Hasbro Bends The Knee To Screeching Feminists


Normal people not minding “Slave Leia”

I’ve often compared Disney Star Wars to a guy’s poker game.  You’re drinking beer, smoking cigars, eating nachos and having a great time.  There’s even a lady at the table who drinks and smokes as much as the guys do, because she’s one of the guys.  But then comes in the host’s overbearing busybody wife, and changes out the ashtray for a vase with silk flowers.   Then she changes the beer for wine coolers.  Then she decides that kings and queens are too patriarchal and changes out the standard deck of cards for  Parcheesi.   Then she changes out the decadent nachos for bagel chips and hummus.


Of course, the guests don’t stick around to see all of those changes.  One by one they leave to go someplace else where they can enjoy what they originally enjoyed.  Even the drinking and smoking lady at the table has left because she likes nachos too.

There’s no possible way that Hasbro wouldn’t understand this.  Just recently, Hasbro unveiled new products that included no Disney Trilogy Merchandise.  They know full well that the “activists” who clamor for changes in this material don’t actually consume any of it by and large.

And yet here they are, complying with the screeching idiocy of the feminist in the conference room.  This iconic image had been known as “Slave Leia” for decades, even after Disney started to distance themselves from the “problematic” gold bikini.  But now, it’s “Huttslayer Leia” according to Hasbro’s website.  Behold:


Well, I’ve got an idea for Hasbro for another action figure, which I dub, “Lucasfilm Slayer.”  Check it out:


Her side hustle is slaying customers.

Thanks to Omega 579 for the tip.


31 thoughts on “Hasbro Bends The Knee To Screeching Feminists

  1. The term is accurate. She does slay him.

    Honestly, Disney had put a moratorium on this figure for a while so if changing it to Huttslayer means that they will produce the figure, then fine.

    The feminazi’s will still scream about it but at least it is no longer shadow-banned.

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  2. Your poker-game metaphor reminds me of the Super Bowl. People who have never watched an NFL game show up with their healthy snacks, ask stupid questions, and ruin everything.

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    • It might be enough to get Jason Ward excited to ‘slide into her DMs’ and get more “pictures” from her. 🤢


  3. Itchy, the last time you wrote about Slave Bikini Leia you asked if there has been ANY merchandise produced under Disney’s name of this version of the character and so far all we have is this: A figurine play set exclusive to the Diseny Parks and has been on shelves since 2015, the very year they started banning the costume in merchandising!

    Of course we also had The Black Series Figure http://rebelscum.com/Hasbro-Star-Wars/The-Black-Series/6-Inch-Figures/Princess-Leia-Slave-Outfit-05/default.asp
    and this LEGO set https://brickset.com/sets/75020-1/Jabba-s-Sail-Barge

    Both from 2013 before Disney started banning the costume from merchandising

    Let us never forget Carrie Fisher’s own words on the subject:

    “Tell them that a giant slug captured me and forced me to wear that stupid outfit, and then I killed him because I didn’t like it. And then I took it off. Backstage.”


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  4. So I wrote here that Hasbro has tried for seven years now to push the new 6″ action figures and at the same time to phase out the 3.75″ super-articulated action figures. It didn’t work at all and the vintage collection is back since 2018. But most of the figures are repacks and collectors are really unhappy.

    It started when Hasbro made an pre May the 4th Hasbro Pulse session for one hour and they only revealed one 3.75″ action figure. And this is a repack. Now there is an open rebellion.

    The online store EE did ask yesterday a question “Let’s hear from the Star Wars collectors! Which line do you prefer, The Vintage Collection or The Black Series?”, and most of the answers is TVC!

    LOL It blows into Hasbros face right now from all directions. This is The Action Figure Fandom Manace moment in the collecting histroy. It’s amazing. They can’t ignore us no more. Hasbro you can’t force us to change the scale of our action figure, only because you want to squeeze more money from us. We have spoken.




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  5. They also killed off the 3.75 GI JOE line(they do this often) and now its this 6 inch crap again. TRU was the only place carrying them though, and Dollar General back in 2012/13 . TRU did the 50th anniversary line. ROC’s lackluster and over-saturated line helped kill the brand though I think, but a lot of stuff from the 25th made its way in there yet.

    Marvel’s 3.75 line is dead too. Out of all these 6 inch series, most always peg warm and clutter, only certain characters sell or are never found in the wild. The 3.75 lines has that problem too though, but more recently, during 2012-present.


    • I feel with you my 3.75″ collecting brother. It’s sad. They just force it upon us and think they will buy it, probably because of 6″ Marvel. But 3.75″ Mavel failed because, it was allways a higher scale then 3.75″.


  6. I like hummus, but wtf are they using for the horns? Bugle chips? Not a good pairing. And I’m too afraid to ask what they used for the eyes. Also, that looks more like spaghetti sauce than hummus. /food critic rant

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  7. Itchy, I’m a frequent visitor and reader, and you always provide great perspective with wonderful biting humor. But, man, when the punchline to today’s article was Slave Girl Kennedy, I just had to write to let you know what a great LOL moment you gave me, and, no doubt, many others.

    Hil-ar-i-ous : ) !!

    Keep up the good work, friend!

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  8. I am a huge GI JOE fan and have a wide collection of GI JOE toys. I also count on buying incomplete and either buying spares off eBay and fellow collectors or even 3-D printing replacements. The good thing is that you can also buy full labels etc for a quick tidy-up or even full replacement.
    The new GI JOE line is more for collectors but that’s the realm of toys in the science fiction fantasy category they tend to be more to show rather than play with.

    I am now with Paramount working on their GI JOE “event” project which forget Rise Of Cobra although Retaliation had some interesting ideas, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes as an example which now you get that in an upcoming film.
    And the character of Cobra Commander in which he was not played like a buffoon as in the Sunbow TV series. But actually as the ruthless terrorist leader he was created as.
    The new one being worked on seems to follow the feel of Resolute with the spirit of Larry Hama. It’s a war movie.

    Back to the vintage GI JOE and you have a similar Slave Leia conundrum. Cover Girl the former glamour model who become disillusioned with the modelling industry she turned soldier, to “put new direction in her life.”
    she even came with her own tank the Wolverine and there is a label that says “Silly Boys, Tanks are for Girls” they took this away from the re-issues.

    Her file card is now somewhat edited as principles in 1983 some what differ today.
    “Cover Girl finds that she must work against her beauty to prove herself.
    She’s completed to learn and master decidedly un-feminine disciplines.
    Her self-assurance and stunning good looks reduce most men to stuttering fools.”

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    • You mean the new G.I. Joe movie that proposes to cast an Asian actor as blond, blue-eyed Snake Eyes, the brand’s iconic “American ninja”? Doesn’t sound any good to me.


    • Weimar Republic 2.0 has no brakes, didn’t you know?

      This is why one day, for no reason at all….
      (You know how the phrase ends)


    • Wesley the INCEL? I posted here pictures of him. He must read the comments here, because he removed the link to that page from his twitter profile. ROFL.


  9. … Huttslayer?
    For real?
    But… that sounds retarded.
    I mean….
    These people have no self awareness.


  10. … I’ve got mixed feelings on this. On one hand, “Huttslayer” sounds like a really lame copout to get around Disney’s “Slave Leia” ban. (Though it’s not unexpected from Hasbro- they change Transformer names all the time when they can’t trademark the old ones, even if the old ones are kept in the fiction.)

    But on the other… it’s made me realize, “Hutt” certainly sounds like a decent euphemism for the kind of SJWs who get the most upset about the Slave Leia costume’s existence. There’s the blatantly obvious jabs at the more “landwhale”-figured individuals’ physiques, obviously, but there’s a good bit more, I think, especially with those SJWs within D-LFL itself!

    Like Han in carbonite, D-LFL have frozen away the Expanded Universe, with the occasional appearances of things like Thrawn or the TIE Defender being little more respectfully handled than mounting Han on a wall.. Their constant degradation and destruction of classic characters (especially Luke) strip the OT of all its dignity, much as Jabba’s slave girls are stripped of dignity, freedom, and clothes. And those within Lucasfilm who dare to defy Kennedy’s control freak tendencies? If she could get away with feeding Trevorrow to a carnivorous animal, I doubt she’d have fired him.

    Jabba and D-LFL’s employees both they go against nature when it comes to sexuality. As the non-binary (self-fertilizing hermaphrodite) slug pretends to be a hetero male and ogles humanoid girls, D-LFL’s employees pretend non-binary humans are a thing, and at least one ogles tentacle monsters.

    Much as Jabba has filled his palace with the most disgusting, unsophisticated reprobates to serve as his underlings, so too has the post-Disney Star Wars community and the story group been filled with the aforementioned fetish freaks, with pedophiles, with consumate liars, with false-flaggers, and with pathetic weak-minded sniveling sycophants.

    And if a certain law firm investigating Disney for a class-action lawsuit (on the shareholders’ behalf) is right about them cooking the books, then both Jabba’s syndicate and D-LFL are dependant on illegal activity to stay afloat!

    I cannot help but think that rather than putting Kathleen Kennedy’s head on a Slave Leia picture, it might be more appropriate (if more difficult) to splice her hair and face onto Jabba’s head instead.

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  11. The Darth Maul hummus is made with red pepper coulis, black sesame dust, and corn tortilla chips.

    *Huttslayer” sounds like they’re trying to hard to get in on the GOT fame with the “kingslayer” nick/moniker.

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    • I remember when the first Slave Leia figure came out in 97 on the POTF line.
      It was popular, really popular. And the other figures that followed including The Black Series and the Jabba Palace, Rancor set which still commands money.
      It’s part of Pop Culture as it rose to prominence on “Friends”.
      It’s the action figure equivalent of a book SJWs want to burn.


  12. Honestly, I’ve never liked the term “Huttslayer” to describe that outfit. First of all it ignores that Princess Leia would never have worn that outfit under her own volition. Second it makes her sound like some sort of racist that goes around killing Hutts whereas she killed Jabba purely because they came into conflict.


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