Leslye Headland Has No Experience And No Passion


Blinded by her own whiteness.

So what are Leslye’s qualifications to create a Star Wars show beyond her genitalia?

Her experience doesn’t exactly instill confidence.


Indeed, when we look at her imdb credits, it doesn’t exactly scream sci-fi action.


But hey, everyone has to start somewhere, right?  So maybe it’s her passion as a Star Wars fan that got her the job.

In an interview with Fortune Magazine, Kathleen Kennedy said that she will hire a female director, but that she wants to make sure it’s a person that is set up for success because it’s not a position that they can just fill with a token woman.  She said she doesn’t have a lot of women who call her that are passionate about Star Wars and want to be a part of it.  What a shocker.

You can watch that statement here:

So does Leslye have that kind of passion for Star Wars?

When Kathleen Kennedy was asked if she had always been a Star Wars fan, she sidestepped the issue by prattling on about technology, which demonstrated that no, she was never a fan.

You can watch that clip here:

Interestingly, Leslye Headland uses the same sidestepping technique when asked what kind of Star Wars fan she is.  Instead of talking about what a big fan she is of Star Wars, she prattles on about how there aren’t any actual Star Wars movies in an interview with Variety.  I shit you not.  Mecha Random comments:

In other words, she isn’t a Star Wars fan at all, but she might like the cute cosplay outfits.

Only one thing is for certain; this “female-centric” series will provide endless comedy gold for YouTubers everywhere.

Thanks to Godot and Mecha Random for the tips.



35 thoughts on “Leslye Headland Has No Experience And No Passion

  1. The clip on the “Favorite Star Wars movie” thing was just her saying she doesn’t have a favorite movie she holds in greater value to the other movies. There are people who have that sentiment so how are they less than being fans Itchy? I don’t get that conclusion here.


  2. This is a Kennedy choice which sums up the reason why Kennedy should not make creative decisions. Stellar producer yes ok. But I have never seen Kennedy tell Spielberg on set how to direct and provide creative decisions.
    It’s fair to say that all creative decisions have been adverse failures.

    The big question now and we covered this in an online meeting is Hollywood Post Covid-19.
    When this is over they will want the theatres filled and they want to get back to making money.
    If anything Covid-19 has actually exposed that the box office failures that promoted diversity,highlighted mysogony and went broke because they went Woke are not going to be viable choices in the re-building phase.

    This is going to be a great awakening in some ways. Some will of course be set in their ways but they will pay the price as they continue to do so.


  3. Great, just what Star Wars needs right now-another angry, misandric, racist, lesbian SJW with daddy issues who has absolutely NO interest whatsoever in the IP, outside of it being a platform to spew far-left agitprop.

    To that I say to Di$ney-DO IT!


  4. Are you telling me she had the same qualifications KKennedy had when she started? as in Zero?
    No wonder they hired her.


    • Kennedy, as Lucas’ second in command, was the perfect choice for heading Lucasfilm at Disney. Unfortunately, she could have continued the legacy but instead chose to “make a difference”.


      • I suspect her choosing to “make a difference” is PRECISELY why he made her second in command in the first place. Let’s not forget Lucas is the same guy who created Star Wars to be pro-Vietcong propaganda, by his own admission, not to mention that of his associates. He also made it clear that he hates Star Wars’ success right now.


          • Delusional agenda? My views? Maybe I should remind you that Lucas and Iger’s Disney’s agenda are one and the same. In fact, if anything, Lucas is only angry that HE can’t push the agenda.


            • “Lucas and Iger’s Disney’s agenda are one and the same. In fact, if anything, Lucas is only angry that HE can’t push the agenda.”

              Oh, I don’t think so!

              “Star Wars evolved, it didn’t come out in one thing. There was a moment, but it was like an idea. The idea was more ‘I would like to make an action movie, which is more like a Saturday matinee serial, that I enjoyed as a kid; but imbue it with mythological psychological motifs because we don’t have any of those today’. So I said ‘well I want to take these two things and put ’em together’…The Idea was simply to do a high adventure film that I loved when I was a kid with meaningful psychological themes and I don’t know what I felt. It was like a real cockamamie idea, so I did that…I know it’s hard for people to realize, and I’m not supposed to say this, and I’m not supposed to say it then, but it’s a film for 12 years olds. It was designed to be a film like mythology of ‘This is what we stand for, you’re about to enter the real world. You’re 12 years old, you’re going to go on into the big world, you’re moving away from your parents being the center focus, you’re probably scared, you don’t know what’s going to happen, and here is a little idea of some of the things you should pay attention to: friendships, honesty, and trust, and doing the right thing, living on the Light Side, avoidng the Dark Side’. Those were things that it was meant to do.”

              – George Lucas, at the Star Wars 40th Anniversary Panel, at Star Wars Celebration i Orlando, Florida, April 13, 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI5QodTtlME

              The ability to speak does not make you intelligent. Now get out of here.


              • He also stated in multiple interviews that he based Star Wars on the Vietnam War partly because he lost the rights to Apocalypse Now thanks in large part to THX-1138’s bust, and repeatedly compared Palpatine to Nixon, heck, the Empire to Nixon’s America even, and even did so in ways that were undeniably political (case in point, Cannes 2005.).


        • “Let’s not forget Lucas is the same guy who created Star Wars to be pro-Vietcong propaganda”

          You won’t ever let us forget and you have been continually proven wrong about that.

          “He also made it clear that he hates Star Wars’ success right now.”

          No, he hates what has become of it.


  5. I take great offense at Itchy Bacca for even suggesting that Kathleen Kennedy may have hired a “token female” director. Excuse me, but what do you mean “Token Female”? You have really crossed the line this time, Itchy. What evidence do you have that can prove Leslye Headland is a “Female”? How dare you make such assumptions? From what I can tell, Leslye has a nut sack hairier than Chewbacca. Small dick, though.


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