Lucasfilm’s Diversity & Inclusion Summit

Recently our good friend Doomcock reported on a rumor that Disney was going to de-woke their business.

I’m extremely skeptical of this rumor for two reasons.  

First, SJWs never ever correct course.  Instead, they double down on their stupidity to prove some worthless point, inevitably resulting in them being even more wrong than they were before.  This is an unchanging law of the universe.

Second, as recently as August 23rd, Lucasfilm held a Diversity & Inclusion Summit where all manner of moronic irrelevancies were obsessed over by busybody activists.  From their Instagram page:

There’s also a 4.5 video from this summit on Facebook if you can stomach it.



9 thoughts on “Lucasfilm’s Diversity & Inclusion Summit

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  2. Agreed. It’s a ruse to bring back that core audience that has pretty much left the building. Nothing wrong with buying Silver and Golden Age comics or purchasing Star Wars items published by DC or pre 2012. Did anyone see what they did to Wonder Woman 1984 comic? They lost our trust and don’t ever ever Ever deserve to get it back.


    • Why aren’t they allowed to get rid of the cancer and work to earn the trust back? That’s what people like Favreau and Filoni are trying to do. I mean Grudges are as poisonous as Revenge.

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  3. I don’t recall if Doomcock said the insider was one of his regulars or not.

    Maybe someone can pester Hal Hickel and ask if he has to change is “allowed to say what he wants” tune? Or maybe he’ll be looking for a new job where he doesn’t have to worry about consequences for shooting his mouth off.


  4. I have to respectfully acknowledge that Doomcock seems to be chasing flies and going nowhere with his talks of “insiders” as if he had top dog investigators on his side. He should know by now, well after The Last Jedi, there was no intention to omit any SJW subtext in Disney, nor was there ever going to be.


  5. Wow. I used to attend Siggraph when it was a technical industry show about computer graphics. As the technical products became easier to use, artists became involved in the graphics part. Now they’ve obviously been converged into just another “diversity and inclusion” cess pit – which has nothing to do with their original mission.

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