Unhinged Kook Charles Lippincott Wishes Communist Virus On Fan

star wars charles lippincott 1976

Lippincott left Peace & Love back in the 60s and 70s where they belong.

Readers of this blog may recall some of former Star Wars marketing director Charles Lippincott’s previous antics.  He’s the doofus who hilariously referred to Reylos as “evolved.”  He also babbled something incoherent  about “the big dick” and “masculinity” in regards to what he perceived as “ugly fan behavior.”  But don’t be fooled, he wasn’t referring to Reylos stalking Adam Driver or Daisy Ridley, or driving the Star Wars social media guru off Twitter.  He referred to those who were critical of the crappy Last Jedi instead.  And make no mistake, he is no fan of this spectacular blog.  Charles is also a demonstrated liar, which may or may not be the result of drug usage as a filthy hippie.

But now he’s wishing the awful Communist Virus on a fan, because that fan dared to crack a silly joke.



These behavioral aberrations are of course the result of adherence to idiot SJW ideology.  It leads them to wish diseases and sickness on those who dare crack jokes about their beloved cult leaders.  These people are so reprehensible, that they could only work for Lucasfilm and/or Disney.

26 thoughts on “Unhinged Kook Charles Lippincott Wishes Communist Virus On Fan

  1. Charles Lippincott is an old fuck who has lied to himself his whole life and gets more and more bitter with every day. He lied to everyone he knows for the longest time and said he was suffering from Alzheimers, then one day, he suddenly said he doesn’t have it. Should probably get a second opinion. He walked around for decades thinking incorrectly that George Lucas cut him out of profits from Star Wars, hating on Lucas and being miserable. In reality, it was the studio who cut him out, not Lucas. Stupid Charlie only found out the truth recently and he is second-guessing his entire life post-Star Wars. He eventually got let go from Lucasfilm before ESB due to his overall shitty attitude. His career never really went anywhere shortly after he leeched onto Ridley Scott’s original Alien. He was a disaster to work with on that film as well. He will lie to you about it and try to accept the success of these films as his own, but he is just full of shit. He was a lower management suckwad who got kicked out of the Star Wars company for being a dick. End of story.

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    • Yeah, Lippencott is a huge scumbag. And quite frankly, I wish it WAS Lucas who deliberately cut him out of the profits of the film rather than the studio, because he deserves it for his crappy actions (not that Lucas is much better, though…).

      And considering I outright FEAR getting alzheimers, I’m definitely not pleased to learn he faked it. That’s a terrible mental condition, and would never even want to pretend to have it. It’s tasteless.


    • Why does he want the only redhead in that group of women gone?
      Oh, yeah, SJWs hate redheads for some reason, I forgot.
      Must be really sad to be an SJW and try to virtue signal when the consumerism industry is no longer important thanks to the coronavirus, and when nobody cares about their virtue signaling because of that same reason.


    • I don’t have twatter, but if I had I would tell this numbskull to try to virtue signal harder, because right now people have better things to worry about than his sexual traumas.


    • Repulsed by heterosexuality?

      I take this as proof there is no middle ground or overlap between the old fans and these pricks. We have no reason to give ANY ground in this battle now.


      • What battle?
        They won. They control this franchise. They already killed it and are now just parading the corpse and charging people to see it.
        Star Wars is one or two years away from being totally irrlelevant and shelved.
        All we can do is mock these people, shame is their weakness.


        • Think larger, much larger than LFL or Disney. Think of how the Straight Pride parades were so controversial (and dangerous). They don’t want to share. And now I don’t want to either. I’m referring to SJWs by the way (any flavour of them).

          This is the battle. SW is just one battleground.


  2. So if i am understanding his role in the great star wars creative team of old, Charles was the Vacuum Cleaner Salesman?


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