Rise Of Skywalker – Worst Chinese Box Office In Star Wars History


Much more “cultural cache.”

Star Wars may not have had much “cultural cache” in China during the Prequel Trilogy era, but it’s got even less now.  CBR.com reports:

Apparently, the Force is not strong in China.

According to Variety, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is set to become the least successful installment of the franchise in China by a large margin. After opening to $2.2 million last week, the film brought in another $2 million over the past weekend. It is now projected to earn just $19.7 million over its theatrical run in the Middle Kingdom.

This is a drastic decline from previous Chinese Star Wars outings. The Force Awakens earned a total of $126 million, while Rogue One and The Last Jedi earned $69.4 million and $42.6 million, respectively.


10 thoughts on “Rise Of Skywalker – Worst Chinese Box Office In Star Wars History

  1. I actually find it pretty ironic that China would not like Star Wars or the Rebels, since the book Star Wars and History indicated that Mao Zedong, the guy who founded the ChiComs, acted as one of the inspirations for the Rebels.

    Well, no matter, Disney definitely needs to have its failure rubbed in on them. Maybe that will do the trick in firing Iger.


    • Iger is safe and the Chinese movie goers know a good movie when they see one. These are not good movies. The ironic part is I’m sure the a lot of the tinkering KK did on these movies was to appease the Chinese, one of Disney’s big markets. Obviously, however, they got it wrong because they are a bunch of baizuos.


      • I wouldn’t be so sure about Iger being safe. He’s already hemorrhaged a lot of Disney’s revenue regarding the bad sales at theme parks, including, according to Florida Family Association, Gay Days, not to mention pushed agendas that just destroyed Disney’s revenue, and has recently been met with several bombs. If I were the shareholders, I’d use that to pounce on him and fire him on the spot.

        Though I will acknowledge that the Chinese are smart enough to avoid this dreck. Still, if Star Wars was indeed less popular in China even before Disney’s screw-ups with the franchise, I still say it’s ironic since… well, see Star Wars and History, which strongly suggests that the Rebels were modeled after Mao Zedong’s People’s War doctrine (though at least that book acknowledged, albeit grudgingly, that Mao was a megalomaniacal scumbag).


      • Yeah, actually, he did. If you don’t believe me, just look up the Lucasfilm licensed (pre-Disney acquisition) book “Star Wars and History.” In fact, how about I link it to you and you look at the Look Inside feature: https://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-History-Lucasfilm/dp/0470602007/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=star+wars+and+history&qid=1577830179&sr=8-4#reader_0470602007 Specifically, page 14, where it talks about People’s War and especially notes that Mao Zedong was a known practitioner of it.


        • Authors of a tie-in book drawing historical parallels with the films decades after the fact means nothing. But facts won’t stop you. Lucas is obviously a Socialist monster who has a photo of Mao in every single room, and is the Vietcong’s Number One Fan.


          • Well, if Lucas didn’t approve of the comparisons made by the authors of that book, he most certainly would not have signed off on it (I know I wouldn’t have in his shoes and if anything would scream at the writers to remove it from the book.). So no, he very obviously approved of it since it’s even in the book in the first place.

            And besides, Lucas has repeatedly bragged about basing the Ewoks and Rebels on the Vietcong since I think the 1980s if Nixon’s book “No More Vietnams” is of any indication, not to mention deemed the USSR to have more “artistic freedom” than Hollywood despite the fact that in reality, even being Stalin’s favorite writer won’t be enough to save you from being sent to the gulags if not shot in the USSR, like Shteyman and his wife learned the hard way. And that was made in a Charlie Rose interview (specifically, the one where Lucas denounced Disney as “white slavers.”).


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