11 thoughts on “Matt Miller Thinks A Poor Journalist’s Salary Erases His Connection With Disney

  1. Geez, this Matt Miller is an insufferable A hole!

    I know this because of a few factors.

    1. You wrote a series of critical articles that he, “considers” toxic Star Wars fandom. Well that is where your fucking problems originated there skippy! Because anyone who doesn’t fall head over heels in love with anything that Di$ney has shitted out are,


    2. And Miss Miller, you have to be one the most stupidest MF’ers on the face of the planet? You don’t need to have a large paycheck from Di$ney to be considered a $hill, it is your actions and words that prove you are a $hill! And since you aren’t getting any, “perks” from the Mouse, even though I bet you are FOS on that, but since you enjoy $hilling, “pro-bono” is what makes you the stupidest MF’er on the planet!

    Because there are a lot of other $hills out there getting their, “perks” yet here you blubbering like a damn bitch about your, “sad journalists salary…”

    But I doubt you even understand the entire concept of a journalist actually is? You are nothing more then a opinion person who cosplays as a journalist! And your opinion sucks ass as does your cosplaying too!

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  2. A sad journalist’s salary? Oh boo hoo. Matt, you’re in serious denial. It’s no secret you want those sweet, sweet perks and discounts from the Diz. You’re only one of thousands of starry-eyed hopefuls who lick the boots of billionaires with aspirations of power and being in the elites’ inner circle.


  3. Hey, Matt. I have a question for you. You have been cut and pasting your “toxic fandom” and “KMT chased off of instagram” fictions over and over again.

    If you were actually a journalist (laugh), you’d be writing about the JJ Abrams death threats/LFL bomb threats.


    Same for you Scott Mendelson, Shana O’Neil, Bryan Young.

    Can’t wait to see you all demonstrate one tiny strand of integrity and diligence.

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