Michelle Buchman Waging A War Against Reylos?

Michelle Buchman, the social media manager for Star Wars, isn’t too happy with the way that Reylos reacted to Pablo Hidalgo’s recent tweets.




But we all know what Michelle is referring to, even though she later attempted to be sly about it.  And she doesn’t like Reylos bothering her for assets for their Reylo art either.


And her friend from Toy Hunter is there to mock the Reylos too.


But Michelle is only on Twitter very temporarily you see.


She doesn’t post hardly anything at all on here.


Unless of course, she’s networking with “academics” to find out how to make fandom better for everyone except white CIS men.



One of the first “academics” that Michelle is referred to is Katie McCort.  Readers of this blog may remember Katie, as the crazy person who declared Reylos to be more popular than The Fandom Menace, and the “academic” who published a mile long “study” on the persecution of Reylos, that no one but Reylos will ever read.  And Buchman has no problem whatsoever letting everyone know just how gosh dang important she is.


That’s a shame.

She was also turned on to our old pal Morten Bay of Russian Bot fame, and uneducated imbecile Bethany Lacina.


But Morten may be out of luck thanks to his melanin content.



Now some might read all of this and think that Michell Buchman might be wanting to find ways to use Star Wars social media to fight the dastardly Fandom Menace.  But is that the case?

At least one Reylo thought otherwise.


And we also find the following exchange in that same thread:



But when Michelle was directly confronted by her political superior, she dutifully bent the knee.



But who is this “Stitch” that now has the Star Wars social media manager’s undying loyalty and submission?

Well, she runs a blog called Stitch’s Media Mix.  Here’s a sample:

Whose Job Is It To Fix Fandom?

During the first two weeks of January, I came across an exchange between two Star Wars fans who were absolutely holding on to the narrative that the Rey/Kylo shipping fandom was being burdened with false accusations of racism – two weeks into the fandom as a whole going off on John Boyega over separate comments he made on New Year’s Eve.


Two things stand out to me about these two tweets.

First, there’s the idea that supposedly scapegoating a “wildly diverse, large group” (Rey/Kylo shippers) for racism they are either participating in or not stopping from their fandom… is “actively making it harder to combat fandom racism”.

As someone who’s been writing about fandom racism relatively professionally since 2015? (And casually, to an extent, since the time of the Sleepy Hollow and MCU fandoms’ initial antiblackness?)

It’s actually fans like those two that make it hard for me to have my work taken seriously and for other fans to recognize and work against fandom racism.

And, let’s talk about what’s truly making it harder to combat fandom racism from my end as someone trying to talk about and push back against racism in fandom: white fans and fans of color who actively work together to silence commentary on and conversations about racism in fandom.

So is this what Michelle Buchman is doing?  Is Buchman seeking Stitch’s advice to better combat the Reylos that have harassed her off of social media?

But if any of them are interested in the only real way to “fix” fandom, or “make it better for everyone,” it’s to remove themselves and their idiot SJW peers from it.  Because none of this kind of dramatic nonsense over race this and gender that was going on in great measure before the introduction of the SJW into fandom.  They brought all of this kind of trash with them

And the fact that they’re not even really fans is self-evident.  In all of this hand wringing over nothingness, how often are any of them talking about Jedi or Sith?  How many times did they discuss how anti-grav technology might work in a speeder bike?  How many mentions of The Clone Wars were there?  Are they fans of the Night Sisters?

Maybe instead of counting supposedly racist and sexist comments in Tweets, Morten & Bethany and their idiot colleagues ought to focus on counting the number of actual Star Wars references in SJW tweets.  Because as far as I can tell, their only real interest in it is to use it as a soapbox to bitch endlessly about race and gender, whether or not any of their ideological trash actually applies to anything in reality.

16 thoughts on “Michelle Buchman Waging A War Against Reylos?

  1. I saw character backstories, development of rivalries, Michelle goes through a story arch, perhaps a hero’s journey to some degree. There was a mcguffin to be found, some level of deceit. A barrier to be defeated without alerting the sleeping troops including an obstacle course with snakes.

    This is a better movie than any of the Disney trilogy offerings!!!! (well I’m guessing, I don’t know hardly anything about Plan 9)

    I am entertained.

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  2. Michelle comes off as a pompous idiot in constant need of having her ego stroked and her life choices validated by strangers. Sad and pathetic, she really has some serious issues that need to be worked out with her shrink. Maybe her meds need to be adjusted or something. She is unstable and not a person a major film studio should have as a public conduit to the fans. But, since she has such a harsh bias against white men, she’s welcomed at good ole Lucasfilm with open arms. Because we all know that’s the only qualification anyone needs to be employed there.

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    • I agree. While it is momentarily considered a “fad” to throw darts at straight white males, their ability to see beyond this momentary pendulum swing is almost nil. Consider:
      Currently many top stars, political people, etc., are going thru Twitter to delete what was once perfectly acceptable. Five years down the road, when it is popular to attack PC culture, those who’ve posted far-left crap will likewise be scrambling to eliminate their digital paper trail.


  3. I’m still thinking about this. I think there is so much wrong with her tack.

    One exchange in this:
    MB:'[…]particularly fandoms in relation to digital culture online?[…]’
    HSTeacher: ‘any particular demographic?’
    MB:'[…] nerd fandoms with a particularly devoted and passionate fanbase’

    Firstly, I’m going to make the assumption her interest relates to reylos and not the Fandom Menace. If it had been the latter, the solution would be easy: Come talk to us but leave your baggage at home (though nothing new could be added to what has already been recorded in this blog and/or on youtube)


    She’s imagining Reylos have the same psychology as ‘nerds.’ (I’m a geek, not a nerd) NOPE. These are actually ‘YA romance [ummm, for lack of a better word] aficionados.’ She should really be talking to someone like Stephenie Meyer or Rosalind Wiseman as a starting point. Secondly, regardless of the actual ages and genders of Reylos, she should be talking to psychologists regarding teen female [normal] social development. Also, the problem ones aren’t ‘devoted and passionate’… I think the correct word is ‘fixated’

    [defn: fixated (in Freudian theory) arrest (a person or their libidinal energy) at an immature stage, causing an obsessive attachment.]

    If those things still don’t offer enlightenment, male coaches of female league teams, male teachers at the Archer School for Girls (referring to itchy’s page banner)

    failing that, anyone with a specialty in narcissism, men with pathological wife experience

    do nothing?

    dump gasoline on the fire and make it burn out faster.


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