More Insider Rumors About Alternate Cut


3 hours of space horses that may have been borrowed from the French prehistoric comedy, RRRRrrrr!

This time the rumors come from Telling The Stories Others Can’t, which claims to have spoken with an insider.  They write:


According to anonymous sources inside multiple organizations like Lucasfilm, Disney and Bad Robot and confirmed through additional reporting like Deadline’s interview with The Rise of Skywalker editor, Maryann Brandon; J.J. Abrams and TROS team struggled with wanting to release the cut that more closely matched the Director’s vision, but were disallowed from doing so.

That cut? The J.J. Abrams Director’s Cut, clocking in at no less than one hundred and ninety-two minutes.

But why, if there was a more complete cut, that could include all the amazing moments J.J. wanted fans to see, would the final theatrical version be less than? For what inane reason would such a short-sighted decision have been made?

I won’t make you wait for it.

The reason? Disney brass were so concerned after The Last Jedi divided fans and created a maelstrom of anger towards Director Rian Johnson, that they didn’t want to leave anything up to chance. An insider tells The Story is Not the Story that “they wanted to ensure that The Rise of Skywalker wrapped up the trilogy neatly, without creating any conflicts with fans of the original three films, through delivering moments that brought back classic characters, introduced special Jedi powers and reversed the Luke Skywalker moments that fans couldn’t stomach.”

They also didn’t want a film that was over three hours, which would have reduced the number of times the film could have screened on a daily basis in theaters, thus reducing their potential box office. And with The Last Jedi having divided fans, the last thing Disney wanted was to divide them any further. But they’d lost their way. Even Disney’s Bob Iger had admitted to the brand’s over saturation after Solo and didn’t want to saturate the brand any further by delivering a cut they weren’t sure could get it done. Disney didn’t even know what the fans wanted anymore; they were shooting fish in a barrel. If this final movie was also a misstep, they’d want to bag as much money as they could as quickly as they could, and a three plus hour cut wouldn’t let them do that.

For J.J. Abrams it was whiplash. Disney wanted to deliver a movie that would make up for the last one, but after all the sequences and cameos were shot, they were told it couldn’t all fit into the 140 minute goal they didn’t want to exceed.

Head on over to Telling The Stories Others Can’t to read the rest.


20 thoughts on “More Insider Rumors About Alternate Cut

  1. Why would I want to see 3 hours of JJ having no clue what to do?

    He started this mess with TFA. He had no story then. He just made a flashy remake of ANH. He has nothing now.

    I have no interest of seeing any cut of ROS. Nothing and no one can save this. Star Wars is over. Good riddance.

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  2. Problem: How do you get a passionate fanbase who would have originally viewed our expensive movie 6 times but are now disgruntled and only interested in a single viewing?

    Solution: Release 6 different cuts in the theatres one at a time.

    Result: Blood from a stone.


    • I think a more likely scenario is the “Blade Runner” ploy – 6 different “director” cuts released every few years on BR. I didn’t see this movie but the reviews were often in agreement that the movie was too long already.


      • BLADE RUNNER is a different beast, since the different versions have a marked effect on one’s viewing experience and interpretation of the film. All are variations of a flawed masterpiece.

        There’s no version of PLAN IX which is a masterpiece of any sort, I’m sure.


    • from reddit
      14 hours ago
      The word is this:
      An extended version of The Rise of Skywalker will be announced in the coming week, releasing near the end of January, and including 3-5 additional sequences fit into the narrative. This should bring the cut up from 142 minutes to about 165 minutes.
      Rumored sequences to be included in this cut involve an extended Endor sequence that occurs before the final shot in the current film, Lobot and Lando in a sequence that predates the chase in the desert, and a slew of ghost Jedis returning alongside Luke and Leia and participating in the final sequence to unseat the Emperor.
      This new cut will be simply treated as an Extended Cut, and will include a post-credits sequence highlighting additional sequences that will be released with the official Blu Ray release of The Rise of Skywalker which will have a special J.J. Abrams Director’s Cut version of the film at 185 minutes.
      When The Rise of Skywalker enters the streaming window exclusively on Disney Plus it will include an additional 7 minutes of extra footage that didn’t get finished in post production as a part of its exclusive run on the streaming upstart.

      Sooooo…. I read this as a 2nd theatrical release, and then a 3rd cut demanding you buy the BluRay. (with salt of course)


      • We were told for many years that no more films would be made, so the EU became ‘canon’ in our minds by default. No one who ever followed the books could embrace Luke going off the deep end. A future descendant way down the road having problems, maybe, but not Luke.

        No matter how they decide to slice and dice it, the Skywalker line still gets wiped out. If this had happened a few generations later, where a surviving student takes the name of her Sensei to keep it alive, that would have sounded more truthful, but having it so soon makes it seem like Palpatine won. When you take that into account all the rest of it is just white noise.


        • You’ve reminded me of one of my nit-picks. I’m not going to cite this, but I recall some discussion about the development of TFA where they (who?) had a problem with Luke (still Luke at this point i guess) upstaging the story they wanted to tell. As I remember it (I think JJ said) they moved Luke’s reveal later and later in the story until we got what we got.

          Somewhere between JJ’s and RJ’s stories, Luke became Jake.

          Some details:
          – JJ and RJ were writing their respective episodes virtually simultaneously or even RJ started first.
          – JJ’s movie was heavily entrenched with the macguffin being the map to find Luke; so much so that TFA is laughable without it.
          – There’s video of RJ boasting how it was on him to explain how Jake came to sequester himself.
          – I’ve not seem Hamill ever complaining about JJ’s treatment of Luke other than the ‘last page of the script’ jabs he’s made, but he’s talked about the pushback he gave RJ.

          So what I find curious is the interaction between Luke and the storyline development.

          When JJ was developing TFA, what did Luke initially look like? What was his original vision of Luke before ‘slowly’ shrinking him down to a 30 second cameo?

          Was JJ vetoed on Luke, told he was Jake, and JJ threw up his arms and said to RJ, ‘Fine, you deal with it’ and did the absolute minimum to give us fan service?

          It is also interesting that the macguffin chase was so paramount to TLJ, but just about EVERYTHING ELSE JJ did was tossed on the bonfire by RJ.

          I’m not explaining this very well, but there is like this split personality of RJ and JJ helping each other and RJ and JJ screwing each other over.

          And then there is the claim this was all planned out. I can see it ‘sort-of’ was (one of KK’s half-truths we’re accustomed to) if RJ already had his fan fiction done, and JJ had to heavily ‘plan’ his out to align with TLJ. (i’m not really considering any kind of adjustments RJ might have done to accommodate JJ)

          Whose character was Rey? Kylo? Finn must have been JJ’s because RJ did nothing with him but probably couldn’t kill him off because of ‘muh diversity.’ Poe?

          This is my speculation but I think there is a whiff of KK giving broad strokes of what she wanted (i.e.: check boxes) to JJ, and then repeatedly reining him in, but doing it so sporadically (likes did with the actual productions) that he’d have to toss away many hours of work each time (frustrating as hell, and possibly why he wasn’t planning on writing IX; same with solo reshoots etc.) while giving carte blanche and autonomy to Roundhead.

          It really would be interesting to know how this behind the scenes soap opera played out. The made a movie about the Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Jay Leno drama…Maybe making one about the DT would go a long way towards recouping that $2.22b loss?

          Sorry for the rambling, but you didn’t have to read it either. 🙄

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  3. Why would anyone want to watch an even longer version of TROS? The best thing that can happen now, is to move past it and start again with a new idea.

    This time, have a freaking plan!

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  4. why would want a director’s cut from a director who destroyed the Star Trek franchise before he started work on destroying Star Wars. XD


  5. Oh this is awesome. Ignoring the virtues (ha) of more Disney Star Wars that doesn’t have a clue, from the JJ Abrams defence force we have rumoured…

    January: extended edition to make 165 minutes (from 142) cinema re release.

    Blu ray release: extended extended edition to make 185 minutes.

    Disney plus: super duper EXCLUSIVE extended edition to make 192 minutes.

    “How to THOROUGHLY piss off and alienate the people who buy your products”.

    – A Fandom Menace production, 2020

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    • Hahahah… this might mean he was unaware of the test screenings he’s been denying.

      I wonder if his wife’s boyfriend got to preview the final cut. (family and friends, remember?)


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