Alleged Transphobe Cast As Ahsoka Tano

News is being passed around the internet about Rosario Dawson being cast as Ahsoka Tano in the second season of The Mandalorian.  Her face has the right shape, so she certainly looks the part.  And she’s a competent actress.  I’d believe her as Ahsoka Tano.


Allegedly not a fan of creative pronoun usage.

Nevertheless, it appears that Rosario may be “problematic” for the political activists at Lucasfilm.

According to NBC News:

Rosario Dawson and her family sued over alleged transphobic assault

The actor and girlfriend of presidential candidate Cory Booker allegedly attacked a transgender employee in Los Angeles, the lawsuit claims.

A transgender man alleges that actor Rosario Dawson and her family subjected him to transphobic harassment and violent abuse, according to a suit filed in a Los Angeles court.

Dawson, 40, is the girlfriend of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey.

The suit, filed Friday, alleges that Dawson and three members of her family violated Dedrek Finley’s civil rights by discriminating against him for his transgender status. The suit seeks damages for that as well as battery, assault, emotional distress and several other allegations.

Neither the family’s lawyer, Alan Kossoff, nor representatives for Rosario Dawson immediately responded to NBC News’ request for comment.

According to the suit, Finley, 55, moved from Beacon, New York, to Los Angeles in December 2017 to work as a handyman for the Dawson family and “renovate and remodel Rosario’s personal residence,” which promised him consistent work. He later moved into a North Hollywood home rented by the family and soon after came out to them as transgender, telling the family that he would now be known as Dedrek and use he/him pronouns.

Immediately after Finley came out as transgender, “the family misgendered him multiple times each day, with deliberate indifference as to the appropriate way to address Mr. Finley,” the suit claims. Rosario Dawson, “acted with deliberate indifference and did nothing to correct the situation.”

“Instead, in response to Mr. Finley’s complaints, Rosario would respond to Mr. Finley, ‘You’re a grown woman,’” despite the fact that Finley had come out as transgender to the family.

On April 28, 2018, Finley alleges that the family worked together to assault him. Isabel Dawson, Rosario’s mother, allegedly dragged Finley by his arm out of a window and then attacked him.

“Once Mr. Finley was lying helpless on the ground outside, Isabel, who is substantially larger than Mr. Finley, got on top of Mr. Finley’s body and began punching him,” the suit states. “While beating Mr. Finley, Isabel screamed, ‘You’re not so much of a man now,’ which was a clear and denigrating reference to Mr. Finley’s gender identity.”

The suit alleges Rosario Dawson assisted in the assault by sitting on top of him and “actively restraining him while he was on the ground to ensure that her mother could continue battering him.”

So now the question becomes when this gets out, will SJWs start screeching for Rosario Dawson’s removal from the show, as they did with voice actress Rachel Butera, who was quietly replaced from Star Wars: Resistance and has since disappeared like a Chinese dissident?  Certainly, assault is a bit more serious than doing an impression, right?  Only time will tell if SJW mob justice will take its natural course.

Thanks to Mr. Roboto for the tip.

23 thoughts on “Alleged Transphobe Cast As Ahsoka Tano

  1. The funny thing about this is, it’s a civil lawsuit. Not a criminal case. No prosecution, no police, no anything. Just one private citizen suing another.

    Yeah… calling BS on that story.

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    • I’m just glad we got a Real WOMAN in SW… If nothing more than in her figure. I just watched the bluray feature today about Slave Leia and sighed… “every movie she was supposed to mature, along with the audience. So it made sense for her to be in that position” 😵 soooooo true. RIP OT.


    • This is purely my skepticism. I’m not being fair because Gal Gadot nailed it with WW, and so with Heath with Joker, and i had my doubts before seeing those results…also, I’m done watching any of this stuff anymore; not until they pour water on all the witches behind the scenes (meaning: clean house of SJWs and feminists)

      Ahsoka is my favourite. I feel like she is the most faceted character they’ve exposed us to, and between the story writing for her and how Eckstein voices her, she seems to be the most internally conflicted of everyone, and therefore the most interesting to me. Rosario has been voicing Wonder Woman in the DCAU of late and i don’t mind that. But Wonder Woman is both powerful and confident, while Ahsoka is powerful and skilled, she worries about her shortcomings and doubts herself.

      Just as no writer/director who doesn’t understand SW shouldn’t come near it, neither should an actor come near Ahsoka the same way. I just hope Rosario can pull it off. I won’t watch it because Disney, but Ahsoka is special in my mind, and if they turn her into a Mary Sue Bulldozer, well, there’s another corpse for the dumpster fire. Don’t waste this. (hopefully Filoni will be her guardian)

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      • I’m sorry to tell you this, but you will have to expect the worse from the creatures “working” at LFL currently. They can’t create, they can only destroy.


        • No worries. They can’t ‘hurt’ me. I’m done with Star Wars. I’m here for the glow and warmth of the fire, and to skewer these asshats every chance there is. I’m one of the scorned fans. I don’t care what they do from now on. I am after vengeance and humiliation.

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  3. Why does this story and the quote’s make me laugh so hard everytime I’ve read it? Don’t get me wrong I feel bad for the “victim” but I can totally see people acting like the Dawson clan. It’s believable.


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  5. Rosario Dawson has not aged well at all. She was never really that attractive to be honest, but she was good looking enough. And she’s only 40? Show business really ruins women’s looks.


  6. I’m no fan of Rosario the Bernie Sis, likely beard of Booker, but the story sounds made up. Anything is possible, but there better be some incriminating emails or something.

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  7. It could be interesting if the reason they chose Dawson for this has more to do with her face than anything else; specifically where CG is concerned.

    One feature of Ahsoka is her eyes are a bit larger than human in TCW by comparison. This show has (had?) a healthy per episode budget. Could Dawson be getting the Rosa Salazar/Alita treatment in a TV show?

    They may have spoiled this in Rebels already as her mature self doesn’t seem to have this anymore. 🤷‍♂️


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