Genuine Toxicity And Bomb Threats

Twitter user Dataracer finds toxicity in the Reylo crowd while the legacy media remains silent.  And unlike the purported death threats sent to Rian Johnson which to this day have yet to be published anywhere or seen by anyone, we have an actual potential bomb threat published here.  And keep in mind that these are the people that Charles Lippincott referred to as “evolved”











Timcast comments:

Quartering comments:

Doomcock comments:

Mecha Random comments:


14 thoughts on “Genuine Toxicity And Bomb Threats

    • Yeah, it all seems so fake, like a bunch of Russian trolls are making this up. Obviously, I would say that, since I find the Reylos ridiculous and didn’t bother watching TROS, but someone should check if those accounts are real before running with this story.


  1. These clearly mentally ill people have the vote? No wonder the West is in such a mess. It’s just a movie, people and Kylo and Rey are not real.


  2. What goes around comes around. I remember when just saying “Screw this, I’m outta here. Call me when the story’s in the hands of someone with TALENT,” or “Eh, I’ll save my money for the next Legends-canon work instead, however long I have to wait for it,” was enough to elicit cries of “MANBABIES! TOXIC EVIL MANBABIES!!!” And the new fandom they built in our place now behaves in a manner so horrid that a literal adult-with-the-mind-of-a-child would be rightly offended if compared to them.

    “Oh, you’re just mad it didn’t turn out exactly how you wanted!” they used to say to us. To a fanbase who’d stuck with Star Wars through Jar Jar, through Chewie’s death, through zombie stormtroopers, and through countless disagreements with which new story directions and concepts were good and which were bad. And the new fanbase? All it takes is one “it didn’t go like I wanted it!” moment to make them go full Chernobyl.

    They accused us of chasing KMT off social media with no proof, and we’ve got tons of proof of our replacements threatening to chase Abrams right off this mortal coil!

    As much as I despise Abrams as a filmmaker, I can’t help but feel sorry for him, to a certain limited extent. But Disney, K.K., and the Lucasfilm Story Group, not so much. Oh, ye clowns are reaping what ye have sewn indeed! This is what happens when you discard a long-standing, loyal fanbase in favor of a shallow fad-follower fandom, the “Draco in Leather Pants” crowd, the mentally unhinged lunatics who prefer pairing the protagonist with their arch-nemesis over a trustworthy ally!

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  3. *Staged or true, looks like a product of rad-fem conditioning pushed by big “D” woke franchise. Looks like the programming didn’t yield the control they wanted or it was a probe to see how far the social engineering had gone.

    *big “D” isn’t your friend, it wants to be your master. Was there something to the “Screen Slaver” monologue after all?

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    • “*big “D” isn’t your friend, it wants to be your master.”

      Pretty sure the FM is fully aware of this. Just hoping that we get to see “D” collapse under its own weight. Joker I think is an example of the silent invisible force which is building and will win.


  4. If anyone wants another reason to feel good about Adam driver. In the comments of the video attached is the following by ‘Al Valentyn’: (re: Ricky Gervais nuking Hollywood from orbit)

    “Adam Driver was there, and he was constantly laughing, even when the rest were cringing, or booing. Can’t take the dark humour of the military out it seems.”



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