Daniel Jose Older Proudly Flaunts Meaningless Bestseller Lists


Daniel’s grocery list has more value.

Back in 2018, Twitter user Mr. Roboto posted the following:


To which Daniel Jose Older replied:


This could have been some sort of mic drop.  Except for the following from Tim Grahl at The Observer:


A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, as the saying goes.

NYT keeps a tight lid on its process for selecting bestsellers. It is known that NYT samples its own list of certain booksellers across the country—though which ones make the cut are a tightly guarded secret—then look at the data with wise NYT brains, and decide whom they think should be on the list.

It’s said that this is done to keep people from gaming the system, which is partially true. But it’s also done so that The New York Times can have a say about which books get the extra credibility of being named a bestseller.

I’m certainly not the only one who sees potential problems with this system.

Remember: NYT and WSJ list = more money.

So a small group of people look at highly selective data to decide whom they deem important enough to be called a “New York Times bestseller.” At this point, we’ve come pretty far from “the books that sell the most copies.” We’ve laid some groundwork, so now I can share the really weird stuff.

So the NY Times bestseller list probably isn’t about books that sell the best, but rather, it’s about rewarding and promoting politically compliant authors.

Daniel touted another bestseller list recently, with the first book from the inevitably crappy High Republic publishing effort:


Apparently, the Amazon bestseller list holds great meaning for Daniel, though in reality, it has little to no meaning at all. From Brent Underwood at The Observer:

Behind the Scam: What Does It Take to Be a ‘Best-Selling Author’? $3 and 5 Minutes.

Last week, I put up a fake book on Amazon. I took a photo of my foot, uploaded to Amazon, and in a matter of hours, had achieved “No. 1 Best Seller” status, complete with the orange banner and everything.

How many copies did I need to sell be able to call up my mother and celebrate my newfound authorial achievements? Three. Yes, a total of three copies to become a best-selling author. And I bought two of those copies myself!

The reason people aspire to call themselves “bestselling author” is because it dramatically increases your credibility and “personal brand.” It can establish you as a thought leader. You’re able to show that you not only wrote a book, but that the market has judged it to be better than other books out there. It’s a status symbol, one of that cashes in on the prestige of one of man’s oldest past-times. At last, I had acquired this coveted title for myself.

I’m a partner at a marketing company called Brass Check. Over the years, we’ve helped launch 30 legitimate New York Times best sellers (including several at the sought-after No. 1 spot). My company has helped sell over 5 million books and advised or managed book launches with every major publishing house, including Amazon.

The title of my fake book was “Putting My Foot Down” for a reason: I’ve become utterly exhausted with phony “authors” and the scam artists and charlatans who conspire with these folks–the cottage industry that has built up around them, selling courses, instructions and hacks. A quick Google search returns dozens of “bestselling books,” courses, packages, schools, secrets, summits, and webinars teaching you how to become a “bestselling author”. Hell, this guy even promises to show you how to be a bestselling author “Even if You Have No Book Ideas, Writing Skills, or Any Clue Where To Start” in a “5 Phase Formula.”

Heart Centered Media will give you “Guaranteed Bestseller Status” for just “3 payments of $1,333,” although they let you know “Book Sales are NOT Guaranteed.” Denise Cassino promises that with her services, “You’ll forever after be a ‘Bestselling Author!’ a tag that will open doors otherwise closed to you”…for just $3250. Jesse Krieger over at “Bestseller Campaign Blueprint” encourages you to “Imagine looking on Amazon and seeing…Your Book on the Best-Seller Lists Next to Your Author Heroes” and lets you know he can deliver that dream for just $997. Peggy McColl has “Launched Perhaps MORE Bestsellers Than ANY Other” and will teach you how for only $2,497.

Because of the high bar, the term “bestselling author” was a term with some meaning. It was seen as something that was earned through a lot of hard work. But today, that designation has changed—for the worse. It’s like when you see a food described as “natural.” The FDA doesn’t actually regulate that term, so it’s basically meaningless.

So like the Nobel Peace Prize, or the Oscars, or the Grammys, or the Saturn Awards, or Rotten Tomatoes scores, bestseller lists aren’t about the merit or popularity of any work of art.  Rather, what they are about instead, is an SJW circlejerk in which political activists stroke each other over the degree with which they push their moronic political propaganda onto a disinterested public through their “art.”  Though entry into this cloistered club can be purchased for a nominal fee.  It’s certainly not based on the merit of the projects, because remember, SJWs despise the notion of meritocracy.


Lucasfilm Clones Dark Empire

The Explanatory Universe continues to mine “terrible” ideas from The Expanded Universe.  To understand how the Emperor returned in Episode IX, you’ll have to read the novelization by Rae Carson, another white male hater.  Apparently, the Emperor was cloned:

Drunk3PO points out:


What’s so amusing about this, is all of the SJW arguments about how dumb the cloned Emperor was in The Expanded Universe, in the Dark Empire story.  This was one of the primary reasons that SJWs cited to excuse the firebombing of the Expanded Universe, and now it’s in their own crappy canon.  Ha!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and review some of the choice comments that idiot SJWs made about the awful, terrible, horrible, idea of a cloned Emperor.

From cracked.com:

5 Awful Storylines We Don’t Want in the Star Wars Sequels

#4 Cloning the Emperor

…the “sequel” stories Emperor Palpatine is brought back from the dead in a clone body that inexplicably looks like Buck Compton from Band of Brothers.

Once more, you can see why they did it. You need a villain. And if George Lucas had written the sequel stories, it’s hard to believe he wouldn’t have done the same, after he contorted every prequel storyline to shoehorn in as many OT characters as he could.

Here’s one from way back in 2004:


From 2008:


From 2012:


From 2015:


From 2015:


From 2018:


From 2018:


From 2019:


And of course there is Twitter:



Feminists Ruin The Clone Wars

The Kathleen Kennedy wrecking ball continues full steam ahead through the remaining shards of the once invincible Star Wars franchise.  Back in July of 2018, I advised those who were excited by the announcement of another season of The Clone Wars to temper that excitement, given what we know about those who are producing Star Wars material today.

Then in May of 2019, it became known that the Asian male character Nyx was replaced by homely feminist ciphers.

And now this:


Click the image to watch the media on Twitter.

An amusing moment that recalls a part of WWII history has been stricken from the show.  For those who may not know, pilots who shot down actual Nazis would paint lovely ladies on the fuselage of their aircraft.  Here’s one such example:


But we can’t have soldiers get one last glance at inspiring beauty before being potentially blown out of the sky into smithereens, because uneducated feminists who are jealous that the male gaze is being diverted away from them consider it “objectifying.”


This, of course, should come as a surprise to no one, given Puke-asfilm’s efforts to distance themselves from Leia’s memorable gold bikini.  Feminists don’t understand the meaning of that either, and stupidly think it was there just to titillate young boys.  SJWs are unable to understand any other context because their heads are filled with nothing but testicles and ovaries.

But one thing is clear; there isn’t any point in watching the remaining episodes of this season, or in purchasing the DVD set for your collection.  Like everything else that Disney has touched, this too has been tainted by the fetid stench of feminist idiocy.

If you haven’t purchased a DVD or even VHS of Lucas era films, you better do it now.  Because when all that’s left is streaming versions, militant feminists will likely have this line removed from the first film:


Here is the lost art for your enjoyment:


Steven Spielberg Drops Indy


“Screw this noise!” Steven Spielberg

Sometime back, James Mansgold was rumored to direct a Boba Fett movie.  And Mangold’s whiteness would set off alarm bells in Chuck Wendig’s empty head in May of 2018.



But being attacked by a prominent SJW for his whiteness didn’t stop Mangold from expressing his own lunatic moonbattery back in July 2018.




Maybe Mangold missed the footage of Mark Hamill explaining how Rian Johnson insisted that the fan’s opinions be dismissed.  So what battles of ours did he fight behind the scenes exactly?



There’s a significant difference between sabbatical Luke and vagrant Jake.


DC Comics is going out of business, James.


Take care of your own back yard first, James.



And how about the attacks on the fandom for merely calling a crappy movie what it is; crappy.  What about that James?

But it appears Mangold is now being considered to replace Steven Speilberg as director of Indiana Jones 5, because Steven Spielberg has dropped out. According to Variety:

After a long development process, Steven Spielberg is handing the directing reins on “Indiana Jones 5” to another filmmaker for the first time in the franchise’s 39-year history, Variety has learned.

Spielberg will remain as a hands-on producer on “Indy 5.” According to a source close to the filmmaker, the decision to leave the director’s chair was entirely Spielberg’s, in a desire to pass along Indy’s whip to a new generation to bring their perspective to the story.

We’ve seen the new generation’s perspective on the Star Wars story.  It sucks.  Badly.





Rejecting Your Family To Choose Another

That’s what the blurb on this Project Luminous whiteboard suggests:


As Jar Jar Abrams correctly points out:


These are people from broken homes who believe that they can choose who their family is among the SJW degenerates around them ala carte.  Everything is sweetness and light when things are going great.  But the moment that there’s any bit of strife, your chosen family will have no compunction whatsoever about kicking you to the curb.

Science Hates Pablo Hidalgo

Remember the Associate Idiot Professor Bethany Lacina who is busy wasting young and naive student’s time with a completely worthless “education?”


Well here she is weeping for persecuted Reylos and attacking Pablo Hidalgo and Lucasfilm all at the same time.  Behold the glorious SJW on SJW action:



Bethany should read this blog more often to gain a fuller understanding as to why Reylos get the “shit” they do.  But it’s good to see that Bethany’s deeply sick obsession with “white straight dudes” is keeping her “science” free of “bias.”

Is Pablo a “white straight dude?”  Who the hell knows.  But one thing is for sure; getting attacked by SJWs when you’re an SJW yourself is enough to drive a man to drink.

Pablo Hidalgo listens to the Motel 6 band at closing time:

Music AI created from the image in the video courtesy of:


Thanks to R. Kester for the tip.