Disney Feminizes Luke Skywalker

According to General Friendliness from KiwiFarms, the following image comes from a Disney “graphic novel retelling of the OT.”  This is Luke Skywalker:





So, apparently Disney artists are modeling their Luke Skywalker after Molly Ringwald’s appearance in Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone.


But if you think that’s bad, check out the Disney comic adaptation of The Empire Strikes Back, which depicts Luke Skywalker all tarted up.



Just a little lipstick and eyeliner covers up all that nasty toxic masculinity.

SC Reviews comments:

Ryan Kinel comments:

Mecha Random comments:

Entertainment Hacker comments:

Clownfish TV comments:


Just Some Guy is claiming that the above images were saturated to alter the way it looks in the comics.  Though I’m not sure the desatured version is much better.  Now it just looks like a girl who doesn’t wear lipstick.  And he still has the eyeliner.


24 thoughts on “Disney Feminizes Luke Skywalker

  1. I kinda think that’s just their art style, some artists give everyone lips and eyelashes because in reality everyone has lips and eyelashes. Also Leia has a bad case of resting derp face and looks like the vain character from the Twilight Zone episode “The Masks”.

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    • The publishers picked the artists and therefore the art style. Apparently the main artist is Alessandro Pastrovicchio who is very versitile and has done everything from mainstream comics like Batman vs Hulk where the characters emulate Marvel 60s style to Mickey Mouse comics. The other artists, are two spanish sisters who have a manga-esque style. Nothing in Pastrovicchio’s oeuvre looks like the feminized Skywalker, so it was something done on purpose.


  2. The Force is transexual now, then?
    How progressive of tthem.
    It also confirms that Disney and Marvel no longer hire based on talent; I do wonder what minority the artist and inler belong to.

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  3. Soo… they’ve gone from making female characters who look like really creepy dudes to making existing male characters look super-girly? Somebody seriously needs to drag these idiots off to re-take every grade school biology class there is. And not the Common Core version!


  4. Well, another piece of childhood destroyed. But nobody cares. Nobody also cares that Mark Hamill decided to attack the president’s sister’s family for no apparent reason(her son was a Star Wars fan), they don’t care that Tara Strong fired an Uber driver because he wasn’t agreeing with her agenda and nobody cares that Grey Delisle-Griffin demanded mammograms for white women. Who cares if our idols don’t like us? We can always enjoy somebody else or somebody else’s art. Now do me a favor and boycott Disney Star Wars.


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