Disney Throws Rieekan Down The Memory Hole For TESB 40th Anniversary


Kathy’s Bitter Agenda erases this toxic male.

Those of us who have watched The Empire Strikes Back more times than we can count over the last 40 years remember the Battle of Hoth like this:


General Rieekan lacks the requisite vagina.

But the feminist imbeciles currently destroying Lucasfilm, need to rewrite the Leia character so that she can be equal in her Mary Sueness to Rey, since hardly anyone is paying any attention to the Disney Trilogy characters, not even Hasbro.

And so they’ve produced yet another insipid and unnecessary episode of Galaxy of Adventures where Leia is now suddenly a general, replacing General Rieekan and all his toxic masculinity.


Click on the image to view the media on Twitter.

Thanks to StevenWayneArt for the tip.


20 thoughts on “Disney Throws Rieekan Down The Memory Hole For TESB 40th Anniversary

  1. This is so offensive, Leia clearly had authority on Hoth, she wasnt the General but she was second in command, why the hell do they need to make more of it. It was clear to all of us that she had authotity and it was cool, we dont need to rewrite hstory to make her the sole leader now.

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  2. If I recall correctly, Itchy, there is a scene later in the Hoth sequence in which Leia is positioned like that, only the camera views it from a different angle. It’s when Han is coming to get her and she gives the order to evacuate the base.

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      • @alexrd

        Yeah, I believe you’re right. I’m not going to watch the entire movie to be absolutely certain, but I do trust your memory over mine. You’re well known as a sharp thinker.

        Short of them making “new Discanon Special Editions” where they rewrite the films and make a cut with extensive deepfakes, it doesn’t make much sense to call someone a general who is not referred to as such in the OT.

        I can’t think of anyone who has proven less worthy and more disrespectful of the Star Wars IP than Kathleen Kennedy.


        • Simpler method. Track down the subtitle files. Not 100% accurate because there are occasional typos, but a huge time saver.


    • I checked. The CC at the bottom of the image is spoken by the tech with the headset on. the ‘General’ he is addressing with that line is Rieekan.
      “[..] of hyperspace in sector 4”
      Rieekan: “Reroute all power to the energy shield…Gotta hold them until all transports are away. Prepare for ground assault”

      To add a little bit more, Han isn’t in C&C, the shot immediately before has Han sitting on top of the falcon doing maintenance with Chewbacca.


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  5. This is an education issue. You can see that the audience for this have been pre-conditioned to accept all the non-existent “things” that affect gender equality today have been this way forever.
    Many still Forgetting that of course one year earlier we had another science fiction heroine Ellen Ripley.

    They are representing Leia as the complete opposite to what she actually was. Again it comes down to representation and the image of Leia being put across is someone’s vision of themselves.
    It’s funny to think that what they are doing to Leia now is what they actually think Carrie would want when it would be the complete opposite.

    They have turned their attention to Leia because Rey,Rose Tico, Admiral Holdo and the female rocketeer whose name I forget have failed to connect. Especially after being told that you will love her character because they embody the same attitude, feistiness as what you have been conditioned to believe what gender equality is.

    Personally, I don’t see Carrie would be protesting wearing a pussy hat…I do see her making fun of them though.


  6. Wow, kathleen kennedy and her pu$$y-squad (re: The New Lucasfilm Story-Group) just don’t know when to quit, do they? This is exactly what happens when you suffer from LoD-Syndrome. I used to be one of those guys (#Only2Genders) who naively just blamed Disney for everything but 2020 has really revealed who the actual architects of Star Wars’ demise are. KK and Lucasfilm are the problem, NOT Disney.


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  8. This is dumb. You didn’t say a word about how Vader blew down the door like the big bad wolf. They clearly weren’t going for a shot for shot remake as much as a small clip to highlight the characters. They’re not erasing the general. You guys never fail to get your panties in a twist about absolutely nothing.


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