Madeleine Roux Lies About Her Brave And Bold Tweets

Back in March of this year, I published a blog post about Star Wars author Madeleine Roux, who posted bigoted tweet after tweet that disparaged white men, which you can read here. She wrote the short story Eclipse for the Star Wars anthology, From a Certain Point of View.

Madeleine discovers that she’s still white underneath her hair.

Later in March, Wolfshead Online cited my blog post in an article of their own. Apparently Madeleine Roux is writing for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft now.

Why Did Blizzard Hire Anti-White Anti-Male Author Madeleine Roux?

Last week, the Disney Star Wars is Dumb website published an article by Itchy called Queen Madeleine Despises Old White Men which showcases a litany of this author’s shocking anti-white, anti-Trump, anti-male, and anti-elderly Tweets.

Many of the most offensive Tweets cited in the article have been promptly deleted but thankfully screenshots exist for posterity. These Tweets reveal an ungrateful, petulant, unhappy person poisoned by the deadly civilizational virus of feminism and identity politics.

The YA moniker is code for young feminists as one of its hallmark themes is the empowerment of young females. Naturally, most of the authors of YA fiction are female, feminists, and leftists.

Roux like many millennial females who write fiction novels and TV scripts is a product of our post-Christian, post-Modernist, post-Western civilization and over-feminized culture. This is is probably why she was recruited to write a short story for a Star Wars compilation called Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View. Having a Star Wars title in your resume is most certainly a badge of honor and a ticket to greater things like gigs with Blizzard.

Given Blizzard’s goals of respecting cultural diversity and their incessant bromides touting diversity, inclusion, and representation, how could someone at Blizzard Entertainment hire someone who has openly stated that they detest old white people, white men, President Trump, and advocates for violence?

It seems this person was not vetted at all. But in today’s crazy world, perhaps she was which would make it even worse. Madeleine Roux needs to make a public apology for the hatred and bias she has expressed publicly toward the predominant demographic of Blizzard’s players.

This is yet another example of inept leadership that has plagued Blizzard in recent years. What an ongoing tragedy it is to witness almost weekly incidents of glaring incompetence from this once great video game studio.


Wolfshead may not understand, that she probably was vetted, and that the vetting process gave her points for making these comments. Simply look at the long list of Lucasfilm personalities that do exactly the same. Fashionable bigotry against white males almost seems to be a requirement. The thought of just not hating anyone at all simply never occurs to them.

Madeleine then attempted to lie about the screencaps that I personally took for my blog post, which apparently have been making the rounds on Twitter and in articles.

As Bounding Into Comics reports:

Unfortunately for Roux, this does not appear to be the case.

Roux failed to delete the tweets in question prior to her claim that they were fake, and as such, every single tweet featured in the collage was archived on October 2nd.

And others have now posted a more extensive collage:

What seems to be clear here is that Madeleine has no problem making brave and bold statements of bigotry against white males when she’s in her own echo chamber. But when word about them gets out to normal people, she also has no problem lying and denying, even when the evidence has been archived. Unfortunately, the people who hired her likely have the same sick mentality. My guess is that if you search through the tweets and other social media of Blizzard and World of Warcraft personalities, you’ll probably find a lot more of the same thing. I did when searching through Lucasfilm personalities. It’s sadly quite commonplace.

Ryan Kinel comments:

Asmondgold TV comments:

Memeology 101 comments:

Psyhodelik comments:

The Quartering comments:


Looks like someone took my advice:

Thanks to Jonbeton for the tip.

12 thoughts on “Madeleine Roux Lies About Her Brave And Bold Tweets

  1. When the cultur-tariat decided “It’s okay to hate white people” it exposed millions of new racists and sexists. The impulses, thought processes and bigotries are identical to “old fashion” variety of hate monger.


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