Lucasfilm Incapable Of Delivering The One Project People Are Asking For

The Obi-Wan series has been put on ice.


Would be better getting produced after Kathy is gone.

Collider reports:

Two independent sources with knowledge of the situation tell Collider that the Obi-Wan series has been put on hold, as the crew that had assembled at Pinewood Studios in London was sent home. A timeframe was not given, but the crew was told that the show would be down “indefinitely.”

We’re hearing that Lucasfilm president and Obi-Wan producer Kathleen Kennedy was not happy with the scripts. Sources tell us that what will most likely happen next is the scripts will be reworked with the hopeful goal of reassembling this summer, but there’s always the possibility that that timeframe could shift.

It sounds like Kennedy would rather ensure that the story being told with this Disney+ series is as good as it can be on the page before they roll cameras, and rather than move forward with hesitations, she’s asked that they go back and rework what’s on the page.

What didn’t Kathy Like?  Too many white males?  Not enough blue haired lesbians?  No petite brunettes to represent Kathy?  Who knows.

The Hollywood Reporter writes:

Sources tell THR that the scripts — only two were written — and story became an issue and that the entire package has been jettisoned. Lucasfilm is now on the hunt for a new writer to pen the series. At the same time, sources say the project is being reconfigured from six episodes to four.

It is unclear when the show will ramp up again, although insiders stress that McGregor remains attached to star and Chow remains on as director. Disney had no comment.

It is unclear why scripts became an issue so late in the process. One source said the Kenobi story trod similar ground as The Mandalorian, seeing the Jedi master lending a protective hand to a young Luke and possible even a young Leia, perhaps mirroring how the Mandalorian took Baby Yoda under his protective custody.


91 thoughts on “Lucasfilm Incapable Of Delivering The One Project People Are Asking For

    • To be fair, George Lucas already ruined Kenobi with his decision to not only turn Obi-Wan into a manipulative liar to Luke via a retcon, but also have him essentially imply truth is relative (when it really isn’t, and aside from that, the only kind of character I see saying that sort of thing is the villains like Lord Voldemort, not someone who’s supposed to be a good guy.) when confronted on it by Luke instead of actually owning up to the fact that he flat out lied to Luke regarding Vader and his father, not to mention Lucas having him say “Only a Sith deals in absolutes” for no real reason other than to make a pot shot against a certain statement in one of then-President Bush’s State of the Union addresses. Not to mention how he even took Anakin under his wing not matching up at all between what he told Luke and the prequels (the Original trilogy made it sound as though he wanted to prove himself to be capable of training a Padawan as well as Yoda, while the Prequels indicated he only did it as a final wish to Qui-Gon, and before then didn’t even WANT to have anything to do with Anakin at all.).

      In fact, probably the only legacy characters Lucas DIDN’T ruin during his run are Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, Lando, and maybe Palpatine. Vader to a lesser extent, since at least Lucas actually gave him a downfall, which is more than can be said about other characters who were promised a downfall yet… fell short of that promise (Kojima and Big Boss in MGSV, I’m looking at you), though even he nevertheless ended up demonized for wanting to protect those he cared for due to a stupid “no attachments” policy that was NEVER implied in the Original Trilogy in ANY way (not to mention at its most logical conclusion made the Jedi out to be as callous as the Sith, which is a really terrible choice of characterization especially regarding trying to actually differentiating the two, which, you know, is kind of the entire POINT of developing heroes and villains, or at least protagonists and antagonists).

      But I agree overall, don’t want Kenobi to get an even shorter end of the stick and ruined thanks to Disney’s current management.

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            • Even when you don’t say it, you still say it. So, no, YOU save it. You’re unable to resist scratching the same handful of itches to the point of absurdity. Not one person here is unaware of your feelings about Vietnam, Lucas, Kojima, Obama, and the rest. And no one cares. STOP.

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              • Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I made plenty of posts on here denouncing Disney’s run on Star Wars that DIDN’T even INVOLVE all those references at all. And BTW, if no one else cares, guess what, Itchy wouldn’t have also acknowledged that Lucas was also far left himself. And believe me, he’s made that clear in a couple of articles.


      • Otnesse,
        You’re the only commenter here, who can see the cultural marxist vomit for what it is.
        The original trilogy was leftist propaganda, because Lucas is leftist, just like his alleged pedophile friend (both have been recorded salivating about an underage girl, while discussing Indiana Jones), Steven Spielberg.

        The only thing different between the trilogy, the prequels, and the current shit, is the brazenness.

        The Jedi = relativism shit isn’t just converged poz, it’s shit writing. Something like Star Wars couldn’t exist with a relativistic ideology. That sort of belief system reflects decadence, and gamma male fussing, which would not be tolerated in a society with that much carnage.

        WWII culture is much more likely. And the real one. Not the one retconned by (((Spielberg))).


        • Well if you hate all of it why are you here? You sound like an Owen Benjamin Gay Bear from Washington State via California with your Gamma and Spielberg is a pedo shtick.


          • I can’t speak for the above user (and to be fair, he’s apparently a new user on here), but I don’t hate Star Wars. I hate the direction George Lucas took it in, including making it a far-left screed from the get go, yes, but I don’t hate Star Wars in and of itself. I most certainly wouldn’t be on here if I truly did hate Star Wars. Heck, I wouldn’t even be on Wookieepedia if I truly hated it, or for that matter Empire Did Nothing Wrong, and I certainly wouldn’t have gotten those Epic Collection books, either.


        • Yeah, pretty much agreed, and I am NOT fond of being outright manipulated into supporting leftism, so the very second I got confirmation that Lucas had in fact been pushing leftist crap since the very start, while I couldn’t simply walk away from Star Wars because of it due to pretty much growing up on it, I did end up rooting for the Empire, probably the only exception I’ve EVER made regarding my rule on never, ever rooting for villains. At least the Empire, for better or for worse, IS based on America, and I sure as heck wouldn’t support a communist group like the Vietcong, or anything based on a communist group, especially not if they’re the “heroes” (I wouldn’t root for them if they’re villains, BTW, but at least there, I’m not supposed to root for the villains). And I learned from the mistake I made regarding a creator and his franchise reflecting your views when Hideo Kojima pushed Che Guevara love in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, and came close to falling for his lies and omissions there. Heck, Metal Gear pushed the same crap regarding relativism in Metal Gear Solid 2 and, as much as I dislike to admit it, even Metal Gear Solid 3 (and the latter game’s the closest the series had to an actual pro-American, pro-Patriotic game).

          Heck, the prequel trilogy also got a bit more brazen with its cultural Marxist crap (though admittedly not nearly to the same extent as the sequel trilogy, though that’s only because the new guard is now even more radical than the old guard).

          And yeah, you’re referring to the bit where they actually thought about having Indiana Jones enter a pedophilic relationship with Marion Ravenwood in Raiders of the Lost Ark, right? That was messed up, though I’d argue that Lucas was the worst of the bunch there, as the others, even Spielberg, insisted they age her up a bit.

          And Retcons are the ultimate expression of bad writing. I’d know, I’ve played the Metal Gear series and watched Star Wars.

          And I prefer WWII culture (my only regret with that culture is the fact that, thanks to allying with Stalin, we’re essentially responsible for allowing Communism to spread across the world, when we should have stopped it dead in its tracks long ago), though that being said, I think the Vietnam War really needs a second look, a more positive look (and by that, I mean the actual war, not the official reports made by far-left anti-war communist nutjobs).

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          • For the love of sanity, stop encouraging him.

            STAR WARS under Lucas was not leftist propaganda. It worked perfectly well on the surface level as escapist entertainment, and Lucas was more than free–as an artist–to put some subtext/analogy in there as he saw fit. But first and foremost for him was storytelling and characters.

            To even suggest lumping him in with Kennedy and her goon squad is, frankly, insulting. And stupid.

            You Cult of Trump, uber-anti-Commie nutjobs are almost as bad as the actual far-Lefists, because anything and everything becomes a propaganda conspiracy with you.

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              • But the idiots and mentally ill people who keep posting this conspiracy-theory nonsense are just giving fuel to those who want to paint the Fandom Menace as a Trump-loving, alt-right hate group. That’s the problem. A few bad apples.

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                • First of all, while I’m fond enough of Trump to deeply consider voting him in again, I am not necessarily Trump-loving. I just realize he’s the best we’ve got (I’d prefer someone like Ben Carson or Rick Santorum over Trump, personally). Second of all, I’m certainly not “alt right.” I’m conservative, yes, but I’m NOT alt-Right, and I refuse to associate myself with the likes of Richard Spencer (who is more of a leftist infiltrator than a genuine right-winger). Lastly, I fail to see how being right-wing makes one a bad apple. Not like we’re advocating that we exterminate anyone or anything like that. Or maybe you prefer it if Kojima told you to worship Che Guevara?


                    • Would it have been much better if I mentioned the Wachowskis, then? They did the same thing with the Matrix, which had enough solid narrations that Father Barron complimented it, Father Barron, one of the defenders of Catholicism and fairly conservative in outlook, and that turned out especially by the sequels to be Marxist and nihilist far-left propaganda.


                • Oh, and just for the record, I’d say the Lucas shills are just as bad as the Disney shills, and that all the ones worshipping Lucas as a demigod like College youth worshipping Che Guevara as a guy who walks on water definitely paint Fandom Menace in a bad light, acting like they only like bad writing and agenda pushing if it’s George Lucas doing the pushing.


            • If he truly cared about subtext/analogy that didn’t entail pushing leftism in a subtle manner, there was literally nothing stopping him from, say, comparing Aquilae to the American colonies and the Empire to Great Britain, or for that matter, comparing Aquilae to the Vendee and the Empire to the French Republic under Robespierre, or heck, if he must do a Vietnam War angle, why not compare Aquilae to the South Vietnamese, and compare the Empire to the North Vietnamese or even the USSR or bare minimum Red China? That would have given subtext/analogies of the same sort regardless, AND it would avoid painting him as a Communist sympathizer. No, he definitely was trying to push a leftist agenda. The only difference between then and now is that at least back then, he and his fellow leftists were smart enough to avoid showing their hand and true aims. Not to mention Lucas as well as Walter Murch both explicitly stated that the anti-Vietnam War stuff was cleverly disguised in the film specifically to AVOID getting run out of Vietnam due to it being the height of the war at the time they were making it.

              Besides, Kojima could also use the exact same argument of wanting to put some subtext/analogy in Peace Walker when he had the FSLN, Miller, and Big Boss singing praises for Che Guevara and never mentioning a single bad thing about him (not even the fact that he was partly responsible for the Cuban Missile Crisis, which, you know, that bit of history was a pretty important part of the plot of Peace Walker due to wanting to avoid a repeat of that event), yet last I checked, he was still VERY obviously pushing an agenda as well. Don’t believe me? Watch this: And bear in mind, the Cuban Missile Crisis tape would point to them NOT being the types to even support Che ESPECIALLY regarding his nearly nuking America and instigating a nuclear war (resulting in Khrushchev having to interfere and end the standoff without a nuclear war). To say little about how Big Boss had previous experience with a sadistic GRU colonel named Volgin who was pretty much the same type of guy as Che, and I don’t mean that in a good way, and he utterly hated Volgin’s guts. Watch this regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis bit and their commentary on it:

              Also, my turning against Lucas occurred LONG before I even considered voting for Donald Trump for President. And it’s no conspiracy when Lucas outright admits it. Want a propaganda conspiracy in the way you’re describing it? Try claiming that Walt Disney was a communist plant and made his movies specifically to peddle communism (even though Walt Disney naming names during the HUAC investigations and helping to put down Communists should be a pretty big hint that he’s NOT a Communist), or how about the claims that Walt Disney was a closet fascist/Nazi sympathizer (even though he made no less than two anti-Nazi war films during World War II, three if we count Chicken Little, which was originally supposed to have the Fox explicitly reading Mein Kampf, yet was changed to a generic Psychology book regarding the cover to avoid coming across as too contemporary should have been a very big hint that he loved fascists/Nazis as much as mice love cats.).


              • Your nonsense arguments boil down to, “Oh no! Lucas is a Socialist! But I love Star Wars! What do I do? I guess I have to root for the Empire, now, because the Rebels are Commies!”. Which is both stupid and insane.

                For your own health, just QUIT. GO AWAY. Stop pushing your ridiculous narratives. Stop freaking out over movies which were made 40 years ago.

                But, no, you’re just as ill as the Reylos and the people on the opposite side of the fence, who can’t stop bitching about their strawman arguments. Like an addict, you can’t stop. You’re just wasting your time.

                Lucas had the right as an artist to include whatever subtexts he wanted to. His films still work on a narrative level, and so whatever messages may have been under the surface were NOT the sole reason for the films’ existence. And therefore NOT propaganda.

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                • Metal Gear had the exact same thing occur, actually. Had some pretty good narratives and storytelling, retcons aside, which was how it even got to be a big franchise especially when it got to Snake Eater. However, at some point, whether it be Metal Gear Solid 2, or Metal Gear Solid 4, or even Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, the series creator Hideo Kojima started trying to push his political views into the narrative. For instance, in Peace Walker, a game that had Big Boss starting a mercenary outfit and trying to get over his guilt over killing The Boss, and eventually deciding to build a nuke as part of deterrence theory, all of a sudden had him and Miller singing praises for Che Guevara, with the narrative clearly trying to paint them as being in the right for supporting Che Guevara, and even treating the Sandinista movement as a sympathetic group who wanted merely to free Nicaragua from American tyranny instead of a Khmer Rouge-type genocidal political party it was in reality. The Metal Gear games still worked on a narrative level, yet Kojima ruined it by trying to push leftist agendas. Same goes for the Matrix movies, ESPECIALLY by the time of the sequels where the Wachowskis definitely went nuts and started destroying their own narrative. Do you really think “narrative levels” are enough to dissuade it from being propaganda. The most dangerous forms of propaganda ARE in fact the ones told subtly. Even Khrushchev and Lenin, to say little about Goebbels, recognized that bit.


                    • Well, you DID say that Star Wars had workable narratives, so I was pointing out how “workable narratives” isn’t a reason to ignore blatant propaganda, and used Metal Gear as an example since you clearly were going to ignore my points about Star Wars.


  1. “ What didn’t Kathy Like? Too many white males? Not enough blue haired lesbians? No petite brunettes to represent Kathy? Who knows.”

    Ironic that some stupid person like you, @ItcyBacca, would write such crap like this without failing to realize that the writer of the Kenobi series was Iranian-American. Just shows the sexism and racism in you.


    • That’s besides the point. This stinks of Kathy’s creative meddling. The same kind of meddling that turned Solo into the first Star Wars film to lose money at the box office.

      The point is Itchy doesn’t believe this is Kathy trying to make sure this show is the best. If it is, then it’s too little, too late.

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        • No, I don’t comment here anymore. I don’t agree with a lot of what Itchy says and I feel like commenting and egging people on is a waste of my time.

          I have no idea what this series is going to be like and why it has halted production, but if the Mandalorian was anything to go by I think it might be to my tastes. The Mandalorian went out of it’s way to fit into Legends for goodness sake!!


    • No such thing as sexism and racism. These are false constructs crafted to shout down those who notice factual, empirical patterns, that go against equalist mythology.

      Take ya fake ass awn! Trawl!


      • Well, to be fair, the KKK did exist, though they also targeted fellow Whites as well, and if anything were more politicist than anything else (as they specifically targeted Republicans, Black Republicans largely, but also white republicans).

        And yeah, equality’s a myth. God alone is a testament to how no equality truly exists (being omnipotent and omniscient, while we humans are mere fleas before him).


        • That’s not to say equality under the law doesn’t exist, it does, but there’s a difference in equality of opportunity, which DOES exist and what equality under the law is SUPPOSED to represent, and equality in outcome. Want the latter? Go to France, but don’t complain when they overtax you.


  2. Have you seen the Kenobi fan film? There are actual fans of that project within LFL. The “creative forces” involved have a similar tone for the series, which would be good because it isolates the character as the journey unfolds. And important for Disney especially with Star Wars in its present state at least it keeps the budget down.

    Some “non-creative forces” see another Mandalorian which for the time being fans are united. Mandalorian and Kenobi offer similar poetry.
    But Kenobi going off world on adventures and missions when he is generally focused on laying low hiding himself and Luke from the Empire sounds as ridiculous as it sounds.

    By keeping the character isolated as was originally written you have the opportunity to bring some really excellent characterisation. Kenobi was on Tattooine, hiding but also as a protector for the future saviour of the Galaxy. Add in the Lars and you get to see how they felt about this great burden they were chosen to bear?

    Although isolated you have great depth on where to go and especially illustrate a whole range of emotions for the character. Take him off world and you further destroy George’s legacy. Add Vader? And it becomes ridiculous you have them passing by like ships in the night.
    “A presence something I have not felt since…” two episodes ago a lightsaber fight at dex’s diner.

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    • If they were going by the EU continuity, Krayt and his Tuskan clans on the warpath to reclaim their lands from settlers vs. Obi Wan could be interesting as a 4-6 episodes series. You could get into the mind of a jedi whose ideals of justice have driven him to an ends justify the means mentality, while Obi Wan attempts to stop him. This would culminate in the fight between the two at Luke’s home where Obi Wan defeats Krayt and unmasks him in front of the Tuskan army, humiliating Krayt and causing him to lose face for the Tuskans which causes them to disperse. But that storyline would require some depth and nuance, and it wouldn’t fit with modern political climates undoubtedly.

      In their present canon, I suspect they were going to do something with Darth Maul and Obi Wan instead which would have ended with their fight from Rebels.

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  3. Good lord, Kathleen Kennedy firing directors and cancelling projects mid-production is like the corporate equivalent of Henry VIII divorcing/beheading his wives. It’s only a matter of time before a whole string of directors straight up refuse to do a Star Wars project; nobody likes working with a my-way-or-the-highway meddling-mom control freak.

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  4. So… has nobody at Lucasfilm heard about the concept of pre-production? Usually you are supposed to have the storyline written, or at least mostly know what you are going to do with it, before you go and hire a team to actually make the project. That way you only have to pay some writers and partially the director for their time if it ends up being a no-go. Otherwise you consistently go overbudget when you squabble about scripts that are being written on the fly. Heck, a lot of projects are planned out 1-2 years before you even start going into the production phase, and if its a major project that you are going to spend 150+ million on, why wouldn’t you do that?

    Realistically, this is only a mini series. It cannot possibly be that hard to write out a general storyline for it. And the series has already been in the pipeline for at least a year, so this should have all been taken care of ages ago.

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  5. Another Kennedy announcement before a Star Wars movie. Before TLJ she annouced the Rian Johnson trilogy. This time it was the Kenobi project, because that was what the fans wanted.

    I think that behind the scenes Bob Iger has said “NO”, or maybe Kevin Feige as the new “Shadow LFL President” (wishfull thinking…) has vetoed it.


    • Whenever someone talks about their “trilogy” Disneys stock price takes a dip.
      It’s not apparently good for business.
      Besides now that it’s all over Disney hierarchy are now openly commenting that this trilogy was overall not very good. One openly comparing it as “Counterfeit”
      Expect them to elaborate more on The Last Jedi than ever before with many saying they downright hated it.


    • I’m afraid you are right.

      Let’s face it. Kenobi has not much to do on Tatooine, except to study the force and look after Luke. But this is creepy when an old man stalks a young boy who has adults who look after him.

      If you want to hide him, don’t call him Skywalker. As far as we know it’s not a common name in the Star Wars Galaxy.

      So, whith the Lucasfilm SJW wokness, there needs to be on screen representation of a gay Twi’lek. 😛


  6. Filoni and another The Mandalorian writer will replace the current Kenobi writer? Smells like Bob Iger is behind it.

    TL;DR, but one of the commentators think it’s a puff piece, that tries to spin an another Star Wars production desaster in a positive direction.

    Disney, please save the Star Wars brand and fire Kathleen Kennedy and all Kennedy loyalists from Lucasfilm. It’s overdue…


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