Reylos Lash Out At Princess Of Privilege

Recently I wrote blog posts about Daisy Ridley being a Princess of Privilege and being able to take off 6 months from work.  Apparently, Twitter user DataRacer117 has discovered that Reylos are not too happy about it.  Head on over to his Twitter thread to read all about it.


Digital Spy is also covering this glorious bandersnatch huff n’ puff.  As is Daily Mail and MSN.

Mecha Random comments:

Geeks + Gamers comments:

Clownfish comments:

Yellow Flash comments:

SC Reviews comments:

John Matrixx comments:

10 thoughts on “Reylos Lash Out At Princess Of Privilege

  1. pffftt every week it’s just something dumb with these people and as always we get prove on why you can never make anyone 100% satisfied especially in the SJW crowd who will every week find something to complain about.

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    • Most rich people are socialists and Marxist . She probably trying to make herself sound hip . She is a good actress while Boyega can’t act to save himself.


      • In what universe is she a good actress? She totally sucks (I’ve seen her described as “a plank of wood with knots for eyes”), and she would have no film career (exactly like the vast majority of aspiring actors) if it were not for her elite family’s wealth (to keep her afloat whenever she wasn’t getting work) and connections (to help land agents and auditions and meet/schnooze with important industry people where the vast majority of would-be young actresses can’t even get their foot in the door).

        It’s a known fact she already had relatives and contacts in the industry before she started. The vast majority of SUCCESSFUL, hyped up actors in the industry today had the exact same advantage. The vast majority of merely ASPIRING actors, however, do not have this advantage. That’s how you know that social class matters. (Through most of Hollywood history, almost all the great stars and actors had ordinary backgrounds. In the past three decades, starting in the 1990s, it’s slowly but surely changed to where they almost all have elite backgrounds, all attended private schools, etc.)

        The problem with the SJWs is they attack her for “white privilege” (which isn’t even a real thing) instead of realizing it was class privilege that got her where she is.

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  3. I just checked out some of the replies that were posted by Dataracer, and whooooo boy! That is some serious ignorance on full display right there!

    But I guess it is fine to piss and moan about the “evils” of White people on twitter? Because being White doesn’t really register on the ole.


    I guess? And according to these “Rhodes Scholars” within the twitter responses, and I quote and paraphrase,

    “White people are born with privilege! They just don’t realize they have this privilege! They are usually oblivious to it…”

    Ah, so it makes me feel sooooooooooooooo much better when I have a person of ZERO PRIVILEGE and for the most part lacking educational basics(just look at the tweets and you will see WHY I used Rhodes Scholars ironically) can point out that I am, OBLIVIOUS to my own, “privilege?”

    What would I ever do without these A holes to tell me that I am the recipient of some make believe, regressive savage, figment of someone else’s imagination(let’s face it folks, they don’t posses a critical thinking mind much less an imagination?) to advise me on things I supposedly posses yet am OBLIVOUS to?

    Oh there I go with my darn privilege again…(/S)


  4. from that thread.

    This could be it. I dunno, but this could be the excuse Disney is looking for.


    • Specifically, if they get the woke crowd pissed off and the film flops, the fandom menace had only a tiny impact, but the target woke audience is huge and lost interest.

      Thus preserving the lie. Fuck ’em.


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