8 thoughts on “John Boyega Now Getting Called White Racist By “Evolved” Fans

    • I had to look up #ADOS (American descendants of slavery) which gives them one more intersectional point than post slavery black immigrants. Hence the oppression face-off.

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    • Well in the very tiny and limited brain capacity of the average regressive savage, EVERYONE they disagree with is a “White Supremacist!” Even when said people happen to be Jewish, Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc.?

      And they are prone to bed wetting and soiling their Pampers diapers too. Of course they do this from the safety of the safe spaces/cry closets!

      I am sure they will find a cure for this filthy disease that affects so many regressive savages on the left…

      Though there is still some hope? I mean, the Wizard of Oz was able to give someone a brain, someone else a heart and even get someone some courage? All three of those are attributes that the regressive savages lack? Maybe if the click their heels together three times and say,

      “There is no place like Epstein island!”

      “There is no place like Epstein island!”

      Hey it worked for Dorothy right?


  1. You are missing a critical evaluation of Star Wars artistic merits here Itchy


    • Ummm just as an exercise, shouldn’t it be TFA? Up until it was destroyed, by the starkiller, they had a utopian communistic new republic?


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