Queen Madeleine Despises Old White Men


Madeleine adorns her lily-white nose with a boogery nose ring.

Our voyage through the minds of Lucasfilm representatives who hate white males continues with a look at Madeleine Roux, another New York Times bestselling author.


Madeline wrote the short story Eclipse for the anthology, From a Certain Point of View.  Wookieepedia notes that “Madeleine has a tattoo arm-sleeve dedicated to the ladies of Star Wars.”  Maybe there ought to be a regulatory body to enforce gender equality on Madeleine’s arm.

Prepare yourself for an exemplary example of the fringe left’s most fashionable form of bigotry.  This is the caliber of writers that Lucasfilm now hires.  Let’s cue the music and take a look:


























34 thoughts on “Queen Madeleine Despises Old White Men

  1. What the hell is that thing? ( O_o)
    Damn it but if she wanted to become undateable she achieved that with that haircut alone, adding the nose ring, the possibly several abortions and the tattoos that cheap her skin, this woman is a perfect candidate to die alone as a miserable cat lady.
    Then again, it is best this type of women do not reproduce, it is quite clear she would be a terrible, sociopathic mother and would be incapable of pair bond with any other person.

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  2. I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen that stupid hairstyle on cannon fodder enemies in a video game somewhere! I want to think it was a Double Dragon-style beat-em-up, but I can’t remember which one! I can’t even swear it was on a female enemy’s head either, though frankly that hairstyle makes anyone of either gender a lot more punchable!

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    • I you make yourself look unattractive, then the reason nobody sees any value in you is solely because you look unattractive. Can’t be any other reason.


  3. Another Baizuo feminist with a mentally ill haircut, constantly tweeting about white men(still racist and sexist despite what the SJWs say), panders to the Twilight and 50 Shades crowd. Probably even worse than Grey Griffin. Yes, I said that.


  4. I was at a party at a gay venue recently in LA where on the video screen they showed the Grace Jones Slave to the Rhythm video. Which if you have seen it? You will know its eighties ,artistic and an aesthetic towards fashion. It also has white people do black face as well as black people do whiteface before SJWs made it an issue.

    Now I seen someone a female SJW I would say late teens early twenties have a full scale breakdown because of this video. Sitting crunched up on the floor with their head between their knees, rolling about crying and screaming racist obscenities at everyone because of how racist this video was. Even though it was the aesthetic the artist intended. Flamboyant, fashionable, avant-garde and full of colour.

    I watch this and wonder deeply about how they have turned into identity obsessed weirdos, who despise and want to eradicate history as well as art and culture.
    Who is behind this?

    Needless to say she got thrown out. Another spoiled brat with Daddy issues.

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    • Mind blowing isn’t it.

      Her parents are failures.

      re: Grace Jones…I recall her on Letterman in the 80’s, possibly promoting this very album. It was odd because she had a full-face mask on a stick she was positioning to hide her face. All giddy and nervous. No idea if it was an act, or genuine or drug affected. But yeah, she was a bit of a fashion plate back then.

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    • Our school system is invaded and under control of insane hippie commies, it has been for decades now. What you saw is the result of complete indoctrination and mind destruction.

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  5. I’ve had personal experience with a good number of damaged young women. Too many. There is a common thread among them all in regards to patterns of self-harming, lesbianism/bisexuality, drug/alcohol abuse, tattoos/piercings/extreme haircolors/styles, and it boils down to sexual molestation, childhood abuse, and/or major self-esteem and identity/sexuality/gender issues.

    There’s a reason nature provides dangerous animals with bright colors/markings and other warning signs. This is a generalization, of course, but, speaking from my own experience, there IS a pattern. Damaged girls acts out with behavior and physical grooming habits designed to disassociate themselves from themselves as a defense mechanism.


    • “[…] and it boils down to sexual molestation, childhood abuse, […]”

      this is what I understand to be a key ingredient in ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’


      • Yes. I’ve seen it firsthand. And, while people who suffer from it deserve compassion and pity, that doesn’t necessarily mitigate the terrible damage that they tend to do to both themselves and the world around them.

        The Zoe Quinns of the world may do and say horrible things, but there’s a pretty good chance that horrible things happened to them to make them act out. It’s a vicious cycle of destructive behavior. Victims becoming victimizers.

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        • “Yes. I’ve seen it firsthand. And, while people who suffer from it deserve compassion and pity, that doesn’t necessarily mitigate the terrible damage that they tend to do to both themselves and the world around them.”

          agreed. somewhat. their damage is minimized a huge amount when people in their lives become educated on it and aware. (probably so long as you yourself is on solid ground) My experience was with a very sweet and likeable person. The aspect which became a problem was the fear of abandonment…which was a shame. Truly a good heart, she has.


          • Fear of abandonment is at the root problem for a lot of these people, but they tends to go off the rails and self-sabotage because of their non-existent self- esteem.

            So, the question becomes, do you hold them accountable for their actions when they’re literally mentally ill? Where is that line drawn between compassion and self- preservation. Of course, many of the people we’re talking about in relation to Disney’s STAR WARS are completely toxic and dangerous.


    • r u really saying women who dye their hair are DENGERUS AMINALS like wow ur delusional. Every comment in this thread makes me cry for the human race that people honest to god believe this shite about wimin


  6. “things i do not want this election cycle: old white man energy” – Oh honey, do I have a bridge to sell you. Last I heard, the guy who won the last two primaries was an old white man from Vermont–how much do you wanna bet she would support him in a heartbeat without a second thought?

    “Ban white men with guns” – Just white men? What about the POCs living in the inner cities who shoot up their own neighborhoods on a daily basis? Get out of your ivory tower and take a walk through the hood. You’re gonna wish you had a gun with you.

    “59% of white women in Texas need to bleach their hair a little less often.” – And what about you? In order to dye your hair a bright neon color like that, you need to bleach the hell out of your hair. I’m also sensing a bit of…Deep South-phobia? A lot of white girls in Los Angeles bleach their hair too. Something-something glass houses…

    And regarding “finding activism”: unless you’re getting paid by George Soros (aka Supreme Leader Snoke, as I’ve heard some people call him), activism is a shitty way to earn a living.


    • I’ve more often heard Soros compared to Palpatine, but given the kind of idiots he’s leading lately maybe Snoke’s a more appropriate comparison at the moment. XD

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  7. I’d actually be interested to know how she thinks it could be improved. You know, like other than scrapping 1a and 2a.


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  9. Well, not only can she be poison in the twitterverse, she can be forced on your kids by any teacher who either shares her views or doesn’t vet her. nice.


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