Gird Your Loins For The Damseling Of Michelle Buchman

Phase 12 of the Geeker Gate states:

12. THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS – A female member of the production (it could also be a member of the LGBTQ+ community) is granted victim status over a fishy event in order to deflect from the failures of the IP, and shame critical customers into silence. The damsel in distress is used as a political pawn both by the SJWs inside the IP, and the SJWs outside of the IP in the customer base and shill media. If the first Damsel In Distress doesn’t quite work, another one will come.

Well it looks like another damsel just might be in the making.  Peter Sciretta of SlashFilm recently observed the following:


Ignoring the blatant falsehoods that preface the statement of interest here, it does appear that Star Wars social media manager Michelle Buchman’s Twitter account is no more.


Like the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident, absolutely no facts are known as of this writing.  Maybe she closed her account.  Maybe she was banned.  We just don’t know.  But also like the Kelly Marie Tran Instagram Incident, not knowing anything at all won’t stop SJWs from fabricating a narrative to malign fans with whom they disagree.

Price of Reason offers the following speculation:


Who was the other half?  As detailed in a previous blog post, the other half were Reylos who drove the Star Wars social media manager away from social media.  It’s not hard to think that Reylos might have gone after her again, after discovering that she was networking with “academics” to possibly wage a social media war against the Reylos.

Sciretta had this to say about Michelle Buchman:


Yes.  Michelle is one of the nicest people who hates men and thinks that Christians are crazy.  Without a doubt.  But not to worry.  Michelle no doubt still runs all of Star Wars social media.

We now anxiously await the impending virtue signals from drones in the Lucasfilm Collective.


This was recently posted on Twitter by a Reylo:




We have a screen captured statement from Buchman herself.  Apparently, there was an issue over some shirt.



Some Reylos clarify the shirt controversy:




And some such as At At Chat are now declaring that Reylos do not belong in Fandom.  I guess Star Wars isn’t for everyone?




The blue-check virtue signals are starting to trickle in.



8 thoughts on “Gird Your Loins For The Damseling Of Michelle Buchman

  1. Huh… didn’t she whined and threw a tantrum about leaving social media because she got into a fight with deranged Reylos?
    These SJW villians really never let any crisis go to waste, even those they cause themselves… actually the ones they cause themselves in particular.


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  3. What I have a problem with is that in 2012 they opened the gates to these people as a way of fan engagement. They built relationships with all the wrong people. Thankfully corporate see through the ways of broadcasting for a platform because “I have a Star Wars Story”
    They are now stuck to the Lucasfilm hull like unmovable barnacles.

    A recent episode reported by Itchy here has made it to the halls of Lucasfilm.
    This prompted HR @ Disney to investigate possible criminality. As it was common enough for people to separate and take sides although it was something fought on social media but spread into the atmosphere like the unwanted virus much has become via social media today.
    Relieved that it was not an internal scenario they did conclude with the question “Why the fuck is that being brought into our company?”

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