106 thoughts on “George Lucas’ Sequel Trilogy Vision

  1. Excellent work, Itchy. I haven’t stopped thinking about this since watching it.
    I’ve been a Star Wars fan since l was 7 years old and now l see things a lot more clearly now – that I’m not a Star Wars fan, but a George Lucas Star Wars fan. It’s sad that they botched this and we’ll never see what Lucas intended.

    I think you make a lot of interesting points towards the end of the video – about Abeloth. Could she have been what was referred to as “Über” in the early concepts for VII?

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  2. Some bullet points that I gathered regarding information that was released:

    – It was set 30 years after ROTJ.
    – Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie would appear.
    – Luke, being a Jedi, wouldn’t be married or have an offspring.
    – It would focus on Anakin’s grandchildren (plural).
    – Luke was secluded on an ancient Jedi Temple.
    – It would feature a female protagonist (Thea/Kira) and the son of Han and Leia (Sam/Skyler), both in their 20s.
    – Luke would start training Kira halfway through Episode VII.
    – Han would die in Episode VII.
    – Luke would die in Episode IX.
    – Leia’s connection with and training in the ways of the Force would be addressed.
    – The son would have been seduced/corrupted by Talon (not necessarily Darth Talon as depicted in the Expanded Universe, but someone with the same appearance).
    – Talon would be under the influence of / or serving someone else (Uber).
    – There would have been pirates.
    – It would feature the Whills and a ‘microbiotic world’.
    – The planet Felucia would be featured.
    – There was no Imperial Remnant/First Order.
    – There was no Knights of Ren.
    – There was no Anakin’s lightsaber.

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          • Personally, I don’t think there’s an Abeloth in the first place. That was a character from the ‘Fate of the Jedi’ books, which was retconned later on to be associated with the Ones. It’s not a concept that came from George Lucas or even implied in the Mortis episodes, which are pretty self-contained.

            A similar concept is a possibility, sure, but I think the “ethereal” part Lucas referred to is more related to the journey than a character or enemy. In that sense, I think it might be more similar to Yoda’s arc.


  3. Excellent video, Itchy!

    I think it’s only a matter of time until some of those treatments and notes are leaked. But we’ll have to wait until the current disaster dies down. Give it a few years.

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  4. It sucks to think what we could have gotten instead Disney giving Star Wars the Marvel treatment and Kathleen Kennedy being too obsessed with social justice.

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  5. According to Witwer, he was told by Lucas himself that Maul survived the Clone Wars. They likely split up early ideas into the various movies they made cause JJ and KK wreaked havoc on the original plans with Lucas and Arndt and both of them were let go in the end.

    Maul was to train Kira/Qi’ra:

    Seems it was allocated to Rebels with Maul training Ezra. Maul was nixed in favor of a imitation Palpatine-like Emperor called Snoke, and Filoni wrote off the character prior to TLJ in a shabby manner to make room for Trevorrow to create Tor Valum and Solony Ren and Rey with a double-bladed lightsaber. The Kasdans brought Maul back for SOLO. JJ decides to bring back Palpatine, both Maul and Palpatine have secret Sith cults and lead shadow empires.

    And Lucas had paired Darth Talon with Darth Maul or his clone or descendant, where he goes onto destroy the neo-Empire of neo-Sith Darth Krayt.

    If I had to guess, Lucas’ early outlines would’ve had a new villain other than the Sith who may of aided the protagonist at some point in the story.



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    • “According to Witwer, he was told by Lucas himself that Maul survived the Clone Wars.”

      Witwer wasn’t told by Lucas. He was told by Filoni. If Lucas did intend to have Maul survive The Clone Wars, it would mean that he planned to have him on the live-action series he was developing. But the fact is, George was adamant in killing characters introduced (or re-introduced) in the show that don’t appear in the movies, so I don’t see why such a big villain like Maul would be allowed to survive past Revenge of the Sith. Specially when the destruction of the Sith plays such an important role in that movie.

      “And Lucas had paired Darth Talon with Darth Maul or his clone or descendant, where he goes onto destroy the neo-Empire of neo-Sith Darth Krayt.”

      No, Lucas only suggested Talon to appear in the game. The story and how it would all fit in was up to the game developers. Lucas wasn’t involved in that.


      • Gee, Alex, maybe Lucas had such a liking for Maul being one of his favorite characters, that maybe it WAS the plan for him and Filoni to spare Ahsoka, Rex and Hondo from the Clone Wars series when they planned the end, meaning maybe Maul was going to be part of Lucas’s scrapped Underworld series. George is on record saying Maul is one of his favorite characters.

        Also, you say Maul can’t survive because the destruction of the Sith plays such an important role in that movie. Well, you forget that in the Son of Dathomir comic book (adapted from an arc of Season 6 (or 7) of The Clone Wars), it ends with Sidious saying “Maul is no longer a threat to us”. So, perhaps Sidious never saw Maul as a threat being that without Talzin (whom Grievous killed), Maul was powerless.

        And, one more thing, Witwer did say Lucas planned for Maul to survive The Clone Wars, but, through a phone call with Filoni, via this podcast where Sam was a guest and he said at 12 minutes and 58 seconds until 13 minutes and 45 seconds in this podcast 👇(https://thewookieegunner.com/2017/04/06/geeky-bubble-episode-75-sam-witwer-interview/) 👈 that Filoni told Sam that George Lucas said that Maul survives The Clone Wars.

        So, @anomymous, you’re right. 👍

        And, to @alexrd saying he’s not, I say “you might wanna check again.” 👆


  6. As I said, Darth Maul surviving the Clone Wars came directly from Lucas:


    Filoni was the one who actually against bringing Maul back, and attempted to kill him off again back on “The Lawless” development but Lucas said no as he did not go to all the trouble of bringing him back to just kill him off again.

    “StarWars.com: Was there ever any talk of Savage surviving the duel?

    Dave Filoni: Yeah, I’ll say it first. The writers, we were all very much in the “let’s kill Maul” camp, but George [Lucas] didn’t want to kill Maul because we’d just gone through such great lengths to get him back. So Savage then became the odd man out.”


    George evidently never told Filoni about Maul’s journey and Talzin being Maul’s mom and her being allied to Sidious once. So its unclear how much in the loop Filoni and his team was with George’s creative process. He seems more like the guy Lucas slowly pitched his story to go create it for television during a coffee table meeting at the ranch .


    • I never said Maul was meant to die in season 5. I said George was adamant in ending the characters that were introduced in the show, starting in season 5. So much so that from TCW material alone, they were all killed. Even Ahsoka was not meant to survive the series if George had his way. Filoni kept trying to convince George to keep her alive throughout the years. Wether he succeeded or not was never revealed. Anyway, Maul is one of those characters and the show was going to have 8 seasons.

      And Witwer did confirm that it was Filoni who told him that Maul survived: https://twitter.com/SamWitwer/status/1220064171422695424


      • Yeah, @alexrd, Filoni told him Maul survives because Lucas told Filoni he planned for Maul to survive The Clone Wars, according to this podcast where Sam was a guest and he said at 12 minutes and 58 seconds until 13 minutes and 45 seconds in this podcast 👇(https://thewookieegunner.com/2017/04/06/geeky-bubble-episode-75-sam-witwer-interview/) 👈 that Filoni told Sam that George Lucas said that Maul survives The Clone Wars.

        Don’t listen to him, @anonymous. You’re right to believe what you read, @Alexrd is wrong.


          • I’ll quit when you get your fractured brain pieced back together and stop whining just because of your claim that Sam Witwer and Kathleen Kennedy raped you when you were a kid, because you refused to believe the latter’s facts.

            Go outside and play while you still can, because the virus, given the magnitude of it’s caused crisis, will kill you before you find joy.

            I’m not taking orders from a coward who hides behind a screen.


  7. Yes it came straight from George Lucas himself. Filoni just passed it to him. It was a Lucas mandate . Playing schematics and denying it won’t change the fact that Lucas said Maul survives the Clone Wars.


  8. Also keep in mind that the Vong were to have appeared in TCW Season 8 before the Siege of Mandalore. Lucas was bringing them into his G-Level canon, so elements of the New Jedi Order surely had to been retained in any Lucas outline for the ST. Coupled with the fact that Lucas mentions the novels and comics as being part of his Star Wars complete canon. His Sequel trilogy would’ve been connected to Vector Prime in some manner, but adding the changes made from TFU, TCW and the PT.


  9. I have enjoyed watching Pasquali sperg out. It is fun because I know he can’t help himself and he is truly frustrated. Wish I had some popcorn. I keep forgetting to add it to my shopping list. oh well.

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    • Another sign that we’re winning.

      As STAR WARS withers and dies—because we, who actually care about it, would rather watch it burn than see it perverted—the lunatics are gonna thrash about and lash out.


          • Yep. This can’t be undone. It’s over. We had a sequel trilogy of films with Hamill, Ford, and Fisher, where their characters were utterly destroyed and their achievements undone and given to a Mary Sue.

            There’s no amount of retconning, ignoring, or rebooting which can erase that.

            It’s over.


              • I believe I used sperg as a verb, therefore describing his actions. I don’t know if he has aspergers. But if he is autistic, it still does not excuse his behaviour here.

                The word is useful because it describes the actions in a way which is understood. If you would like me to use a different word, i will, but you’ll have to suggest one and then guess what, it will mean exactly the same thing as ‘sperg’

                I’m more than happy to continue litigating this with you. You are the one taking offence.


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    • Funny thing, if something is in orbit of a gravitational body, the force of gravity is in balance with the centripetal forces on the orbiting object. For this to work, they’d have to have something like a large mass in higher orbit and a vessel tethered to it in a lower orbit. A centrifuge would be far more practical. Excellent ‘sciencing’ by the ‘writer/sciencer’

      Also, I think our Bossk friend is doing more projection.


  11. off topic:

    keep in your mind, the *possibility* we are being played.

    “if you can’t determine what someone’s motivations are, just look at the results” (paraphrasing Jordan Peterson)

    Thank you Dave.


  12. (5m34s)

    This may be of interest for some people…particularly if you’re looking for ammo in a social justice argument.


  13. General Friendliness from KiwiFarms wrote:

    “Info is missing and most of it is taken from Disney’s guides (which I’m willing to trust them for the most part but still take with a grain of salt, and I’m skeptical about Disney’s claim about dark Luke always being a thing from the start since some of George’s early drafts still mentioned a very much alive Jedi Order like in the old EU and a new Jedi Killer and Anti-Jedi faction that would make sense among those who grew up with an imperial or anti-religious mentality, so it feels more like justifying TLJ), but its pretty solid it seems. And George even acknowledged Anakin’s grandkids from the novels so that’s a nice bonus.”

    If General Friendliness is reading this, I would be very interested in getting that missing info.


    • I’ve seen videos from other YouTubers about them reporting news about Lucas’ Vision for the Sequel Trilogy. And tell the truth, I don’t know what say although I’m fine with Star Wars not getting a sequel trilogy because it’s fine without a sequel trilogy since Episode 6 is a perfect ending for the entire Star Wars franchise. But I am fine with Star Wars getting a sequel trilogy which it already did.

      Also I wanted to tell you this Itchy.

      1.Sorry for the responses I gave to one of your articles long time ago.
      2.Have you seen the anime recommend.


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  15. On Behalf Of Environmentalists, I Apologize For The Climate Scare
    Michael Shellenberger Contributor


    I found this by way of Daisy Cousens:

    “Here’s the article removed by Forbes for perpetuating ‘wrongthink’! A climate scientist apologises for the alarmism of climate activists over the past 30 years. Great read!”


    • Do you actually ever post anything about Star Wars? You know this is a Star Wars website right? Nothing in your posts is about Star Wars. Judging by your posts you look like a spammer.


      • “Deconstructing the Deconstruction of the Star Wars Franchise”

        You only have to take one step back to see how this relates. Sorry to ruin your days… This is full-on culture war, and we need every weapon we can get to fight it.

        It takes an order of magnitude more effort to debunk a lie than to make a lie.


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  17. Hello there Itchy
    A a curiosity: The death of Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode VII had already been programmed by George Lucas.
    In fact, Harrison Ford has unveiled in an interview that it was the creator of the Saga to ask him to return for the new film, anticipating his intention to make the character die.
    here is the link of the infamous interview.
    Here is the piece of the interview:
    Ford’s least expected late-career reprise was his return to the world of Star Wars. “I was surprised,” he concedes. The first call came from George Lucas. “It was proposed that I might make another appearance as Han Solo. And I think it was mentioned, even in the first call, that he would not survive. That’s something I’d been arguing for for some period of time”—Ford had unsuccessfully lobbied for Solo to die in Return of the Jedi in 1983—“so I said okay.”

    Was that a necessity for you to be involved?

    “Not necessarily. But it was, you know, an interesting development of the character.”

    This year Ford attended his first Star Wars “Celebration” fan event, in commemoration of the first film’s 40th anniversary. “I was asked to make an appearance and I did,” he says, as though only the want of an invitation has kept him away until now. He appeared on a panel with Lucas, and I was surprised to watch Ford bring up his famous criticism of the director’s clunky dialogue right to his face: “You can type this shit, but you can’t say it.”

    Lucas doesn’t get offended by that?

    Ford laughs, as if this has never really crossed his mind. “I don’t think so. He sold the company for, you know, $4 billion. He doesn’t give a shit what I think.” Ford reminisces about the first time he shared this opinion on the Star Wars set. “George usually sits near a monitor, far removed, so I had to convey my impression…or my feelings…about the dialogue across a great space. So I did shout it. ‘George! You can type this shit, but you sure can’t say it! Move your mouth when you’re typing!’ But it was a joke, at the time. A stress-relieving joke.”

    It’s easy to forget that Harrison Ford, a latecomer to stardom, is older than Lucas, and was older than almost anyone else on the set of that first Star Wars film.

    “I’m older than everyone now,” he says when I mention this. “Who’s older than me?” I take this as a rhetorical question, but Ford does not. “Warren Beatty,” he says. “Jack Nicholson. Clint Eastwood. I’m not comparing myself with them, I’m just saying that, yeah, I was always older. I was the oldest guy on the set.”

    What were the consequences of that at the time?

    “It made no difference whatsoever. I got no respect.”

    When it comes to ‘Star Wars’, given the nature of science fiction, are you absolutely, incontrovertibly—


    —finished with ‘Star Wars’?

    “Um, I mean, I’m finished with Star Wars if Star Wars is finished with me.”

    And if ‘Star Wars’ isn’t finished with you?

    “I can’t imagine it. But it is science fiction.”

    He pauses and considers what he has just said, maybe realizing that he is leaving the door a little further ajar than he means to.

    “I’d rather not,” he concludes. “You know, at this point I’d rather do something else. Just because it’s more interesting to do something new.”


  18. I’m not sure Itchy actually wants a Lucas Sequel Trilogy. Itchy is the type who probably bitched, whined and complained ad nauseum about the Prequel Trilogy and Clone Wars, but then freaked out even more when it got sold to Disney. The type of people who can’t see a good thing until it’s already gone, and helped put it there in the first place.


    • Itchy is probably the type of person who bitched about the people who loved the disney Sequel Trilogy and then got silenced by moderators and so, being smited, made a space for people like him where he didn’t have to answer to anyone.


  19. George: I thought I was going to have a little bit more to say about the next three because I’d already started them, but they decided to do something else. Things don’t always work out the way you want it. Life is like that.


  20. I feel so sorry for George Lucas. 😥 This is not what he envisioned for Star Wars, for Star Wars to be so ravaged and corrupted and raped by lefitist loons. 😥


  21. Itchy, I want to suggest the removal of ClownfishTV from the blogroll. They’ve apparently taken heat for being associated with TFM and have repeatedly said they are “not Fandom Menace.” I’ve seen it in 2 videos recently and others in the past.

    My underlying feelings about this is that i’m sick and tired of people feeling like if they’re going to call out the left for their bullshit, they have to, at the same time, call out the right on “something” or at least temper the argument. I’m not suggesting cancellation, or any strife, or discussion. They do excellent work and are enjoyable to listen to, and I will continue to do so, but at the same time, it costs us when the distinction is made.


  22. I prefer Star Wars without a Sequel trilogy since Episode 6 is a perfect conclusion for Star Wars. I can accept Star Wars getting a prequel Trilogy which we already did because you already know. Also Itchy Bacca if you’re reading this. I wanted this:
    1.I wanted to say sorry for the comment I made at one of your articles.
    2.Have you seen the anime that I recommended?


  23. HAPPY STAR WARS DAY. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!! I love the Original Trilogy and I love George Lucas and John WIlliams so much!!!


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