The De-Feminized Mandalorian Edit

Readers may recall the De-Feminized Fan Edit of The Last Jedi which turned out to be a satirical jab at what SJW activists thought MRAs wanted to see. SJWs that didn’t understand it was satire, howled to the moon about sexism and misogyny and toxicity in the fanbase.

But I bet none of those same media outlets will bat an eye over women being removed from media, if it complies with their moronic political agendas.

Thanks to OG Star Wars for the tip.

Pete Fletzer Not Happy With Fandom Menace Support Of Kanye West

Blow hard.

Pete Fletzer from the Around The Galaxy podcast recently appeared on Beyond The Blast Doors.

Pete was asked about his opinions on the recent remarks from Kanye West during his appearance on the Joe Rogan Show. But instead of discussing Kanye West’s remarks, Pete chose to make it all about the Fandom Menace, which apparently is all he really cares about. At about the 17 minute mark Pete says:

As I said in the opener, I don’t care about Kanye West.

But what I think is hilarious, is that The Fandom Menace people, not the Phantom Menace, but the Fandom Menace people, have taken to supporting Kanye’s perspective here, and using it as more ammo, no offense Ammo, but using it as more ammunition, for their narrative that the sequels suck and the prequels are fantastic.

Keeping in mind, a lot of these people hated the Prequels 20 years ago. So, here’s my perspective, if you’re using Kanye West’s opinion as support for your argument, maybe reevaluate your argument.

You can watch my documentaries on Ahmed Best and Jake Lloyd to see how it was primarily the media that was responsible for the hate towards the prequels, even according to the words of George Lucas himself. So Pete is either intellectually dishonest or utterly ignorant.

What Pete also doesn’t understand, is that unlike the consensus of the collective that SJWs are required to conform to, the Fandom Menace has no singular narrative, nor does it work to fashion one. There are some Menacers who like the Prequels very much, others dislike them, still others like me find them to be a mixed bag. So Pete is essentially making things up here.

But why does Pete dismiss Kanye West’s opinions? Is Pete racist? It’s not as though Kanye’s comments exist in isolation. What about the comments from John Boyega or Oscar Isaac? How about the comments from J. W. Rinzler? And why doesn’t Pete want to discuss Kanye’s comments, or want anyone else to discuss Kanye’s comments? Seems more likely that Pete wants to put a lid on this dialogue and/or discourse.

Then after being asked again about his opinion of Kanye West’s statements, Pete again makes it all about the Fandom Menace. At about the 23 minute mark Pete says:

I do want to say one thing though, I don’t think it’s, I think the problem is, look, love what you want to love, and that’s awesome. And I’ve come around on the [unintelligible] Prequel list, I’m totally with him on that. And I get that point of view.

To me, it’s Kanye West saying something, and The Fandom Menace, and people who hate the sequels, latching onto anything they can grab onto, to hate the sequels. And look, again, at the end of the day, you love your Star Wars, go for it. Don’t spend energy hating people for not liking the same thing as you. That’s just asinine.

What’s actually asinine is the way that Pete Fletzer struggles with reality. The Fandom Menace was born from being called racist and misogynist simply for not liking Rian Johnson’s terrible movie. It was SJWs who attacked Menacers for not liking their crappy communist propaganda movie.

So maybe Pete Fletzer ought to take Reylos to task for attacking “old incel dude bros” just because Boba Fett is appearing in The Mandalorian. Because as the documented evidence shows, it’s idiot SJWs who spend their energy hating people for not liking the same thing as you. Routinely.

You can watch the whole podcast here:

Will SJWs Boycott The Women Of Star Wars?

The Mandalorian may or may not be a transphobic production.

Double trouble.

Recently it was confirmed that Rosario Dawson will be playing the Ahsoka Tano character. This opens up all kinds of wonderful problems for SJW activists.

As many readers of this blog know, SJW activists in the legacy media worked overtime to depict Gina Carano as a transphobe due to her unwillingness to conform to forcible pronoun usage.

But also, SJW activists have seethed and frothed over Rosario Dawson as being a transphobe as well, including notable Lucasfilm personalities.


Would this make The Mandalorian a transphobic production?

While we wait for SJW activists to tell us, we can watch the Council of Geeks ask the soy infused question.

Looks like the salt has begum to flow according to Yellow Flash:

The Mandalorian Cucks Chuck Wendig

Chuck likes being cucked.

Chuck Wendig tweeted out the following in regards to his Aftermath character Cobb Vanth appearing in The Mandalorian:

So why would this be a bummer to Chuck?

Stig Kenobi alerted me of the following:

And indeed, when looking over the Wookieepedia article, it would appear that Chuck Wendig’s vision has been retconned. Here’s one way:

But this shouldn’t give ol’ Chuck the sads. After all…


Chuck Wendig Rises Like A Fecal Phoenix

Chuck escapes from his proper place.

Mandalorian spoilers follow:

Back in August 2019, there were several hints suggesting that the Cobb Vanth character from Chuck Wendig’s awful Aftermath novels would make an appearance in The Mandalorian. Then after my speculative blog post was picked up by Bleeding Fool, Chuck Wendig vehemently denied any involvement in The Mandalorian.

In May 2020, reports were surfacing from Slashfilm that Timothy Olyphant was going to play Cobb Vanth. But Chuck was silent this time around.

Then in October 2020, Chuck tweeted out a remembrance of his firing from Marvel with an attempt to revise the history of those events. Well it turns out that tweet may have been a bit of pre-gloating to his detractors, because we now know that Timothy Olyphant did indeed play Cobb Vanth in The Mandalorian season 2 premiere episode.

So Mandalorian fans should get ready to enjoy elements from Chuck Wendig’s wibbly wobbly fan fiction throughout the season.

He’s back.

For Kids, Or Not For Kids; That Is The Question

Lucasfilm markets refrigerators to kids.

It’s that time again, where we get to address the argument that’s most commonly parroted by those who understand the franchise the least. This time it comes from Lacey Gilleran of Star Wars News Net and The Resistance Broadcast:

It’s an argument that’s usually whipped out to excuse the monumentally stupid storytelling of the Disney-era. It suggests that stupidity in storytelling is excused if it’s aimed at kids.

But isn’t Lacey an adult? Purportedly.

An adult sits before an extensive collection for kids.

So she’s ready to excuse herself from her blanket statement.

So is it for kids, or is it for anyone? It’s for kids, except for the adults who like it too. Or something.

Lacey’s followers were ready to show their support of her parroted comment, by quickly citing George Lucas.

But what they aren’t anxious to share, is other comments made by George Lucas, such as this one that he made to WIRED in 2015:

“Just like Star Wars was designed for 12-year-old boys,” says Lucas, “Strange Magic was designed for 12-year-old girls.”

Of course, statements like these must be ignored by the SJW ignorati, because Star Wars is for everyone.

Unless of course legitimate criticism is made against Disney’s storytelling, in which case it’s then for kids. Kids who apparently purchase $800 handbags.

SJWs also like to ignore the interview with Charlie Rose in which George Lucas stated:

“It’s for kids, but adults like it too. It’s for everyone, obviously.”

This problematic quote can’t be pointed out when SJWs need Star Wars to be for kids.

But even more problematic is the fact that Disney Lucasfilm prohibited a lot of kids from one of its 16+ contests:

And the fact that The Mandalorian is rated TV-14. That sure leaves a lot of “kids” out of the fun.

Which may help explain this:

Lacey shows off her manbaby.

But what Lacey can’t possibly understand because she wasn’t even a zygote in 1977, was that Star Wars appealed to the kids of the time, because it felt more mature than what they were normally privy to. Prior to Star Wars, sci fi film and television was a cheesy affair, with mostly noisy kiddie films. Stanley Kubrick articulated this problem when he wrote Arthur C. Clarke about producing 2001:

“I had been a great admirer of your books for quite a time and had always wanted to discuss with you the possibility of doing the proverbial ‘really good’ science-fiction movie.”

No one had really done that before to any great extent. So when Star Wars came along in 1977, it was really the first to showcase a “used universe.” It felt like the gritty realistic World War II or Western movies that adults watched at the time. And that’s what made it exciting for kids. For the first time, it felt like a sci fi adventure movie was entering a more mature world, and taking itself seriously.

In this way, it appealed to both adults and children, which is why you see so many adults standing in line in vintage photographs:

So who needs to see the commonly parroted sentence that Star Wars is for kids?

Maybe USA Today and Gail Simone who bemoan the lack of sex in a “kids movie about space wizards with laser swords.”

Or maybe an SJW activist could bark at the corpse of Joseph Campbell that Star Wars is for kids. I’m sure he’d love to hear it.

Expanse Writers Threaten Cancellation

At times it becomes necessary to point out aberrant SJW behavior outside of the Star Wars sphere.

Enclosed within their own little expanse.

Fans of sci fi may be familiar with James S.A. Corey. It’s a pseudonym for the authors  Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck who write the Expanse book series that the popular Amazon television show is based on.

Today the James Twitter account posted the following:

Fair enough. A reasonable expectation from any supporter of a candidate. But Supergoodpixel had an equally reasonable response:

Given what we now know about Joe Biden thanks to Chinese dissident Lude, this would be a correct assessment. But instead of debate or discuss the matter with dialogue and/or discourse, the James Twitter account chose to post a veiled “cancellation” threat.

The duo behind the James Twitter account really ought to know better than this, given that it was the pull of the fans who have saved the Expanse from cancellation. Perhaps the pull of the fans in the opposite direction can cure these writers of their hubris. But I digress.

Others saw the public exchange and decided to respond. This led to the classic performative condescension that SJWs engage in when they aren’t able to articulate actual points. They can’t think of a good response to Supergood’s astute point, so instead they have to engage in a self aggrandizing circle jerk to convince themselves just how “evolved” and “grown” they are.

As you can see, it’s a way for the the SJW collective to stroke each other’s egos without having to actually address the point that was brought up. As we know, SJWs struggle with the basic definitions of words. So while they’re programmed to recite words such as “evolved” and “grown,” it’s painfully clear that they don’t understand the meaning of those words. If they did, then they would know that it’s the woke SJWs themselves who are the cockroaches. After all, that’s why SJWs like Joe Biden have to scurry into the dark basement when sunlight is shone on them.

Never worry about anything an SJW says, only pay attention to what they actually do. Evolved grown adults can handle contrary bellicose conversations. Triggered children block their way to rainbow covered safe spaces.

Evolved and grown.

Feminist Twitter Rant Published As Short Story

Bounding Into Comics is reporting on an excerpt from the Star Wars Anthology, From A Certain Point Of View, which was released by Gizmodo. This particular excerpt comes from a short story by C.B. Lee entitled A Good Kiss.

It’s about the character that walks in between Han and Leia during their squabble in Echo Base on Hoth, which Disney has named Chase Wilsorr. C. B. Lee writes the following as Chase approaches the argument between Han and Leia:

Captain Solo leans closer, and every centimeter of his handsome face annoys Chase to no end.

Some people can’t just sweep into the Rebellion with their own ship and accept actual critical missions from General Rieekan and banter with the princess all over Echo Base.

Some people aren’t handsome and don’t have a presence like Han Solo. Some people are just ordinary people, okay?

Chase bristles, his knuckles turning white as he picks up the pace. He’s so tired of people like Solo. You know who’s never been kissed? Chase Wilsorr, that’s who.

He could certainly use a good kiss. It offends him that Captain Solo and Princess Leia are just arguing about it, the way they’ve been dancing around each other since they’ve arrived on Hoth, clearly pretending to hate each other.

Don’t attractive people have anything better to do than to taunt everyone else on the base with their unresolved tension?

I suppose we’re going to have to hear something about “attractive privilege” now. This is simply beyond stupid on multiple levels.

First, whoever the character is, they’re an adult that would have had duties and orders intended to maintain the survival and defense of those in the Rebel base. Those would be his primary thoughts. He’s not going to think about the fraternization of other officers and/or soldiers like a high school kid fretting over the prom king and queen with jealous rage. It’s just ridiculous.

Second, Leia may have had some notoriety around the base due to her stature and Alderaanian lineage. But Han would have been a nobody to most of the people on the base. The man worked as a smuggler which would have required some anonymity. The people in the base are not going to think of Han Solo in the same way that the audience watching the movie does.

Third, Harrison Ford is not a model. He’s not Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. He’s an average every man, which is why he was cast in the roles that he’s been cast in. It’s only 40 years later in the afterglow of Harrison’s celebrity that a naive fan fiction writer would make this mistake.

This isn’t a story from a galaxy far, far away. It’s a twitter rant from a feminist who wants to wag her finger at Han Solo, and it’s moronic.

But, this is all part of the cultural subversion that Star Wars is currently undergoing.

But at least C. B. Lee should be given credit for including General Rieekan, unlike Galaxy of Adventures.

Thanks to Bounding Into Comics for the tip who comments

Clownfish TV comments:

Mulan Star Used To Sex Bribe Hunter Biden?

May not have smashed the patriarchy.

Anyone who is following the current drama over Hunter Biden may be familiar with Lude. He’s the Chinese dissident that is currently working with Rudy Giuliani to leak information from a laptop that Hunter Biden left at a computer shop for repair. Hunter abandoned the laptop, and the laptop contents eventually found its way to Rudy and Lude.

Lude is in the process of dumping the contents of the laptop on his Parler account and at GTV. You can also watch Lude on his YouTube Channel.

One of the recent dumps states that Mulan star Liu Yifei was used by the CCP to sex bribe Hunter Biden.

You can watch the video clip here.

If true, then so much for Disney’s endless and fake support of equality for women.

I have to wonder if Disney had any hand in facilitating this, if it’s true. I have to ask because many of the images of Hunter Biden with prostitutes that have been published on GTV were taken in California. And we know that Disney is happy to bend the knee to the Chicoms.

You can watch a video explaining more about this here at GTV.