Star Wars Writer-Artist Blames ComicsGate After Being Asked For Proof


An endangered species.

Meet Elsa Charretier, comicbook writer and artist for Star Wars.


According to Wookieepedia:

Elsa Charretier is a French comic book writer, illustrator and comic book artist who has worked on a number of Star Wars projects so far, mainly Star Wars Adventures from IDW Publishing and its spin-off miniseries Star Wars: Forces of Destiny. She often works with another French comic book writer, Pierrick Colinet.

Recently, Elsa posted an anecdote about a sexist and misogynist knuckle dragger in a comic book shop.  Now, we all know how SJW anecdotes that are intended to prove a political point usually turn out.  So it should come as no surprise that when folks started to ask her to provide something to prove that her story was true, she quickly deleted the tweet.

But, someone helpfully screencapped it for her.  Those of you familiar with the “boys at school bullied a girl for liking Star Wars” anecdotes will appreciate this.





And keep in mind, this woman lives in Paris, France.  Paris.  The City of Love and Absinthe.  Did you ever think you’d live to see the day when the French became prudes?  Say goodbye to the French Maid outfit.  And I guess they won’t be harboring Roman Polanski for much longer.  But I digress.

Of course, people are getting wise to these kinds of anecdotes and their political purposes.  So they started calling her out.



In response, she deleted her original post and then blamed Comicsgate.


Of course, it’s all a persecution of wahman.


Never ever.  And it’s all Comicsgate’s fault.


Google translation:

Social networks are very complicated! But I still find it hard to understand how someone who was surely not present claimed that you were lying!


Google translation:

These are comicsgate. They don’t try to understand, they target and harass all the people who express themselves


Google translation:

Ah bug, what a wound these guys ….

But, cooler heads know that even if this story is true, it doesn’t mean misogyny.


I can’t imagine why so many young girls are turning into misandrists with great stories like these.

19 thoughts on “Star Wars Writer-Artist Blames ComicsGate After Being Asked For Proof

  1. She lives in Paris? that excrement covered, african-islamic invaded, leftist hell hole?
    And she’s not wearing a burqa? Why? Paris is a decade away from becoming an islamoafrican caliphate where women have no human rights, she should get ahead of times and start wearing the garb now.
    Oh, well… I guess at least she’s confirming the stereotype that French women are all insufferable liberal feminists who lie about everything and everyone to virtue signal as much as they can.
    And yes, I’ve been to Paris recently, last October to be exact; the city is a marxist disaster. Don’t think I’ll go there again anytime soon: Paris isn’t Paris anymore, and France isn’t an European country anymore either.

    Liked by 2 people

      • The funny thing is that Skullo isn’t trying too hard.
        But I just remembered what the rule when it comes to mentioning the religion of peace is around here: Don’t mention the problems it causes, ever. I just don’t think Skullo knew that.
        To be fair, however, France’s real problem is that it’s been ruled by leftists for a couple decades now, and they are the ones who caused the current troubles the country has with muslims (and yes, they are a huge problem even if you rather turn a blind eye to it, Itchy), crippling debt, lowering living standards and terrible education on all levels.
        So, in the end, the liberal left is to blame for everything (unsurprising, I guess), the religion of peace is just a consequence of the marxists screwing everything up, though in the end that will be the largest problem there.

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        • “To be fair, however, France’s real problem is that it’s been ruled by leftists for a couple decades now, and they are the ones who caused the current troubles the country has with muslims (and yes, they are a huge problem even if you rather turn a blind eye to it, Itchy), crippling debt, lowering living standards and terrible education on all levels.”

          Heck, forget a couple of decades, leftists have pretty much been ruling France since the Revolution in 1789 occurred (maybe as early as when Voltaire and his lik wrote the Encyclopedie, since they and their anti-Christian propaganda were largely responsible for the dechristianization of France), with maybe brief respites afterwards.

          And quite frankly, France needs to jettison Voltaire and his ilk from history, and restore its status as the Older Sister of Rome, get rid of its status as a bastion for leftism.


            • Ah, leftists have always been communists. Heck, the communists were literally descended from France’s Jacobins, Girondists, Enrages, and Cordeliers, the original leftists and in fact, the ones who gave “leftism” its name.


  2. “hommes blancs” (white men) “mecs blancs” (white dudes) [according to google translate] searches on her twitter account might make for some interesting results.


    • Since she lives in Paris, she should be glad the city still has enough hommes blancs to keep the infrastructure going and protect her from african enrichment.

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  3. So, 30 years of hanging in comics shops, going to comic cons of all sizes and varieties and never ever have I heard anyone say that comics are only for boys. Quelle surprise!


  4. The thing to take away from this is how Comics Gate has gone from a small movement to a position where they are actually seriously impacting official publisher sales.
    Why are we talking about Comics Gate in Hollywood?

    Many believe that studios are bound to eventually succumb to franchise fatigue in which existing franchises(Star Wars as an example) are not resonating with today’s audiences and that one day we will see comic-based movies eventually go the way of the western.
    Some formulas are so much repeated they are becoming boring that studios have little or no interest that they throw money at it because it should find its audience because of Charcter A and Character B. Which is where Warners went wrong with Justice League etc.

    Studios are looking for more variation and the opportunity to create a new franchise to build a new fan base. Eventually they will have to seek out Comics Gate.
    Original self created content.
    Some of the comic book content I have seen is fresh,original,creates new ideas,develops characters it’s the way Comics were created to be before agendas.
    Hollywood needs to talk about Cyberfrog etc because it’s a self-created,crowd funded and successful project. It’s an original concept produced by someone who has developed the story and created the characters. The writers and creators that do I feel, love the characters more than writers hired to accommodate them in the real world. They then become the background.

    Saying you are a fan is one thing but as of Star Wars has shown committees take over and then you have multiple chefs trying to create one appetiser. Which is where franchises are going wrong and underperforming.

    Studios are also afraid to commit to original, untested ideas that are intelligent,thoughtful and engaging unless you are Christopher Nolan. Looking at Bloodhoney I reckon it would be a around a 200-250 million budget? Although not known as a popular cultural entity like Batman,
    It’s how Cyberfrog can go mainstream before they would commit to something relatively unknown outside Comics Gate circles.

    But Comicsgate is demonstrating the creative ideas that studios Need.
    One I have recently backed was Nawhals “Foreign Agent” which would make an awesome feature if just by the synopsis alone. There are others such as “Longshore” which unleashes an organism not unlike John Carpenters The Thing, amongst other titles that appeal to me because of the originality of the synopsis.

    Oh yes and I backed Cash Grab by Cecil….And you should too.

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    • “…one day we will see comic-based movies eventually go the way of the western.”
      The sooner the better, IMO. Movie franchises based on superhero comics have pretty much exhausted the genre possibilities. It’s now just three or four generic story lines into which they plug in their political subtext.


  5. This article however, has weaker fact basis and questionable opinions. You were probably trying to get me to block her, but unless i feel she is part of the Reylo Cabal, blocking her is of no use to me. Sorry, i just cant block someone you dont like. You have to present factual reasons and good opinions as to why a specific person enabled Reylos. Once you do that, i can block the person completely.


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