Forbes Laments 92% Box Office Plunge

Travis Bean at Forbes writes:

Box Office: The 92% Plunge For ‘Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker’ Was Unprecedented

But the real story isn’t how 1917 became Sam Mendes’ third-best opening weekend ever. No, what we should really talk about is just how monumentally low the $15.1 million fourth-weekend total is for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Before we get to the bad news, let’s make one thing clear: all is wonderful in the Star Wars universe. The movie has likely already hit the $1 billion mark (we’ll know for sure as worldwide box office returns slowly churn in). The Star Wars sequel accomplished the notable feat of spending three weekends atop the box office. The Disney movie’s $463.1 million total makes it the third highest grossing film released in 2019. And on top of it all…the movie is actually pretty fantastic (in my opinion).

But we can’t deny the facts. And the fact is that almost no movie that made that much on opening weekend has ever had this gigantic of a drop at the box office.

After a $177.4 million opening weekend, Rise of Skywalker saw 59.2% decline on the second weekend—the fifth-worst showing for the club. Then the Disney film’s $34.5 million third-weekend showing resulted in an 81% drop—the third-worst showing for the club. And now this past weekend’s 91.5% drop ties The Rise of Skywalker with Avengers: Endgame for the largest fourth-weekend drop for anyone in the $100 Million Losers Club.

It doesn’t stop at the $100 Million Losers Club though. That 91.5% fall is the worst fourth-weekend showing for any Disney movie that made $1 billion in 2019. It’s also the worst fourth-weekend showing for any Star Wars movie ever.

Now for the worst part: no movie that has ever made at least $175 million on opening weekend has seen this much of a decline. Only 12 movies have accomplished such a massive opening weekend—but only one has seen a 91.5% drop.


7 thoughts on “Forbes Laments 92% Box Office Plunge

  1. This is truly lamentable, that a film such as this (marketed as the final film in the Skywalker saga) an epic conclusion to a 42 year old journey, limps towards the 1 billion dollar mark.

    This film *should* be well on its way to the TWO BILLION dollar mark, but there’s no way in hell that it can achieve that. It wont even hit ROGUE ONE numbers.

    Well, that’s what happens when you; have no plan, pander to the PC crowd and defecate on your existing fan base, on George Lucas and on the legacy of Star Wars.

    It’s time for this iteration of Lucasfilm, to end.

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  2. All is not wonderful in the STAR WARS universe, you media idiot. Ostriches like this guy are ignoring the huge red flags surrounding the franchise. The box office keeps dropping, the merchandise rots on store shelves, and the fanbase has melted down.

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  3. *Everyone has got it wrong, the Green poster child told us all the truth, global warming made the sweltringly low temperatures, fanned blistering snow storms, and ignited dense undergrowth buried under meters of snow drifts, not to mention oppressive -39C temps in Canada all of which contributed to the prevention of massive numbers of anxious fans from getting to their favorite theaters to see ep.09!…”How dare you, all of you,!Standing around deciding my (DSW) future! I am not a prize to be won.”…oh!…Wait…this last isn’t her, it’s Princess Jasmine and it’s still big “D”…so, there…

    *If DSW9 tickets were “D+” incentives guess what’s cookin’?


  4. It’s fun to see PC Media shills struggling to write anything positive about this sinking juggernaut. I agree with Mike Sidious on this one: this film should have been bringing in $2B US by now with long lines, repeat views, positive word-of-mouth, and so on.

    Watching this fiasco has been interesting. A tug of war between K.Kennedy and B.Iger: KK with her feminasty politics vs Iger’s inept ability to run a growing empire. Iger should have known what was up Kennedy’s sleeve before building… not one, but two Galaxy’s Edges. The parks have failed along with the theatre movies.

    And yet, making product — successful product, mind you — for their fledgling streaming service hasn’t been a struggle. This poses an interesting contrast worthy of thought.


    • The inherent problem is that STAR WARS was already over and done. Lucas had actual ideas and an actual story to tell, and he told it. The End. STAR WARS is exceptionally good at one particular type of storytelling, but doesn’t necessarily have the range of other franchises. More is not necessarily a good thing.

      Disney bought it, and immediately stated milking the nostalgia cow, with the foolish assumption that people would buy anything with the brand-name stamped onto it. But, as Captain Kirk once noted, “You can’t simply say, ‘Today I will be brilliant!'”. These movies have no vision, no story. They are corporate products, not art. They stand on the shoulders of giants whilst pissing on them.

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