of the evil choices he’d made, and wasn’t just for shock value or to be edgy. And the romance/sex stuff just boils down to Han and Leia’s romance and Anakin and Padme having the twins, not political statements about “representation”.

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              • Eh, to be fair, George Lucas DID have a May-December Romance between Anakin and Padme (the latter was old enough to be his mother, though at least production notes and EU stuff had them appearing closer to each other in age compared to what’s actually shown in the film.), not to mention some of his notes for Raiders of the Lost Ark had him planning to have Indy and Marion enter an illicit affair when the latter was 12 and he was 40, thinking THAT was a good idea to use in a basic adventure film (and it was Spielberg and Kasdan who had to talk him out of it, or at least age Marion up to 15 years old and Indy being about 20 to tone it down somewhat), and I’d consider that even WORSE than Tarkin’s illicit affair with Daala. At least Tarkin, being a villain, would essentially communicate that such was not supposed to be practiced, while with Indy doing that with Marion, they communicated it was effectively okay for them to do it due to them being the good guys (and they indicated it made their interactions “interesting” with barely contained joy).

                But yes, Lucas may have done egregious damage to the franchise in several ways, even doing damage at its inception, but one thing he definitely was innocent of was pushing “representation” agendas for gays at the expense of the story (too bad late into his control he somehow allowed gay jedi and gay mandalorians into EU works, especially when early into the franchise, when I think Harrison Ford or Mark Hamill brought Lucas a HanxLuke doushinji from their tour in Japan as a joke, he apparently went ballistic and made very clear they are not to do that stunt again.).


    • Iger, like a lot of billionaires these days, has more money than he could spend in 10 lifetimes. He’s less interested in money than he is in forging his legend for future history. That’s one thing I agree with the fake indian on, there should be some kind of wealth tax.


    • Perhaps it will be Dr. Aphra. Though quite frankly, them even doing LGBT characters at all is just terrible as it is.

      BTW, I think a more appropriate footage is of Vader doing a badass pose while standing on the crumpled heap of the Pride flag. You know, similar to that picture in Chicago Magazine of Bill Ayers here:

      Especially when in Legends, the Empire, let alone Vader, were NOT fond of LGBT stuff, more likely to have someone shot for that. Sure, channeling an anti-American character like Ayers is probably still bad (of course, then again, it would jujitsu Lucas’s commentary in a way), but then again, it sure as heck beats Vader just waving the pride flag, which makes Vader and the Empire grossly out of character.

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      • Putting gay characters into the villains’ lineup wouldn’t look good on the Alphabet Community. It just reinforces what the normal majority thinks of them. As villains. Bad people. Mass murderers. Actual Nazis. Whatever you want to consider the Big Bad Empire as. This kind of craziness is like shoehorning a black, lesbian amputee into the German faction in a World War II era game. Oh wait.


        • Maybe not, but on the other hand, the Alphabet Community barely seems to even care about that bit anyway, considering they’ve made the likes of Penguin, Riddler, and even Black Mask gay recently (not to mention made Barbara Kean both bisexual and a villain despite the fact that in the original Batman comics she was neither.). Actually, come to think of it, I’m actually a bit surprised that they actually made Black Mask gay especially when it shot their movement in the foot as a result (same goes for their decision to make Tarkin of all people gay, and that’s despite his being straight in Legends).

          And I’d agree… if Lucas hadn’t admitted he based the “Big Bad Empire” on America in an attempt at an anti-war statement bare minimum. Now, thanks to that, I consider the Empire the actual good guys despite Lucas’s claims (besides, when the Jedi adheres to the same kind of moral relativity that Voldemort adheres to [no such thing as good and evil in other words], they clearly can’t be good despite Lucas’s claims. Truth is not a point of view, despite what Obi-Wan claimed.).

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  5. I’d personally like a gay starfighter pilot.

    “Look at the thize of that thing!” *flails his limp wrists around and fails to pilot his fighter…gets blown up*

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  6. Two Resistance members at the end over the montage of the countless planets we have seen throughout the saga It’s there in a kids movie about space wizards.

    This is going to be interesting. I already know the narrative. Now do they know their audience?
    Personally I don’t think it’s going to surpass the previous two. Shareholders are expecting it in China to crash and burn just like TLJ.

    But the aftermath will be something to relish. Everybody and I mean everybody will offer an opinion on everything. One common criticism many share, myself included.
    Is that it didn’t give enough time to gestate and develop ideas to build this new world.
    This is because they wanted a quick return on their investment. The new trilogy is a jigsaw of visual concepts sewn together. No coherence and no structure and this is where we are.
    No one cares anymore. For Star Wars and its legacy. That’s tragic.

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  7. And with that, China will immediately reject this movie. China doesn’t believe in LGBT(yes I’m still going to call it that since queer is just someone in drag) rights.

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