Hal Hickel: Star Wars Is Not About War


Hal wonders if the backdrop is for a show about a Mandalorian.

In response to ILM Animation Director Hal Hickel accusing others of not knowing what Star Wars was all about because Ben Shapiro dared to state the obvious, our good friend Chi Huavara asked a perfectly reasonable question:


Here’s the image that Chi posted, taken from a 1988 interview with George Lucas from Starlog Magazine:


Hal would desperately like to answer Chi’s question with something containing the political buzzword “inclusion/inclusive,” but the image of the George Lucas quote prevented him from doing so.


A bizarre answer given that war is usually about excluding people from something.  Chi wisely posed this quandary to Hal:


You read that right.  Hal believes that Star Wars is not about war.

This despite the fact that the franchise has the word “war” in its title, and despite the fact that every film features a major battle in a larger war that all of the primary characters actively fight in on-screen.  And despite the fact that only a few posts earlier, Hal was presented with a scan of an interview where George Lucas specifically refers to Star Wars as a war film.  This is the kind of abject stupidity that those afflicted with political indoctrination are stricken with.

The sad truth is that Hal has no idea what Star Wars is all about.  Which is why he can’t answer the question when it’s posed directly to him.


Hal is all bluster and no substance.

All Hal really knows, is that he wants Star Wars to be about whatever petty political fashion trends he subscribes to at any given moment.

But when someone this far up the food chain within Lucasfilm struggles with the basic meaning in the title of the franchise, what possible hope can there be for Star Wars?


Memeology 101 comments:

Bounding Into Comics comments:

Star Wars Insider Writer Promotes Tweet To “Piss Off Men”

A fan recently posted the following on Twitter, which was intended to “piss off men”:


This tweet caught the eye of Mark Newbold, contributor for Star Wars Insider, according to StarWars.com.



Mark liked Jami’s tweet so much, that he decided to retweet it.


Star Wars is for everyone.  Except for the men who are excluded from Jami’s tweet.

I have to wonder if ILM Animation Director Hal Hickel would feel that calling Jami a misandrist is a “legitimate opinion.”

But Hal’s too busy fretting over an opinion that wasn’t controversial until the wokesters gained control of Star Wars from George Lucas, which apparently sparked this whole thing.




If only all those people that Hal thinks understand what Star Wars is all about, were actually interested in Star Wars.


Here’s someone that knew what Star Wars was all about:



Manabyte Canceled

Readers of this blog may recall Jeremy Conrad of StarWarsUnity.net, also known as Manabyte.


Back in 2015, he coordinated with Jason Ward of MakingStarWars.net to deliver false leaks to rival websites in an effort to discredit them.


Well, much like Jason Ward who was found out to have made very anti-progressive statements, Mr. Conrad now finds himself the subject of a public cancelation.













Thanks to Dennis for the tip.

Marvel Drops Rise Of Skywalker?

That’s the rumor from Bleeding Cool.


It could use more plagiarized fan designs.

Bleeding Cool reports:

Marvel Comics Cancels Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker?

Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker was to follow successful adaptations of Star Wars movies in comic book form, both past and present, and even enabled creators to introduce lines or scenes that were left on the cutting room floor or felt sadly absent (Leia hugging Chewbacca after Han died was a significant one).

However, word has reached my ears from informed sources that Marvel Comics will no longer be publishing the series. Intended to begin in June, this is how the first issue was solicited. Whatever that unrevealed story or extended and deleted scenes recreated comic book form will have to wait for another day.

Is this a sign of Disney abandoning the Disney Trilogy?  I can’t imagine why they would want to do that with all of the rabid fans who can’t get enough of Rise of Skywalker material.


Heh, with fans like that, who needs a Fandom Menace?  Am I right?

Disney Moving Forward Without Ray Park?


In the wake of recent events surrounding Ray Park and his now infamous Instagram activity, new rumors are swirling the interwebs saying that Ray Park is going to be replaced as Darth Maul in all future Star Wars projects.

LRM online reports:

Star Wars Rumor: Lucasfilm Moving Forward Without Ray Park As Darth Maul Following Instagram Post | LRM Top Shelf Rumor

According to our source, Lucasfilm and Disney have taken such an action. More specifically, the studios have decided to move forward with Darth Maul without Ray Park.

That being said, there are no details on how Disney plans to move forward. All we know right now is that they won’t be moving forward with Ray Park.

Interestingly, Jordan Maison, the official Star Wars artist for TOPPS, had this to say about the matter:


Ray Park’s wife, has come out and stated publicly that the images claiming child abuse were false and hoaxed.  Which of course begs the question, who hoaxed those images, and why?

But the jury is still out as to whether or not Ray Park’s Instagram account was hacked.  Some claim it was, others claim it wasn’t.  At this point we simply don’t know.

It is interesting to note however, that when Ray Park was trending on Twitter over this recent mess, many Sam Witwer fans were cheering and promoting the idea of Sam taking over the role.


Hal Hickel: Calling You A Misogynist Is A Legitimate Opinion


Hal uses an R2 unit to determine which insults are politically compliant.

ILM Animation Director Hal Hickel is a master of SJW hypocrisy, so he needs to find a way that the “shitty” behavior of is colleagues is acceptable, while the exact same “shitty” behavior of fans is not.


Fair enough indeed.  But not so fast Dan, special dispensation has to be made for what qualifies as “shitty” in order to protect Hal’s moronic politics.


You see, calling you an asshole is not acceptable.  But calling you a misogynist is.  Why?  Because Hal Hickel agrees with the latter assessment, so he needs to rationalize a way for it to be acceptable.

But Hal would have some tough questions ahead.


For Hal, that was “a conversation to be had.”


At least until Hal realized that his political purity was on the line.  Then the “conversation to be had” became a “tangle.”



So the fact that feminists are no longer strictly female in the modern era is a “semantic tangle.”  I guess all of those male feminists who virtue signal over being allies are really just engaging in tangling semantics according to Hal’s metric.  But since most male feminists end up being revealed as predators anyway, Hal may have a point.

Male Feminist

Meanwhile, you can check Hal’s timeline on Twitter where he’s “shitty” to everyone that opposes his moronic and uneducated politics.  Make no mistake; Hal’s an asshole.

The Hickel Hole


Hal prefers his own hole.

This post will be instructive for those who are looking to better understand the “thought process” of the highly programmed SJW.

Recently, I wrote a blog post about ILM Animation Director Hal Hickel’s moronic support for Antifa savages.  He and his fellow drones from the Collective responded, and many others responded to him telling others not to be shitty to people immediately after he called others several names in a shitty-like fashion.

During the course of this online conversation, many fans would point out to Hal, the awful misbehavior of Lucasfilm associates which really started all of this.


And why hasn’t Hal ever seen it?  Well, because he refuses to see it even when documentation is dropped right in his lap.




Hal doesn’t like the rabbit hole.  You see, Hal is content to stay in his own Hickel Hole, where every claim and accusation that fits his preferred narrative is accepted without question, even without documentation.  And remember, responding to and refuting public comments is “harassment” in the SJW pea brain.












You can read more about Kristen’s claims here.




As you can see, Hal is more than willing to accept claims of “perceived persecution” without question and without documentation when they come from his politically compliant comrades.

Pausing for introspection simply isn’t on the table, because you see, “creators” are faultless.


This is how the SJW maintains their delusional narrative.  They embrace the narrative they prefer, and refuse to acknowledge anything that deviates from it.  Thus, the SJW lives in a perpetual fantasy land.

J. W. Rinzler: “At Disney you were basically infantilized.”

Jeff from World Class Bullshitters sat down with J. W. Rinzler for an interview recently, and here are some highlights.

At about the 22-minute mark, J. W. Rinzler states:

At Disney you were basically infantilized.  Nobody was trusted, and you weren’t allowed to see things until it was far too late in terms of knowing how to, in a sense, how to maximize what you were doing in relation to this new film.  I will say, it was sort of, not done in the best way.

And licensees, I don’t know about all of them, but a couple of the licensees that I worked with, I was unhappy because I thought, and again this is just my opinion, I thought they were being forced to jump through so many hoops that were unnecessary, just for security reasons.  You know, these were people that we worked with for literally over a decade.  You know, they could be trusted.  It was just, it was damaging to our relationship, and make them jump through so many hoops.

Jeff asked:

So would, you said it was damaging, would people talk, were they taken aback, we’ve had this working relationship for up to a decade, was there any kind of that, or did people just blindly accept, well this is how Disney runs stuff?

J.W. Rinzler responded:

I don’t really know, I didn’t have a lot of conversations with them.  But it was clear, that it made their jobs much harder to do.  And it made the product not as good as it would have been.

At about the 38 minute mark, Jeff asks Mr. Rinzler why he left Lucasfilm.  Mr. Rinzler responded:

Basically, when I was executive editor, I had alot of autonomy.  I was a director of publishing.  But once she said it was okay to do a project, once the liensee and publisher signed on, we just did it.  And I was in charge.  And when it was done, and the licensee thought it was done, it was done.  And all of the book proposals were pitched directly to us, and we had, we basically had a lot of control over what was going on, and we had a lot of autonomy.

But as Disney sort of slowly worked, you know in their defense they had to work Lucas licensing into their licensing program.  They’re a bigger company.

They had to adapt us to their working methods.  I felt it basically took away all of my autonomy, which is one of the things that made the job fun.  And then of course, I was no longer working with George Lucas.  I wasn’t working with anyone like him at Disney.  And so it was just time to go.

Also, Disney said I couldn’t write again.  When I was actually at the company.  Their policy was that an editor couldn’t write.

So those three big things were taken away.  And I had been there for, by the time I had decided to go, I had been there for 14, 15 years.  It was time to go.  I don’t regret it at all.

At about the 1:05 minute mark, a chat question was submitted to Mr. Rinzler from Dr. Coffin Nails:

I love your Rise And Fall Of Star Wars blog, hope the whole thing will somehow see the light of day.

Mr. Rinzler responded:

Well, it would be nice.  I have to have, you know, somebody who understands these things, and can advise me in terms of what you can and can’t do legally, and also have a publisher who is willing to publish it.  But I think it’s an interesting story.  I would like to publish it eventually.

The entire interview can be seen here:

Highlighting Hal Hickel’s Hypocrisy


Hal discovers that communication is a two-way street.

Recently, I wrote about ILM Animation Director Hal Hickel’s public support for the unhinged savages who are currently burning Portland to the ground.  In response, Hal used the classic bully tactic, whereby the bully attempts to shame the critic whose opinion he doesn’t like into silence with condescension.  Once it became abundantly clear that his act had no hope of working on me, he bid me adieu and hit the mute button as quickly as he could.


Hal had no compunction about using words like “creepy” and “obsessive” when he thought his act would work.

But Hal wasn’t finished caterwauling to others, over people who dared to respond to the comments he made in the public town square of Twitter.  He actually had the nerve to tweet this comedy gold out:


Apparently, Hal is unaware of the long sad history of Lucasfilm associates and the legacy media lashing out at fans for simply not liking the awful Last Jedi.  Maybe Hal ought to focus his energies on cleaning his own damn house, before worrying about what everyone else in the neighborhood is doing.

But instead, he then went on to talk about the “cranky Star Wars fandom.”


Hal has no problem referring to others with words like, creepy, obsessive, deplorable, snarky, cranky, low rent, unfunny, dumbfuckery, shitty, etc.

But when the shit sandwich that Hal serves splatters directly into his own idiot face, well, then it’s finger-wagging lecture time!


Still, no indication if Hal has ever discussed the “shitty” misbehavior of his own “shitty” colleagues.

Remember not too long ago when Star Wars was for everyone?


Well, not anymore.


Except for when Hal needs it to be for everyone.


And that little kid gets to now read about Lando’s butt and bulge, and Han Solo’s drinking problems.  That little kid, gets to watch Luke Skywalker suck on an alien teat, and Chewbacca get kicked in the balls.  And let’s not forget about the polyamorous menstruators.  High adventure!  For kids.

But bullies like Hal have no hope of learning the lesson that each of them desperately need to:


So this is where Hal’s crybullying started:


Don’t you understand, all of you creepy, obsessive, snarky, cranky, low rent, unfunny, deplorables?  It’s not worth being shitty to Hal with your unfunny dumbfuckery.  Or something.