Matt Martin Says It’s Okay To Reject Disney Canon

How’s that for clickbait?

Matt Martin from the Lucasfilm Story Group recently tweeted out the following:





Great.  I as a fan will pick and choose what I want to accept as true.  My own personal Star Wars story rejects the entirety of DisCanon.   And there’s no reason that I can’t accept Lucas-era Star Wars, or Legends, as “real.” Because it’s all fake anyway, and I can choose to accept what I want as true.

Let’s just hope Disney’s lawyers don’t get involved when fans decide to make up their own stories.

O.G. Star Wars comments:

20 thoughts on “Matt Martin Says It’s Okay To Reject Disney Canon

  1. Lucasfilm has a storytelling?! Did I miss something, like words (pun intended)? And now fuck of, and go make your girlfriends hair blue, while her boyfriend stuffs her.


  2. I’m not sure of this because he has a habit of using a lot of words to say nothing, but I think he just explained that the story group does nothing but take up space and eat ice-cream.

    They’re as useful as the Portland Or. police department. 🤔


    • Pretty much agreed on that front. I’d know from how various far-left creators have absolutely NO problem destroying their own canon simply to act more “creative” towards a product. George Lucas also was guilty of that just as well.


        • You know, I actually DID attempt to stick to the topic with my starting posts. If anything, it’s YOU who’s spamming and trying to outright attack me. And quite frankly after your promotion of leftist views, I suggest you get off this site before Itchy forces you off.


  3. He’s just saying that shit to deflect the incompetent fuck-ups he and his peers in the Story Group are as they skip through the hallways of Lucasfilm, delighted to carry out whatever whims and agendas that get cooked up by KK and her posse. Disband Story Group.

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    • I suspect he thinks Disney canon is the thing which goes ‘boom’ on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and thinks we are nuts for complaining about it. It doesn’t even have anything to do with Star Wars.


      • True Story: I’m writer on (same name) and I can’t tell you how many writers and reviewers I’ve seen who mistaken “canon” for “cannon” and vice versa.

        According to Oxford dictionary

        1.a general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged.
        “the appointment violated the canons of fair play and equal opportunity”
        2. a collection or list of sacred books accepted as genuine.
        “the formation of the biblical canon”

        1. a large, heavy piece of artillery, typically mounted on wheels, formerly used in warfare.

        It’s embarrassing enough when fanfic writers can’t tell the difference, but it’s worse when “professional” can’t seem to tell the difference either.

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  4. Honestly, if you simply pick and choose your own canon, then what’s the point of canon even existing in the first place?

    Of course, then again I should also be asking that same question regarding certain so-called “creators”, including the ACTUAL creators of a franchise, who retcon willy-nilly simply on a whim due to being the creator, like Hideo Kojima or George Lucas or any of those guys. I believe in an absolute form of canon, one that is unalterable even by the creator. Almost fatalistic, for want of a better term.

    Matt Martin just dug himself and Disney into a bigger hole, even if this DID have precedence under Lucas and his ignoring stuff from the Original Trilogy when making the Prequels (to say little about his constantly lying about development).


    • Oh, look, Kojima. Never heard that one before.

      Same old set. If you were a comedian, you’d be booed off the stage for lack of new material.


      • Except facts don’t require new material, they just ARE. And when it’s stated in multiple sources, some of which come directly from Lucas’s own words and written notes, they’re facts. And for the record, Kojima’s antics are indeed factual as well, not to mention directly relevant to the overall problem.


      • Yeah, actually, I DO know of other examples, some even directly relevant to Disney itself, to say little about Star Wars. In one of the D23 events (I believe around the time of the Maleficent movie), Don Hahn made it very clear that he viewed continuity and consistency as for losers or something like that. And don’t get me started on JJ Abrams’ wrecking Star Wars and Star Trek, and clearly adheres to that view as well.


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