Lucasfilm Hate Mob Begins To Form Around Rosario


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As SJW lunacy marches forward, Lucasfilm representatives join in the cacophony for justice against Rosario Dawson.  Were the accusations even true?  Probably not.  But that won’t stop SJWs from having a party which normal people refer to as mass hysteria.

You’d think that EK Johnston would know better given that she’s been the target of mob justice from the “evolved” Reylos.  But it’s as the old adage says, “SJWs are ineducable.”  Behold the medieval behavior of Star Wars authors EK Johnston, Rae Carson, and Daniel Jose Older.




Thanks to Dale Walker for the tip.

Geeks + Gamers comments:

Ryan Kinel comments:

23 thoughts on “Lucasfilm Hate Mob Begins To Form Around Rosario

  1. Leftists: “oh my god, my mentions… i’m being attacked.. how will i survive..police! police!!”
    Rightists: “What’s twitter? also sticks and stone my break my bones…hahahaha”

    Children. Nothing more than children. Does anyone know how to instil reality in these flakes?


    • I’m only scared of female characters whom have acquired strength without earning it, and therefore have no respect for it. (well, not really scared… more like, afraid to encourage the mining of that resource)

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  2. “Considering that actor has been accused of being violently transphobic, this casting is highly disappointing to me.”

    Just be patient Ellie. They will come for you eventually.

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  3. I cannot wait for the days that Brian Larsen and Wesley (boxerlessbossk) fail the purity test… someone PLEASE bring that here when it happens. Thank you.


  4. Rosario is a liberal twit with big tits who back in the take was kinda famous for her body, who cares. Can’t care too much about rumor over a show that sounds like it will deteriorate since nobody cares for it except for “baby Yoda” which is kinda sad.


  5. RC: Apparently Dawson is a gross person? […]
    EKJ: Yup. […] emotional processing […]
    RC: jeezus (and thank you I need a snuggle or something)
    RL: This thread was a roller coaster


  6. Like

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