8 thoughts on “Sam Witwer Says Rian Johnson Didn’t Do His Homework

  1. Don’t bust Sam’s balls about this stuff. He is being honest about his opinions, but he works for them and probably doesn’t want problems. He is always so nice to fans and interacts with everyone via streams and podcasts. He is really one of the best things going at Nu-Lucasfilm.

    He is obviously a true fan for sure and has to walk a dangerous line to stay employed there I imagine. Would be a shame for him to pull back because he is such a resource. He has been killing it on Clone Wars these last few episodes and a Lucas loyalist for sure.

    This is him at a signing talking to fans about this scene of Maul vs Obi-Wan that he was in and it was such a great take. He just gets it.


      • Its your website you do what you want. I have supported you for a long time. I just find it distasteful that if someone that works there says something in affirmative to what we believe, we call attention to it and make them have to pull back and shut up.

        You took his “Sith” comment out of context IN MY OPINION. The full context to it is more Nuanced than just the portion you pulled out. Again, that’s just my opinion. Changing the Nose art off that ship was an artistic choice. To be so rigid that it had to be there or it was SJW interference was what he was saying about absolutes. i.e Sith.

        The picture had appeared in a scene in Star Wars Rebels already.

        I have heard Sam say things about Last Jedi, and the ST in general years ago and always knew were he stood, but the dude wants to keep his job and has to be fair about his critique of it. He is one of the only people that works there that interacts with us.

        You do what you want I know how hard a line you take on this stuff in the past and have seen how interactions like this go down with you. I am fully expecting you to tell me off. Your in a “burn it to the ground mode” when it comes to any and all things Star Wars now. I just think that there are a few good apples left at Lucasfilm that want to do the right thing by us and George and he is one of them. I just don’t want to make it where they don’t reach out to us fairly at all anymore because of stuff like this.

        Carry On this is just my 2 cents.


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  3. HAHA,! Itchy taking it to the two faced Di$noid!

    You got mad props from me in that one!

    Itchy just did a,



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